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#211 : La cinquième balle

Un galeriste, Victor Fink, est retrouvé assassiné. Cinq balles ont été tirées mais on ne retrouve pas l'une d'entre elles. Les soupçons pèsent sur un attaché consulaire, Harun, qui fait du trafic de faux tableaux, mais celui-ci est couvert par son immunité diplomatique...


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Titre VO
The Fifth Bullet

Titre VF
La cinquième balle

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Castle renverse un café sur Beckett

Castle renverse un café sur Beckett


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Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec sa fille Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec sa fille Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Molly Quinn prête ses traits à Alexis Castle

Molly Quinn prête ses traits à Alexis Castle

Rick (Nathan Fillion) en grande discussion avec Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Rick (Nathan Fillion) en grande discussion avec Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) en grande discussion avec Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) en grande discussion avec Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Dégustation de crème glacée chez les Castle, en compagnie d'Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), de Rick (Nathan Fillion) et de Martha (Susan Sullivan).

Dégustation de crème glacée chez les Castle, en compagnie d'Alexis (Molly C. Quinn), de Rick (Nathan Fillion) et de Martha (Susan Sullivan).

Sur la scène de crime, Esposito (Jon Huertas) partage ses observations avec Kate (Stana Katic) et Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Sur la scène de crime, Esposito (Jon Huertas) partage ses observations avec Kate (Stana Katic) et Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Esposito (Jon Huertas) prend des notes alors que Kate (Stana Katic) interroge le témoin.

Esposito (Jon Huertas) prend des notes alors que Kate (Stana Katic) interroge le témoin.

Les détectives Beckett (Stana Katic), Esposito (Jon Huertas) et Ryan (Seamus Dever) semblent intrigués par la scène de crime.

Les détectives Beckett (Stana Katic), Esposito (Jon Huertas) et Ryan (Seamus Dever) semblent intrigués par la scène de crime.

Beckett (Stana Katic) et Esposito (Jon Huertas) enquêtent.

Beckett (Stana Katic) et Esposito (Jon Huertas) enquêtent.

Stana Katic prête ses traits au lieutenant détective Kate Beckett

Stana Katic prête ses traits au lieutenant détective Kate Beckett

Kate Beckett est interprétée par Stana Katic.

Kate Beckett est interprétée par Stana Katic.

Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) sur la scène de crime.

Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) sur la scène de crime.

Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) questionne le témoin.

Javier Esposito (Jon Huertas) questionne le témoin.

Nathan Fillion incarne le populaire auteur Richard Castle.

Nathan Fillion incarne le populaire auteur Richard Castle.

Richard Castle est interprété par Nathan Fillion.

Richard Castle est interprété par Nathan Fillion.

Beckett (Stana Katic) examine la victime sur la scène de crime.

Beckett (Stana Katic) examine la victime sur la scène de crime.

Tendre moment mère-fils, entre Martha (Susan Sullivan) et Richard (Nathan Fillion).

Tendre moment mère-fils, entre Martha (Susan Sullivan) et Richard (Nathan Fillion).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) partage des souvenirs de jeunesse avec Richard (Nathan Fillion).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) partage des souvenirs de jeunesse avec Richard (Nathan Fillion).

Marc Blucas incarne Jeremy Preswick, un témoin de l'enquête.

Marc Blucas incarne Jeremy Preswick, un témoin de l'enquête.

Rick (Nathan Fillion) a trouvé un chien.

Rick (Nathan Fillion) a trouvé un chien.

Qui peut être le propriétaire du chien trouvé par Rick (Nathan Fillion)?

Qui peut être le propriétaire du chien trouvé par Rick (Nathan Fillion)?

Ryan (Seamus Dever) et Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec le témoin Jeremy Preswick (Marc Blucas).

Ryan (Seamus Dever) et Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec le témoin Jeremy Preswick (Marc Blucas).

Ryan (Seamus Dever) impressionné par le fait que le livre a sauvé la vie de son témoin.

Ryan (Seamus Dever) impressionné par le fait que le livre a sauvé la vie de son témoin.

Nathan Fillion incarne le populaire auteur Richard Castle.

Nathan Fillion incarne le populaire auteur Richard Castle.

Jon Huertas prête ses traits à Javier Esposito.

Jon Huertas prête ses traits à Javier Esposito.

Martha Rodgers est interprétée par Susan Sullivan.

Martha Rodgers est interprétée par Susan Sullivan.

Susan Sullivan prête ses traits à Martha, la mère de Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Susan Sullivan prête ses traits à Martha, la mère de Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) discute avec Rick (Nathan Fillion).

Martha (Susan Sullivan) discute avec Rick (Nathan Fillion).

Ryan (Seamus Dever) et Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec le témoin Jeremy Preswick (Marc Blucas).

Ryan (Seamus Dever) et Castle (Nathan Fillion) avec le témoin Jeremy Preswick (Marc Blucas).

Conversation entre Martha (Susan Sullivan) et Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Conversation entre Martha (Susan Sullivan) et Alexis (Molly Quinn).

Esposito (Jon Huertas) en compagni d'un témoin.

Esposito (Jon Huertas) en compagni d'un témoin.


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Réalisation : John Terlesky
Scénario : David Grae

Distribution principale : 

Distribution secondaire: 

  • Marc Blucas (Jeremy Prestwick)
  • Anne Dudek (Emma Carnes)
  • Courtney Geigle (le conducteur)
  • Phil LaMarr (Dr Holloway)
  • J.P. Pitoc (Darius Langley)
  • Marisa Ramirez (Angelica Fink)
  • Carlo Rota (Bahir Harun)
  • Dahlia Salem (Tory Westchester)
  • Rider Strong (Rocco Jones)
  • Desiree Taylor (surveillante)
  • Eltony Williams (officier Marino)

On the street

Beckett : On one knee?

Castle : That's a good girl.

Beckett: What's up Castle? You proposing?

Castle: Oh, no. Just waiting for you.

Beckett: That's too bad. You two make a cute couple.

Castle: Yeah. Hey, you think I should get a dog?

Beckett: What am I, your wife?

