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#311 : Dans la peau de Nikki


Résumé : Alors que l'équipe enquête sur le meurtre d'une directrice d'agence de rencontres, Castle est stupéfait de voir débarquer Natalie Rhodes, l'actrice qui a été récemment choisie pour incarner Nikki au cinéma, et que Beckett a invité pour la suivre sur l'affaire en cours. Si tout le monde est ravi de la présence de Natalie, Castle n'est pas convaincu qu'elle puisse incarner avec fidélité Beckett, mais une complicité commence à naître entre les deux femmes....
Parallèlement, Ryan élabore un plan pour demander Jenny en mariage, mais celle-ci se méprend sur les raisons de son absence et s'emballe.


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Titre VO
Nikki Heat

Titre VF
Dans la peau de Nikki

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Réalisation : Jeff Bleckner
Scénario : David Grae

Distribution principale : 

Distribution secondaire: 

  • Randall Batinkoff (Brad Williams)
  • Thomas Calabro (Scott Donner)
  • Juliana Dever (Jenny Duffy-O'Malley)
  • Tymberlee Hill (Julie Taylor)
  • Stephen Macht (Bill Wellington)
  • David Parker (Duke Jones)
  • Laura Prepon (Natalie Rhodes)
  • Melody Thomas Scott (Tonya Wellington)

At Castle’s loft.

Natalie Rhodes: Game over and you lose, Tom. Drop it!

Actor: Put down the gun or I swear, I'll blow his head off.

Natalie Rhodes: You know I can't do that, Tom.

Actor: You think kidding around here, Detective Heat?

Natalie Rhodes: No, I don't. I think you feel trapped and you're serious as hell! But right now, I need you to think about the people who love you. And they need you to put down that gun!

Castle: I can't take it anymore. The character of Nikki Heat is a smart, complicated detective with… With enormous depth. And then... The studio goes and casts the braless co-ed and blood-soaked t-shirt from Knife II?

Martha: Well, Knife II made a lot of money, honey. Thanks, in no small part, to Natalie Rhodes. And your books are not exactly Shakespeare.

Castle: Thank you. I was just hoping to elevate their stature by not casting the chainsaw wielding hooker from Hell's Scream.

Alexis: Hey, I like that movie.

Castle: If I'd seen it, which I haven't.

Martha: Look, this is an audition tape. Give the girl a chance.

Alexis: According to US Weekly, for her movie Hell's Crawlspace, she actually lived in her house's crawlspace for a week to prepare for the role.

Martha: Well, you've got to admit, that's dedication to the craft.

Castle: Well, how about that dialogue? I mean, how hacky is that? Wait. "Right now you need to think about the people who love you." Like that's gonna stop a murderer? That screen writer needs to spend a week in a crawl space.

Martha: Okay, darling, enough with the complaining.

Castle: It's Beckett. She is gonna hate the idea of Natalie Rhodes.

Alexis: Pick it up, Dad. A murder'll make you feel better.


Castle: Morning, boys.

Ryan: Excuse me. Hey, Castle. How's it going?

Castle: Good. What's up?

Ryan hands Castle a little velvet box and Castle checks out the diamond ring.

Castle: Ryan. I don't know what to say. I mean, I'm flattered, but...

Ryan: Oh, come on. It's nice, right? Right?

Castle: Jenny is a lucky girl. So, how are you gonna pop the question? Hot air balloon? Sky writer? Jumbo-tron?

Ryan: I thought I'd just ask.

Castle: Nuh-uh. You can't just ask. You gotta make a statement. It's gotta be big. Helicopter ride.

Beckett: Actually, most girls prefer something a little more intimate.

Castle: What? It's just supposed to be boring and ask…

Castle opens the ring case to Beckett.

Castle: "Will you marry me?"

Beckett gives Castle a look and he realizes what he just did. Ryan takes the ring back.

Castle: And helicopter rides are intimate.

Beckett: Yeah, sure. If you want to share the most romantic moment of your life with Reggie the chopper pilot.

Castle turns to Ryan and mouths.

Castle: Helicpoter ride.

Beckett: Our victim is Stacey Collins. She's 45. According to her business card, she's a high end matchmaker.

Castle: Like Millionaire Matchmaker?

Ryan: Without the reality show.

Castle: Or a pulse.

Ryan: That, too.

Beckett: Defensive wounds indicate that she was attacked. We found her purse with wallet, credit card, and cash inside, but the thing that was missing were her keys. Uniforms are on the way to her apartment and office to see if our killer decided to use them.

Esposito: Yo. So, apparently our victim was at a surprise party thrown in her honour last night by all the happy couples that she'd matched up.

Beckett: Where was the party?

Esposito: Oscar's Grill, 85th and 3rd.

Ryan: That's only seven blocks from here.

Esposito: Collins left the party just before ten.

Castle: M.E. estimates the time of death between ten and eleven… Killer could have been at the party and followed her.

Ryan: Gosh, you think a married person killed the woman who gave them such happiness, do you? Yeah, I'll start on bringing them in.

Castle turns around and sees a chauffeur open a car door for someone.

Castle: Surprise visit from the mayor?

Beckett: Better.

Esposito: Holy smoke. That's Natalie Rhodes.

Beckett: Sure is. Apparently she is playing Nikki Heat.

Esposito: What? That's awesome.

Castle: Yeah, it's awesome. What is she doing here?

Beckett: She called and asked if she could shadow me for a little while. She wanted to get an authentic feel for what it's like to be Nikki by following the person who inspired Nikki.

Castle: And you said yes?

Beckett: Sure.

Natalie Rhodes: Detective Beckett? My god, you are exactly what I imagined Nikki Heat would look like.

Beckett: Natalie, this is Richard Castle, and this is Detective Javier Esposito.

Natalie Rhodes: Hey. Just so you know, Detective, I'm very method. So, it's all about getting inside of you, which starts with observing and noting.

Beckett: Okay. Well, observe and note away. I'm already used to it.

Castle: I'm sorry, I don't think you heard. I'm Richard Castle. I… I wrote Heat Wave.

Natalie Rhodes: Oh, I thought your name sounded familiar.

Ryan: Hey, I just got off the phone with the guys at the, uh...

Natalie Rhodes: Hi.

Beckett: Natalie, this is Detective Kevin Ryan.

Ryan: Uh, hi.

Beckett: Ryan. The call.

Ryan: Yeah. Looks like our killer took our victim's keys for a reason. Uniforms just got to her office. The place has been tossed.

Beckett: You guys go to the office, see what the killer was after, we'll go interview party guests and see if we can shed some light on what this was all about.

Esposito: Right.

Beckett: Come on.

Castle: Hello. I'm your creator.

At the police station.

Natalie Rhodes: So, who'd want to kill a matchmaker?

Beckett: Well, that's what we have to find out, and the first 48 hours are the most critical. After that, evidence gets corrupted, witnesses get less reliable, and oh. Ha. I'm so sorry everyone is staring. I already talked to them, but it's just, it's not every day we get someone famous in here. Listen up everybody. This is Natalie Rhodes, she will be shadowing me for a little while. So, if you want to gawk, just get it over with so we can all get back to work.

Natalie Rhodes: And if anyone wants a picture or an autograph, just come on over.

Castle: I can't believe you said it was okay for her to tail us without asking me first.

Beckett: Not us, Castle. Me.

Castle: Oh, my god. You like her, don't you?

Beckett: Yeah, so?

Castle: So, was it her work in Mutilation High that changed your life or perhaps Demon Patrol?

Beckett: Well, the way that she beheaded those zombies with the samurai sword was pretty cool.

Castle: Yes, it was cool, but that does not make her Nikki Heat. Nikki Heat is classy. She's complicated. She's a thinking man's cop.

Beckett: Yeah, we can't judge a book by its cover.

Castle: Yes, actually. Yes, I can. When it's my book. And she's a civilian. I mean, aren't you afraid she's gonna get in the way and mess up the case?

Beckett: You're kidding, right? Hey, Natalie. Want to join in on your first interview?

Natalie Rhodes: Yep. Be right there. Okay, ready?

She takes a photo with another fan.

At Stacey Collin's office, Esposito makes a low whistle as he enters.

Esposito: The killer was definitely after something.

Ryan: Pleased to meet you, Ms. Rhodes. How hard is that to say? Now she thinks I'm an idiot.

Esposito: Yeah, probably.

Ryan: Great. And she's on my list. My freebee five. You know, celebrities you're allowed to make an exception with if you ever got the chance. Jenny even knows.

Esposito: I wouldn't worry about it, bro.

Julie Taylor: Oh, my god. What happened?

Esposito: You are?

Julie Taylor: Julie Taylor, I work here. For Stacey Collins.

Esposito: I'm afraid we have some bad news for you, Miss Taylor.

In the interview lounge.

Scott Donner: Well, I hope we were helpful.

Natalie Rhodes: Wow. Are all the folks you interview always that unhelpful?

Beckett: It's a numbers game. You talk to enough people, something usually shakes out.

Natalie Rhodes: That is going in the movie.

Natalie starts typing it into her phone.

Castle: Yeah, being a cop, it's kind of like being a prospector. Got to sift through a lot of rock before you finally hit gold.

Natalie Rhodes: No. Her line was better. "Ususally shakes out."

At Stacey Collin's office.

Esposito: Besides client files, is there anything of value here? Did she keep cash on hand?

Julie Taylor: No. I mean, especially not lately. Business is way down.

Ryan: Did you guys take a hit from the economy?