Castle:Yeah, you're my work wife.

Beckett: No, I'm not your work wife.

Castle: I could get a bloodhound. I could name him Sherlock, and then I could-- I could bring him to crime scenes.

Beckett: No, you couldn't.


In the art gallery

Castle : Oh, what? It'd be adorable. I could get him to wear a little Sherlock hat, train him how to carry a little magnifying glass. Oh, see? Right there. Disapproving, judgmental. You're totally my work wife. Hmm. The blood's bold, but it works.

Beckett: Not sure he'd agree.

Castle: Hmm. Well, obviously, he was into art.

Esposito : Victor Fink, 43, gallery owner. There's no sign of forced entry. Tenant upstairs called in gunshots to 911 at 10:14 p.m.

Beckett: Any idea what he was doing here so late?

Esposito: No, but according to his assistant, Darius Langley, they close at eight. As far as he can tell, there's nothing missing off the walls or from the back.

Castle: Anything off those security cameras?

Esposito: Fake. Not even hooked up.

Beckett: Lucky break for the guy.

Castle: Unless he knew. Just like he knew Fink was working late.

Beckett: Or made plans to meet him here. Check with the assistant.

Lanie : He had some fight in him. Abrasions on the forearms, on the hands.

Beckett: And then he made a run for the stairs.

Castle: Only to be shot in the back.

Lanie: Twice, 9 millimeter. Shooter fired from over here.

Esposito: Is it possible he might have been meeting somebody?

Darius Langley : Well, if he was meeting someone, he didn't tell me.

Beckett: Excuse me for a minute.


Beckett to Darius.

Darius Langley : He'd already left by the time I locked up at eight.

Beckett: Mr. Langley? I'm Detective Kate Beckett. How long have you been Mr. Fink's assistant?

Darius Langley: Two months. I'm an art student. I take night classes at Tisch.

Beckett: Is that where you were tonight?

Darius Langley: Yeah. Mr. Fink totally supported me being in school, he'd let me leave early to make classes. That's where I was when you guys called.

Beckett: Do you know if Mr. Fink had any enemies? Any unhappy clients or artists?

Darius Langley : Nothing out of the ordinary. I can get you a contact list, if you like.

Beckett: Yes, please.

Darius Langley : Okay.


Ryan is arriving

Ryan : Hey. We got a little problem.

Beckett: Mm-hmm?

Ryan: We dug these two slugs out of the wall.

Beckett: They're not very fragmented. See if ballistics can run a match on any of the other shootings in the city.

Ryan: Sure, but that's not the problem. We dug these two out of the wall and Dr. Parish has another two in our vic here.

Esposito: So, our perp's not a sharpshooter.

Ryan: But we've only found four bullets, and there are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 shell casings on the ground.

Castle: There's no blood trail leading out of here.

Ryan: Exactly. And not a drop of blood outside of the spatter from our vic here.

Beckett: So, there's no second victim.

Castle: So, where's the fifth bullet?


At Beckett’s office. She’s on the phone, Castle is next to her.

Castle: The bullet was made of ice.

Beckett (on phone) : Okay. Great. Yeah, send her up. (hangs up) Vic's wife is on her way up.

Castle: Fires the bullet, it melts before we can find it. An ice bullet! Hello? An ice bullet? Are you even paying attention to me?

Beckett: No! You aren't saying anything worth paying attention to.

Esposito: Yo. Uniforms are still canvassing, but so far they still haven't found any blood trails outside the gallery.

Ryan: And CSU's re-swept the scene twice. No sign of our fifth bullet.

Castle: I'm telling you. Ice bullet.

Esposito: Nah, bro. An ice bullet would still make a bullet hole.

Ryan: You mean, ice hole.

Castle: What did you just call me?

Beckett: Guys. What else?

Esposito: We checked Fink's cell phone records. He got a call at 9:19 p.m., an hour before he was killed, from a blocked cell phone number.

Ryan: Phone records indicate that the call originated here in New York, but it was an international cell, satellite phone, registered to Bahrain Cellular.

Castle: Well, good luck getting a warrant from the government of Bahrain.

Beckett: Run down Fink's client and artist list. See if any of them had international numbers and watch your mouth.


Officier Marino : Hey, Ryan. Got a sec?

Ryan: Witness?

Officier Marino : Not exactly. Hang here, buddy, okay?

Jeremy Preswick : Of course.

Officier Marino : I found him on the canvass, by the art gallery. I mean, the guy's got no wallet, no ID.

Ryan: Okay, did you ask him his name?

Officier Marino : Yeah, I asked him his name, I asked him where he lived. You know, but here's the funny part. The guy says he don't remember.


In an office, Beckett and Castle are interviewing victim’s wife

Angelica Fink : Did my husband have enemies? Yeah, he had enemies. Every artist who couldn't get in his gallery, and every artist who was in his gallery. He'd sell, like, five pieces, and they'd want to know why he didn't sell six.

Beckett: Mrs. Fink, I know you're upset.

Angelica Fink: Well, what am I supposed to do with these, huh? I didn't want them. I did them for him, and now he's dead.

Castle: Mrs. Fink, can you think of anyone who would hate your husband enough to shoot him in cold blood in the back?

Angelica Fink: Rocco.

Beckett: Rocco? Was that one of the artists?

Angelica Fink : His assistant.

Castle: I thought Darius was his assistant.

Angelica Fink: His old assistant. Victor fired Rocco a few months back.

Beckett: Why?

Angelica Fink : He fired that little insect over money. And, boy, did Rocco go crazy, making all kinds of threats. "I'm gonna get you, Fink." But you know what, no. Rocco, he wasn't even a man. He was more like a flea. Victor didn't even think twice about it.


Castle: You suppose the flea had a gun? A tiny gun with vanishing bullets?

Beckett: Ice bullets and fleas with guns? Do you have writer's block again?

Castle: Stephen King wrote stories of bloodthirsty cars and sold millions of copies. I figure, why be limited by logic?

Esposito is here.

Beckett: Rocco Jones, Fink's old assistant. The wife said that Rocco called and left threatening messages for Fink. See what you can find.