Julie Taylor: Mostly it was Stacey. She kept turning down clients.

Esposito: Why would she do that?

Julie Taylor: All I know is, two months ago she started rejecting applications and here we are, barely making it.

Ryan: We think the killer may have followed her from the event. Did she have issues with any of the guests?

Julie Taylor: Oh, no. Those were her success stories. Sixty happy couples. They put the party together in her honour. They wanted her to see how many lives she touched.

In the interview lounge.

Amelia Weiss: You know what's so sad? I don't think that Stacey ever found a soul mate for herself.

Richard Weiss: That's crazy. Without her, we wouldn't even be together. How can she be dead?

Beckett: Was there anyone acting strangely at the party?

Natalie types "Was there anyone acting strangely?" into her phone.

Amelia Weiss: Not that we noticed.

Castle: What about after the party? Did you see Stacey leave?

Castle notices Natalie isn't typing what he said.

Richard Weiss: Actually, yeah. Someone picked her up.

Beckett: Any idea who?

Natalie types again.

Amelia Weiss: I didn't see. The cars windows were tinted.

Beckett: What…

Castle: What kind of vehicle was it?

Richard Weiss: A sports car. It was a Boxter. A silver Boxter.

At Stacey Collin's office.

Esposito: Did she have any enemies? Anybody who might have wanted to do her harm?
Julie Taylor: Oh, man.

Ryan: What?

Julie Taylor: Brad Williams. Stacey's boyfriend until yesterday.

Esposito: What happened yesterday?

Julie Taylor: When I came in the morning, they were fighting.

Ryan: About what?

Julie Taylor: I don't know. But they were both pretty upset. Brad was screaming, and Stacey just told him to leave. I think I heard him say he wanted her to give him something back.

Ryan: Do you have any idea what?

Julie Taylor: No.

Esposito's cell rings.

Esposito: Excuse me.

Ryan: Did Brad know about the party?

Julie Taylor: Oh, he was going to be there. But then, when they split up, I had to uninvite him.

Esposito (hangs up): Miss Taylor, was anyone in Stacey's life drive a silver Boxter?

Julie Taylor: Yeah. Brad does.

In the interview room.

Brad Williams: I was in love with Stacey. What makes you think I could possibly kill her?

Beckett: If you were so in love with her, why did you have a screaming match in her office yesterday?

Brad Williams: We argue. I'm a passionate person.

Beckett: Obviously. And then after she dumped you, you couldn't handle the rejection, and so you killed her.

Brad Williams: That's not true.

Beckett: When you and Stacey fought, you said you wanted something back, what was it?

Brad Williams: My dignity.

Beckett: You trashed her office looking for your dignity?

Brad Williams: I didn't kill her, and I didn't trash her office. Stacey stepped out on me. That's why we broke up.

Beckett: And that gives you even greater reason to have killed her.

In the observation room.

Natalie Rhodes: She's amazing. Look at her eye contact. The way she won't let go, I love that.

Castle: So, what did you think of Heat Wave?

Natalie Rhodes: Are you kidding? I love it. Spike Rosenberg is one of my favourite screenwriters. You know, he did the un-credited final pass on Hell's Crawlspace.

Castle: Yeah. Not the… Not the script. The… The book. The… The real Heat Wave.

Natalie Rhodes: I haven't read it.

Castle: You… You took the part of Nikki Heat without even reading the book?

Natalie Rhodes: Well, Spike made a lot of changes in the screenplay. I didn't want to confuse the character in my head.

Castle: Changes. Wait, what changes?

In the interview room.

Brad Williams: And then two months ago, she started to pull away. Next came some phone calls at odd hours from some guy, she wouldn't say who. I mean, the signs were all there, I just didn't want to see them.

Beckett: Well, just because she was getting phone calls doesn't mean that she was having an affair.

Brad Williams: I followed her last week, saw her meet the guy. A real lowlife. When I confronted her, she denied everything. Called her a liar. And now she's dead.

Beckett: And then, prior to her death, she was seen getting into your car.

Brad Williams: After the party, I offered her a ride thinking we could talk.

Beckett: Where did you go?

Brad Williams: Nowhere. She was barely in the car when he called again. I started to get upset. She just got out.

Beckett: And where'd you go after you dropped her off?

Brad Williams: I didn't go anywhere. I noticed I was in front of the Nautilus Diner, I went in and was there until after midnight.

Near the bullpen.

Esposito: The hostess at Nautilus confirms Brad's story. Has him there from a few minutes after ten till about midnight, drowning his sorrows in five orders of baclava.

Castle: Ooh. I love their baclava. The honey actually oozes out of the s--sides. But the salient point here is that Brad Williams just alibied out.

Beckett: Check into Stacey's phone records and see if we can find that new boyfriend.

Beckett reads a new text.