Esposito: I'm on it.

Castle: Hey, what's up with Ryan?

Ryan is talking with Jeremy Preswick in a room.

Esposito: Mugging case. The guy got hit on the head and can't remember who he is.

Castle: Oh, missing bullets are cool, amnesia's even cooler.


In the conference room

Jeremy Preswick : I'm sure you have better things to do. I'm sure I do, too.

Ryan: An inhaler. You're asthmatic.

Jeremy Preswick : Awesome.

Ryan: You should probably hang onto that.

Jeremy Preswick : Inhaler, grocery bag, keys.

Ryan: Are you telling me you don't remember, at all, what any of that's for?

Jeremy Preswick : Yeah. How ridiculous is that?

Castle: Hey. Hey. So, has he, uh, really got amnesia?

Jeremy Preswick : Yeah. But apparently my hearing's fine.

Castle: Well, that's good. Richard Castle.

Jeremy Preswick : Hi... I'd introduce myself, too, but...

Ryan: Yeah, we're just going through his pockets trying to find something that could tell us who he is.

Jeremy Preswick : Oh, and apparently I've been reading, as well.

Castle: Ah, Crime and Punishment. Dostoyevsky. Classic. You have excellent taste.

Ryan: Castle. 9 millimeter. I think we just found our fifth bullet.

In Castle loft

Castle: You know what, if we get a dog, I could buy him little saddlebags, and then he could carry your books to school, and you wouldn't have to worry about getting scoliosis.

ALEXIS : Conceptually, I'd like a dog as much as you would. In reality, I'm not seeing the guy whose dishes never make it to the sink bending over to scoop poop in Hudson park.

Castle: I bet I could train him to use a toilet.

Alexis : Oh.

Alexis opens the door and see Martha who is looking for her keys.

Alexis: Gram! I thought you were just sleeping in.

Martha : I was, just not in my room.

Alexis: You know what? We all share way too much.

Martha: Oh, I'm sorry, kiddo. But my happiness cannot be contained.

Alexis: I'm going to school. I'm glad you had a nice date.

Martha: Yes, three, four, five...

Castle: I'm assuming from this walk of shame, that you and your high school sweetheart, Chet, had a lovely night, all night, talking.

Martha: Among other things.

Castle: Mmm. It's been a few weeks. Do I need to sit him down and ask him his intentions?

Martha: I am having way too much fun to worry about his intentions. Okay, took me for lovely candlelight dinner, horse and carriage ride through Central Park where we watched the sun rise over the same boulder where we shared our first kiss.

Castle: Wait, that's still his make-out spot? Mother, that's a red flag.

Martha: Honey, nothing you can say can spoil this for me. I haven't felt this way since... I can't remember when.

Castle: Ah, amnesia. It's going around. Speaking of which, I'm off. I'd tell you not to wait up, but clearly there would be no point.


Beckett’s office

Beckett: His fingerprints aren't in the system, and we don't have any hits on Missing Persons.

Esposito: This is crazy. We actually find a witness to our murder, and we don't know who he is and he doesn't remember what he saw.

Beckett: Where are we on Rocco?

Esposito: Fink's old assistant? Uniforms are bringing him in now.

Ryan: Ballistics confirms that the bullets came from the same gun as the others. Whatever happened in the gallery, he was there.

Beckett: Not only was he there, but someone tried to kill him, as well. Good thing he reads.

Ryan: Good thing he reads Russian literature. If the guy was a Nicholas Sparks fan, he'd be dead.

Beckett: Have CSU check the coat for gunpowder residue, blood, fibers. Maybe it can tell us what happened that night. And check photo IDs on Fink's artists and clients.

Ryan: Think he might be one of them?

Beckett: A girl can dream.

Castle is here.

Castle: I brought you coffee.

Beckett: Thank you, Castle.

With Jeremy Preswick and a psychiatrist

Dr Holloway : We all have three different types of memory. General knowledge, like language and facts, is called semantic memory. Yours doesn't seem to be affected. Then there's procedural memory, also often called muscle memory. That includes any actions or skills that you've repeated over and over and formed neural pathways for, like, uh, riding a bike. Now, I know yours is intact because you've been walking around.

Castle: So, what's the problem, Doc?

Dr Holloway : The problem is in episodic memory. That's any experience you've ever had, conversations, movies you've seen, the people in your life, even your own name.

Jeremy Preswick : So, like, if I were a betting man, which I have no idea if I am, would I put my money on my memory coming back, or not?

Dr Holloway : There's no way to tell. You might eventually get it all back, or none of it. Or anything in between.

Beckett: Do we know why this would have happened?

Dr Holloway : He's got a bump on the back of his head. It's usually a blow to the head coupled with psychological trauma, which leads to amnesia.

Jeremy Preswick : Trauma?

Castle: You did get shot. Could that be it?

Dr Holloway : If he believed he was going to die, then sure.

Castle: If we took him back to the scene of the crime, could that jog his memory?

Dr Holloway : Possibly. But amnesia's a tricky condition. I'd like to take him back to Saint Vincent's, run some tests and scans, just to be safe.

Beckett: Of course. I'll need to ask a few questions first. Mr... I'm sorry, I don't even know what to call you.

Jeremy Preswick : I don't know what to call me, either.

Castle: You said his procedural memory is intact?

Dr Holloway : Yes.

Castle: May I?

Beckett: Sure.

Castle : Just sign at the bottom.

Jeremy signs his name.

Jeremy Preswick : Well, that's freaky. How the hell did I do that?

Beckett: That looks like a real signature.

Dr Holloway : Well, it probably is. You sign your name so many times...

Castle: You form neural pathways. Procedural memory.

Beckett: So, he can't remember his name, but he can sign it?

Dr Holloway : Mysteries of the brain.

Castle: It's illegible. Maybe you're a doctor.

Beckett: His first initial looks like a "J." Does that ring a bell?

Jeremy Preswick : Nope.

Castle: Maybe we should just call you J.

Jeremy Preswick : J. It's as good as anything, I guess.

Beckett takes a photo

Beckett: Do you recognize this man?

Jeremy Preswick : No. Should I?

Beckett: His name is Victor Fink. He owned the art gallery where you were shot.

Jeremy Preswick : He was there with me?

Beckett: He was shot and killed.

Jeremy Preswick : Oh, God.

Beckett: What about this man? Rocco Jones. He used to work at the gallery.

Jeremy Preswick : Guys, I feel so useless. Look, I'm really... I'm really sorry. I-- I just don't know him.

In an interrogation’s room

Rocco (on tape) : After all I did for you, Fink. I wasn't just your assistant, man. I broke the law for you, and you think you can just fire me? I should kill you, man. Just pop you right in the back. Bang! And you're dead.

Esposito: Whew. Wow. So, you finally get the courage to do it there, Rocco?

Rocco: Dude, come on. I was mad. I was just blowing off steam.

Esposito: You said you broke the law for him. How? Fine by me, pal. You have a nice trial.

Rocco: Come on. What... What the hell are you talking about?

Esposito: You threatened a guy. Then he turns up dead. Do the math.

Rocco: Forgeries. Fink paid me to paint forgeries of high-end paintings. I was struggling, man. I needed the dough.

Esposito: What'd he do with the copies?

Rocco: Sold them. Passed them along to the buyer like they were the real thing.

Esposito: Who did he sell to?


Beckett’s office

Esposito: Bahir Harun. He's an attaché at the Bahrain Consulate.

Beckett: Bahrain? So, he's the one who talked to Fink an hour before he was murdered. Maybe he figured out Fink was selling fakes and decided to get even.

Esposito: Doesn't matter. The guy has full diplomatic immunity.

Beckett: Great.

Ryan: So, I checked all the photo IDs off all of Fink's clients and artists. Our friend J isn't one of them.

Esposito: Then what was he doing at the gallery?

Ryan: Holloway called from the hospital. Aside from a minor head bump, J's got a clean bill of health. Well, other than the memory loss.

Beckett: You know, why don't you guys grab J, take him down to the crime scene. See if that sparks his memory. And get a hold of Fink's assistant Darius. Tell him to meet you down there, with every file he has on Bahir Harun.


At the art gallery, crime scene with J.

Jeremy Preswick: And you're sure I was here?

Ryan: Take your time. No pressure.

Jeremy Preswick : Isn't this supposed to be where I get a headache and flashes of memory start overwhelming me until all the pieces come together?

Ryan: Okay, you've seen too many movies.

Jeremy Preswick : Yeah, that I can't remember.

Ryan: Wow. That's very chicken-egg.

Jeremy Preswick: Welcome to my world.

Darius Langley : Weird, that someone can just lose his mind like that.

Esposito: Are you sure you don't recognize him?

Darius Langley : I don't think so. But I've only been here a few months. Anyway, here's everything I could find on Mr. Harun. All purchases going back three years. I still can't believe Fink was trafficking in forgeries.

Beckett’s office.

Esposito: Harun's purchases from Fink.

Castle: That's dozens of paintings.

Esposito: Yeah. And according to Fink's old assistant, Rocco, any and all of these could have been forgeries.

Castle: This is a Jules Matterson. This is worth $100,000, easy.

Beckett: Yeah, but you only pay Rocco a grand to knock it off.

Esposito: Fink could've ripped Harun off for millions.

Castle: Who says crime doesn't pay?

Esposito: Someone took me for that much, I could see putting a bullet in his back.

Castle: Well, that explains why Harun went after Fink. But what about J?

Beckett: We need to talk to Harun.


Montgomery : Beckett, I hate diplomatic immunity as much as the next cop, but as far as you're concerned, forget the guy. I put in an interview request. Now it's in the State Department's hands. Period.

Beckett: Fine. But, sir, what about the other victim?

Montgomery: Guy with amnesia. So?

Beckett: He has nowhere to go tonight.

Montgomery: Well, turn him over to Social Services. State's problem, not ours.

Beckett: I know, sir, but he'll probably end up in a homeless shelter. He's a person of interest and a potential witness. I would hate to lose him to the system.

Montgomery: Okay. But my couch is off limits.

Beckett: Thank you, sir.


Ryan: It's not The Plaza, but I have snuck many a power nap on this couch over the years. You should sleep just fine.

Jeremy Preswick : I'm grateful not to have to go anywhere with strangers.

Beckett: It's not a problem.

Jeremy Preswick : You know, it's terrifying to think that someone actually tried to kill me, and I don't know who it was, or why. And they're still out there.

Ryan: That's why we're gonna catch the bastard.

Beckett: But to do that, we need to find out who you are. So we're gonna release your photograph to the media tomorrow morning.

Jeremy Preswick : What if nobody recognizes it?

Ryan: I'm sure someone will.

Jeremy Preswick : But what if no one does and I don't remember? Then who am I?

Beckett: I promise you, we won't give up on you.

Castle’s Loft
Alexis : My science teacher says that chocolate contains chemicals that are proven to relieve depression.

Martha: Well, it's good, but I prefer grape, aged, bottled and corked.

Castle: You're having an ice cream tasting and no one called, texted or tweeted?

Alexis: Gram broke it off with Chet, so I suggested sugar therapy.

Castle: What happened to sunrise in Central Park?

Martha: Who am I kidding? It's a fairy tale.

Castle: And what woman doesn't want a fairy tale?

Martha: He's not who I thought he was.

Castle: How so?

Martha: Million different little things. You know, doesn't drive, he's skinny. Oh, and he has this laugh like... I can't even do it. It's like a honking goose, kind of...

Castle: These are sitcom reasons for breaking up. This morning you were in love. What possibly could have happened?

Alexis: Dad, back off. The spark died. She's obviously reconsidered.

Martha: That's right. And now we're going through the five flavors of grieving.

Castle: Is the first stage accepting the ice cream?

Martha: Exactly.

Castle: Then I'm in.


In the office
Ryan: Hey! Morning.

Beckett: Hey. How was he last night?

Ryan: He slept like a rock. Doc Holloway stopped by this morning to give him a cognitive abilities test. Scored through the roof on the quantitative part.

Beckett: He's good at math, maybe he was an engineer, or in accounting or financing.

Ryan: Or just good at math. Castle's testing his drawing abilities. See if he's an artist. Maybe he was trying to convince Fink to show his work.

Beckett: I suppose we should be thankful he didn't offer to pose nude.

Ryan: Yeah. Thanks for that. Hey, any idea if we're gonna get to talk to that attaché, Harun?

Beckett: Radio silence. We gotta ID J.

Ryan: Yeah.

Beckett: Speak of the devil.

Ryan: Yeah. They've been showing it all morning.

Beckett: Any calls yet?

Ryan: No.

Beckett: Well, until we figure out who he is, we've got nothing.

Conference room

Beckett: So, what's the verdict?

Castle: Wow.

Beckett: You really captured his soul.

Castle: Okay, so you're not an artist. I'm sure you have many other talents.

Jeremy Preswick : Just not a talent for remembering them.

Tory Westchester: Oh, that's him. No, no, that's him! Oh, thank God.

Ryan: Can I help you?

Castle: I think we're about to find out who you are.

Beckett: Do you recognize her?

Tory Westchester : Yes, it's him.

Jeremy Preswick : No. But then again, I don't recognize myself on the mirror.

Ryan: Go ahead, ma'am.

Tory Westchester: Thanks. Joel! Oh, my God!

Ryan: Tory Westchester. Wife.

Tory Westchester: I was so scared I lost you. Oh, sweetie. So, it's true? you really don't remember anything?

Beckett: He's suffering from amnesia.

Tory Westchester: I knew something was wrong. I knew it.

Castle: J, are you crying?

Jeremy Preswick : I think I am.

Beckett: Do you feel a connection?

Jeremy Preswick : Yeah. It's actually pretty overwhelming.

Tory Westchester : Of course it is, baby. I love you so much. We will get through this, whatever it takes.

Beckett: Um, Ms. Westchester, how long have the two of you been married?

Tory Westchester : Two years, this past October.

Beckett: And you said his name was Joel...

Tory Westchester : Joel Westchester. Oh, honey, look at you. You do remember me. Love conquers all! Oh, it's all gonna be fine.

Beckett: Are you okay?

Tory Westchester : What is it? What is it, my darling?

Castle: I think he's having an asthma attack.

Beckett: You have an inhaler in your pocket. Get it.

Castle: Ms. Westchester, do you have cats?

Tory Westchester : Eight, like Jon and Kate.

Castle: I think Joel here is allergic to cats.

Tory Westchester : Really?

Beckett: Ms. Westchester, you're not really married to him, are you?

Tory Westchester : I could be. I so could be! Why the hell shouldn't I be?

At the office

Ryan : She's been in and out of mental facilities for more than ten years. Every personality disorder in the book. Sorry about that.

Castle : Just another contestant on Who Wants To Marry An Amnesiac?

Montgomery : Beckett. Your attaché, Mr. Harun, he's on his way down. He agreed to talk.

Mr. Harun is here with his body guard.

Ryan: He just showed up voluntarily?

Castle: He wants to stay in control.

Beckett: This could be our only shot. Let's make sure that Harun gets a good look at our friend J.

Esposito : Inadvertent, of course.

Beckett : If Harun thinks that he killed J, then his reaction could tell us everything we need to know. Let's go.


Beckett: Mr. Harun, you were a client of Mr. Fink's?

Bahir Harun : That's correct.

Beckett: You bought a significant number of works from him.

Bahir Harun : Yes.

Beckett: Well, we believe that many of those works were forgeries.

Bahir Harun : That's correct.

Beckett: So you're saying that you knew they were fakes?

Bahir Harun : Of course I knew.

Beckett: And you bought them anyway?

Bahir Harun : I have many friends back home whose wives are, how shall we say, um, demanding.

Beckett: And what do demanding wives have to do with any of this?

Bahir Harun : Well, we all know that the fairer sex can be shallow. Not you, of course, Detective. A smart, liberated, American woman. But my friends' wives, they want a bag that says "Gucci." They don't care who made the bag, as long as it has that signature. And it's the same with paintings. They are more appreciative of the signature than of the work itself. And my friends don't always want to spend top dollar on authentic pieces. So Victor would commission a copy, my friends save money, I get rich, and the wives get to think they have...

Ryan: Hey, move to your left just a drop.

Bahir Harun : ..extravagant artwork on their walls. Everyone's happy.

Jeremy Preswick : Yeah?

Bahir Harun : ...And no one's broken the law.

Ryan: Yeah.

Castle: So, you only bought fakes from Fink?

Bahir Harun : No. He would also source originals for those husbands with taste. I was happy to provide...

Ryan: He look familiar?

Bahir Harun : ...even though originals pay less. What with everyone wanting fair market value and all.

Jeremy Preswick : No. Sorry.

Beckett: The night that Mr. Fink was murdered, you called him not long before he was killed.

Bahir Harun : That's correct, Detective. He-- he told me to come by, that he had a painting for me. I showed up around 9:45, but he sent me away.

Beckett: Sent you away?

Bahir Harun: Yes. He was arguing with a man.

Beckett: About what?

Bahir Harun : I have no idea. I respected his wishes and went for dinner at Nobu.

Beckett: Do you think your could describe this man?

Bahir Harun : Please. Must we continue with this ridiculous charade when we both know he is standing right there. Now, if that is all...

Beckett: Mr. Harun, I'm not quite done yet.

Bahir Harun : Ah. But I am. Have a nice day.


After the interview

Esposito (on phone) : Thanks.

Castle: For a guy with diplomatic immunity, he wasn't very diplomatic.

Beckett: Harun's hiding behind his immunity. He knows more than he's saying.

Esposito: Maybe, but his alibi is good. Nobu has him on security video entering at 9:55 p.m., 19 minutes before the 911 call about shots fired. He's not our guy.

Beckett: Well, just because he didn't pull the trigger, doesn't mean he wasn't involved.

Castle: And just because J was shot doesn't mean he wasn't into something shady. Could be the reason he was shot.

Beckett: Harun said he saw J arguing with Fink.

Esposito: We need to figure out why J was at the gallery.

Beckett: And we can't do that if we don't know who the hell he is.


Ryan: We've been through this, it's just a bunch of junk.

Beckett: But if we take a look at everything we know about him collectively, maybe a picture will emerge.

Ryan: Nothing distinctive about these keys.

Castle: Yeah, and that plastic bag really narrows it down.

Beckett: Okay, he's got asthma, he's allergic to cats, he reads.

Ryan: And he's good at math and he can't draw. Put it together, he's your average asthmatic mathlete with a lot of crap in his pockets.

Uniform : Detective.

The uniform gives a file to Beckett

Beckett: Thank you. It's from Lanie. It's the forensics report on his coat.

Castle: Maybe his driver's license was sewn into the lining.

Beckett: Gun powder residue.

Ryan: So, he was shot at close range.

Beckett: Mm-hmm. Coffee stain, sugar granules, traces of milk.

Castle: We know how he takes his coffee.

Beckett: Animal hairs.

Ryan: Not cat hairs.

Castle: How could I have missed this?

Beckett: Missed what?

Castle: Do you know what this?

Ryan: Yeah, it's a grocery bag.

Castle: No, it's not just a grocery bag, it's the bag that's gonna tell us exactly who J is.

On the street. Beckett and Castle are going to the art gallery.

Beckett: Why are you dragging me back to the art gallery?

Castle: Not to the art gallery, to the street. Ah! It's gone.

Beckett: What's gone?

Castle: The dog. That's why he had the bag. To clean up after his dog.

Beckett: How do you know it was his dog?

Castle: Well, why else would he have a bag? Why else would there be a dog tied up outside a commercial building after midnight? Maybe someone stole it.

Beckett (on cell) : Get me Animal Control.


Animal Control

  1. Kilmer : All the canines with ID tags we picked up in the last 24. Mostly their owners lost them accidentally and are relieved when we call.

Beckett: Castle.

Castle: Aw. Who's a good girl?

  1. Kilmer : That one's from 148 West 26th.

Beckett: That's Fink's gallery.

Castle: Good girl. Lucy.

The dog license has Jeremy Preswick's name


Beckett’s office

Beckett: Your name is Jeremy Preswick. We checked it against your DMV photo and it's a positive ID.

Jeremy Preswick: Jeremy Preswick.

Beckett: You are 34 years old, and you live at 82 Warren Street in Tribeca. You don't really have any family. Your parents passed away a few years ago, and you don't have any siblings. But we did manage to get ahold of your ex-wife, Emma Carnes

Jeremy Preswick: Ex-wife?

Beckett: Uh-huh.

Jeremy Preswick: I'm divorced?

Beckett: Yeah. Sorry. Your ex sounded pretty concerned, and we figured that would be the fastest way of putting together the details, which would be great for you and for our investigation.

Jeremy Preswick: If you think it'll help. An ex-wife that I can't remember.

Castle: Hey, some men would consider you lucky.

Ryan: Here you go.

Emma Carnes : Thanks. Hello, Jeremy.

Jeremy Preswick: Hey. Thank you for coming. I appreciate it.

Emma Carnes: Sure.

Jeremy Preswick: So, we're divorced.

Emma Carnes: Yeah.

Jeremy Preswick: Must be weird coming here to try to help me out, huh?

Emma Carnes: A little.

Beckett: Please take a seat.

Emma Carnes: So what happened to him?

Castle: That's what we are trying to figure out.

Beckett: Is there anything you can tell us about Jeremy?

Emma Carnes: Well, like what?

Beckett: Like, uh, where he works.

Emma Carnes: Well, as far as I know, he doesn't anymore. Okay, this is weird with you sitting right there.

Jeremy Preswick: Tell me about it.

Emma Carnes: You have a PhD in economics from Wharton. Uh, you had a consulting business in channel economics and strategy. You're smart. Like, crazy smart.

Castle: Had a business?

Emma Carnes: Yeah, yeah, he sold it last year.

Castle: Do you know why?

Emma Carnes: No. I thought it was weird. He loved the business.

Jeremy Preswick: Why did we split up?

Emma Carnes: Wow. I've ranted for hours to girlfriends about that.

Jeremy Preswick: I'm guessing I don't come off so well in that rant.

Emma Carnes: You were a jerk.

Jeremy Preswick: Ah.

Emma Carnes: But so was I. I mean, the truth is we probably got married too young.

Jeremy Preswick: Look, I'm sorry that I don't recognize you, but you seem incredibly nice and you're gorgeous, and I'm certain that it was entirely my fault that our marriage fell apart.

Emma Carnes: See that. That's the guy I fell in love with. Funny. Sweet. Self-deprecating.

Jeremy Preswick: Hey.

Beckett: Do you know what Jeremy had been doing with himself recently?

Emma Carnes: As far as I know, he was dating the youngest, hottest women he could find, and not bothering to put the toilet seat down.

Beckett: And do you have any idea what he might have been doing at the Victor Fink Gallery in Chelsea?

Emma Carnes: No. I'm sorry, but we haven't even spoken in almost a year.

Beckett: Um, well we're on our way to Jeremy's apartment to see if it sparks anything. Would you mind coming along? You might be able to put things in some context.


Jeremy’s appartement

Castle: Look familiar?

Jeremy Preswick : Nope. You can say it. I'm the worst witness ever.

Beckett: You're doing fine.

Castle: Hmm. A wallet. Well, I don't think you were mugged.

Beckett: Do you mind if I poke around, open some drawers?

Jeremy Preswick : Mi casa ... es tu casa. Hey, look at that. Rocking the Spanish.

Emma Carnes : We did junior year in Madrid.

Jeremy Preswick : Sounds nice.

Castle: Here's the rest of your Russian literature collection. You are a very ambitious reader, Mr. Preswick.

Emma Carnes : You always wanted more time to read.

Jeremy Preswick : Guess I'm gonna have to start over now.

Castle: That's not such a bad thing. What I wouldn't give to read The Cask of Amontillado for the first time. Or any Stephen King. Ah. Silver lining. You get to read all my books for the first time again.

Jeremy Preswick : Anything?

Beckett: It's pretty sparse. Like a guy who spent a lot of time alone.

Emma Carnes : Yeah, I thought you'd have more of a slick pad. Done up with more stuff.

Castle: Hey. Taglia. This is a pretty pricey painting.

Beckett: Emma, do you know if Jeremy bought that painting at a gallery in the city?

Emma Carnes : No. We bought that together on our honeymoon in Siena. I can't believe you still have it.

Jeremy Preswick: Why?

Emma Carnes : Well, part of the divorce settlement was to sell it and split the cash. It appraised for over 200 grand. You sent me my half.

Jeremy Preswick: That's funny. There's something about it that's so familiar. Or maybe I just like it.

Beckett: Castle.

Beckett finds a gun

Beckett: It's a 9 millimeter. Five bullets missing.


To the morgue

Beckett: So, ballistics confirmed that the gun found in Jeremy's apartment was the same one that was used to kill Fink. And we just need to know if it's possible that Jeremy was the shooter.

Lanie : CSU did find gun residue on his coat.

Beckett: Well, that just means that he was shot at close range.

Castle: Like, if Jeremy were holding the gun, struggled with Fink, Fink managed to turn the gun around and it went off?

Lanie : These abrasions on Fink's wrists are certainly consistent with that.

Beckett: Well, then why would he have left the gun in his apartment?

Castle: Doc Holloway said he was probably in a fugue state, like sleep-walking. He could have dropped the gun off, and then went back out again.

Lanie : Okay, am I missing something? I thought you're supposed to be happy after you caught the killer.

Jeremy’s cell.

Jeremy Preswick:! Why'd I do it?

Beckett: We don't know why. You'll be appointed a lawyer. I know that Emma wants to help hire someone, and I don't think money will be an issue.

Jeremy Preswick: Well, thank you.

Beckett: I don't know why you're thanking me, Mr. Preswick. We just arrested you for murder.

Jeremy Preswick: Yeah. Well, it's not your fault. You guys have been nothing but incredibly nice to a babbling idiot who thought he was a victim. It's like I tricked you.

Castle: Good luck, Jeremy.

Jeremy Preswick: Hey, if you figure it out, would you let me know?

Beckett: Of course.

Jeremy Preswick: I just think it'd be easier, knowing why.


Next day

Castle: The guy is guilty of a murder he can't remember. That just sucks. I mean, if you're gonna kill someone, get caught, spend the rest of your life in prison, at least you have the satisfaction of knowing why you did it. Hatred. Revenge. Hell, maybe he even cut you off on the highway. But Jeremy won't even have that, even if we do find motive, because he won't remember why it meant anything to him.

Beckett: I'm with you, Castle. It sucks.

Castle: So, what next?

Beckett: We, uh, submit the paperwork to the DA.

Castle: But the DA will need motive, right?

Beckett: Nope. Evidence speaks. Smoking gun.

Castle: But don't you want to know why he did it?

Beckett: Yeah, but the truth is, is that we don't need it.

Castle: The DA doesn't need it. But you and me? I know I couldn't sleep last night, could you?


Jeremy’s appartement
Castle: There's got to be an answer here. Something in his life that makes it all make sense.

Beckett: Hands! Show...!

Emma Carnes screams

Emma Carnes : Oh, that gets the heart rate going.

Beckett: Mrs. Carnes, what are you doing here?

Emma Carnes : Getting Lucy's things. Prescription. Guess I have custody now.

Beckett: I'm sorry to surprise you. We didn't know you'd be here. Are you okay?

Emma Carnes : Yeah. I guess I just thought for half a second that this would be a bizarre second chance for Jer and me. Stupid, right?

Castle: No, it's not stupid. And to find out that he's a murderer...

Emma Carnes : When I saw him again, I... All those years of petty arguments that tore us apart didn't seem to matter. It was-- it was like we first met. You know, I felt that thing. And then we came here, and I saw that he didn't sell it and I thought maybe he still had feelings for me, too.

Beckett: Do you mean the painting that the two of you bought on your honeymoon?

Emma Carnes : We didn't buy it because we wanted to. We had to. We were in the artist's studio in Siena and Jeremy picked it up off the easel. He was always goofing around. The artist went crazy. It was still drying. We laughed for a week about our little love smudge. And then when I saw that he didn't sell it, I thought maybe... But I was kidding myself.

Beckett: What do you mean?

Emma Carnes : No thumbprint. It should be right here. He sold ours. This one's just a copy.

Beckett: Ms. Carnes, are you sure?

Emma Carnes : Of course I'm sure.

Castle: It's a fake.

Beckett: And we know who dealt in fakes.

Castle: That's got to be Jeremy's connection to Fink. That's got to be why Jeremy was at the gallery.

Beckett: And if Jeremy and Fink were arguing like Harun said, maybe it was over the original.

Castle: And if that's a fake, then where is the original?


On the street

Bahir Harun (on cell)...deux semaines. Absolutely, and... Careful with that one. (on cell) Oui. Oui, merci. A bientot, alors.

Beckett: Leaving us so soon, Mr. Harun?

Bahir Harun: Oh, what now? I have a plane to catch.

Castle: Make any interesting art acquisitions on this trip?

Bahir Harun: Actually, yes.

Castle: Mind if we take a look?

Bahir Harun: I'm sorry, I just don't have the time

Beckett: Make time.

Bahir Harun : What part of diplomatic immunity are you not clear on?

Beckett: See, every time you say something like that, it makes me think that you have something to hide.

Bahir Harun : Well, it's too bad that you will never find out.

Beckett: License and registration, please.

Driver : What? Why?

Beckett: You are double-parked.

Driver: This is New York. Everyone double-parks.

Castle: Is he resisting arrest?

Beckett: I believe so. Step over here. I'm gonna have to search your car.

Bahir Harun : You have no right to do this.

Beckett: I don't see any diplomatic plates. And immunity doesn't extend to a car service.

Beckett finds the original Taglia.

Beckett: Mr. Harun, this can go one of two ways. You can either cooperate and tell me what I need to know, or I can call the State Department and inform them that you have a piece of artwork that's at the center of our murder investigation.

Castle: And the last I checked, the New York tabloids could give a rat's ass about your diplomatic status. They'll just print your photograph with a headline that says "Diplomatic Douchebag."

Bahir Harun : Fine. What would you like to know?

Beckett: There's a fake version of this painting found in one of our shooting victim's apartments. Can you tell us how it got there?

Bahir Harun : How would I know this?

Castle: Because the fake painting is where the real painting used to be. And now you have the real painting.

Bahir Harun : All I know is that I asked Fink to acquire it for client of mine. When he said he had it, I assumed he tracked down the owner and made a deal. But when I went to the gallery that evening, he sent me away. Just like I told you.

Beckett: That's a great story, Mr. Harun. But if Fink sent you away empty-handed, why do you have the painting?

Bahir Harun : Because I got a call from a man this morning that said he had it, for a price.

Beckett: Who was it?

Bahir Harun : It was Fink's new assistant. Darius.


At the office

Darius Langley : This is crazy. I told you already, I was in class when Mr. Fink was killed.

Beckett: Nobody remembers seeing you there.

Darius Langley: I sat in the back.

Castle: The naughty kids always do.

Beckett: You were at the gallery the night that Jeremy confronted Fink about the painting.

Darius Langley: Listen, there's obviously been some kind of misunderstanding.

Beckett: Was this a misunderstanding, as well? It's a signed statement from the super at Preswick's building, admitting that he took a $1,000 bribe from you to allow you into Jeremy's apartment so that you could switch out the paintings.

Darius Langley: I'm sorry. Should've come clean from the start. Fink wanted the painting. He told me to buy it from Preswick, but the guy wouldn't sell. So Fink had me paint a fake and, yeah, I-- I bribed the super to switch it with the real thing. It was stupid, but Fink threatened to fire me if I didn't.

Beckett: It was all you, Darius. You switched out the paintings, you pocketed the money that Fink gave you to buy it.

Darius Langley: It was Fink. He manipulated me.

Beckett: No. That is just a lie. And you know what else is a lie? Your name. Darius Langley is your roommate.

Castle: Pretty smart using his identity to land a job at the gallery. Well, I guess it'd be pretty tough to get hired with two felony counts of counterfeiting now, isn't it, George?

Beckett: You got quite a rap sheet, Mr. Heller.

Castle: Hmm. One more strike, you go away for a long time.

Beckett: Which is why you couldn't afford Preswick calling the cops when he found out the truth. So you shot him. And then when he went down, you shot Fink, as well.

GEORGE HELLER (DARIUS LANGLEY) : Think you're gonna pin this murder on me? No way. You don't got jack.

Beckett: Read carefully. You bribed the super twice. And the second time was four hours after Detectives Ryan and Esposito brought Preswick to the gallery and you realized that he had lost his memory. You planted the gun.

Castle: Swing and a miss. Strike three. You're out.

Jeremy holds the original Taglia painting.

Ryan : Ah. It's a beaut.

Jeremy Preswick: Isn't it?

Beckett: I especially love the fingerprint.

Jeremy Preswick: Me, too. Even if I can't remember, it still somehow feels a part of me.

Emma Carnes: Hey, Jer. Ready to rock?

Jeremy Preswick: Thanks for coming.

Emma Carnes: You remember Lucy?

Jeremy Preswick: No.

Beckett: She certainly remembers you.

Jeremy Preswick: Well, hey, thanks, guys. You made getting arrested for murder really not so bad. Thank you.

Beckett: Mm-hmm.

Castle: So, are you two gonna...

Beckett : Castle.

Emma Carnes: It's okay. The answer is, who knows? I like him and he likes me. And right now, that's enough.

Jeremy Preswick: Well, see you. I guess if I ever lose my memory again, I'll know where to come.

Castle: I...

Jeremy Preswick: Thanks. Later. Thanks again for coming.

Emma Carnes: Of course.

Jeremy Preswick: Hey.

Ryan: One of them has 15 years of baggage. Marriage. Divorce. The other's on a first date. How long you think that'll last?

Beckett: Hopefully for a long time.

Castle: Why, Detective Beckett, I had no idea you were a romantic.

Beckett: I also sleep with a gun. Bet you didn't know that either.

Ryan: How about you, Castle? How long you think it'll last?

Castle: Well, I guess it's just the writer in me, but I'm hoping for a happy ending.



Martha : Ooh! Well, well, well. Look who's doing the walk of shame now.

Castle: I was with Beckett.

Martha: Really?

Castle: Uh, wrapping up a case.

Martha: Ah. Well, you should kiss that girl while you're both young.

Castle: What's going on with you? What do you got there?

Martha: Oh. It's from Chet. Isn't it romantic?

Castle: Chet sent you a dead flower?

Martha: It is the most romantic thing that anyone had ever done for me.

Castle: I've been up all night, so I might be a little slow.

Martha: Well, it's the boutonniere I gave him, prom night. He saved it, tucked it into a yearbook, and he sent it over last night with a note saying, would I give-- give him a second chance?

Castle: Well, there's a lot of that going around these days.

Martha: And I'm scared. I mean, what if it doesn't work out? What if it does?

Castle: That's the cost of living.

Martha: I just don't want to ruin this.

Castle: This is dead. You are not. Time to start making some new memories.

Martha: Boy, how did you get so smart?

Castle: It must be my dad.

Martha: Dad.

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Supersympa  (08.11.2019 à 17:59)

La théorie de Castle concernant la balle en glace est loin d'être ridicule. Dans une autre série, le tueur avait sculpté une arme dans la glace qui avait finit par fondre après utilisation. Du coup, plus d'arme du crime. Bon après, ça reste de la fiction. ^^


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