Beckett: CSU found a key hidden under a ceiling tile. They say there's no lockbox in Stacey's office and her assistant doesn't recognize it. So, CSU is running it down.

Natalie Rhodes: Well, maybe that's what the killer was looking for.

Castle: Maybe it's the key to unlocking the mystery of Stacey's murder.

Natalie Rhodes: So, what are you thinking about right now, Detective? What's our next move?

Beckett: I'm thinking... I need a cup of coffee.

Natalie Rhodes: Me, too! God, we are so in sync.

Castle tries to follow them, but Ryan approaches him.

Ryan (whisper): Hey, Castle. So, I… I, uh… I booked that chopper ride. We're even going to fly over KG MacDougals. It's… It's the bar where Jenny and I met. And then, tomorrow I'm going out to Fleshing to ask her parents for her hand. I told Jenny I'm playing darts with Esposito.

Castle: Alright, well, you're all set.

Ryan stops Castle from going to Beckett and Natalie.

Ryan: Um, I… I still need to pick a romantic restaurant that's near the Westside Heliport. Any ideas?

Castle: Does she like Italian?

In the break room.

Natalie Rhodes: You are amazing.

Beckett: Oh.

Natalie Rhodes: In fact, I've already picked up on a couple of your little secrets.

Beckett: Oh, really? Like what?

Natalie Rhodes: That thing you do, pushing your hair back behind your ear, it's a device to distract whomever your talking to. Gives you an extra few seconds to think about what to say.

Beckett: Huh. Really? I did not know that.

Natalie Rhodes: Yeah. And then there's those crazy four-inch spike heels. God, they must be hell to run in. You know, you wouldn't admit it, but it's tough being an attractive woman in such a... Testosterone fueled profession. The heels give you stature, and guys have to literally look up to you, gives you a psychological edge.

Beckett: Well, you're right about the heels and the stature, but it's not because I need it, I just like it.

Beckett and Natalie toast their coffee mugs.

Esposito: Yo, Beckett. We got something… Brad was right. Stacey did get a call just before she was killed. From one Duke Jones. Guys got a sheet that reads like a primer on smalltime crookery. Got B&E's, racketeering, and assault.

Natalie Rhodes: What's a high class matchmaker doing with a guy like that?

Esposito: Whatever it is, I'm guessing that is complicated. According to Stacey's bank records, she was making weekly payments of $5,000 to the guy for the last two months.

Castle: Anyone else notice that two months has been a recurring theme?

Beckett: What was the money for?

Esposito: I don't know. Neither does her boyfriend or her assistant.

Beckett: Well, looks like we'll have to ask them ourselves. Ready to hit the bricks, Natalie?

Natalie Rhodes: Yeah. So, I have to put on your basic famous person disguise so I'm less distracting.

Castle: Does that really fool people?

Natalie Rhodes: Yeah. Works in L.A. What about you? Do you do anything to hide your fame?

Beckett: Doesn't really come up that much.

At Duke Jones' office.

Chloe Graves: Hi. Can I help you?

Beckett (badges her): Yeah, we're looking for Duke Jones.

Duke Jones: Who's looking for the Duke?

Beckett: Detective Beckett, NYPD.

Duke Jones: Oh. Chloe, why don't you get some air?

Beckett: We're investigating the death of Stacey Collins.

Duke Jones: Stacey's dead?

Beckett: She was murdered.

Duke Jones: Ooh.

Beckett: What was the nature of your relationship?

Duke Jones: I work as a PI. She hired me to run background checks on potential clients.

Castle: Five grand a week? Seems pretty steep. Especially considering business was down.

Duke Jones: Hey, you get what you pay for.

Beckett: And what was that exactly?

Duke Jones: Let's just say, I'm not afraid to go deep to find out who someone really is.

Beckett: And why would Stacey need your... Services, all of a sudden?

Duke Jones: So she could vet her clients. She made a bad call on one of them that came back to bite her in the ass.

Beckett: Did she tell you who?

Duke Jones: No.

Castle: Nature of the, uh, ass-biting?

Duke Jones: Not that either.

Beckett: You called Stacey twenty minutes before she was killed. What was it about?

Duke Jones: I'd finished a background check, was just giving her the download.

Beckett: And where were you last night between ten and eleven?

Duke Jones: Ooh, I was banging my neighbour. She can vouch for me.

Beckett: Great. We'll be sure to talk to her.

At Duke Jones' office.

Natalie Rhodes: So, do you think this ass-biting client might actually have something to do with Stacey's death?

Beckett: Well, recent conflict in a victim's life is definitely a red flag. So, got to look into it. Excuse me, guys.

Beckett steps away to make a call on her cell.

Beckett (on cell): Esposito? Yeah, I need you to look into a couple of Stacey's clients.

Natalie Rhodes: She is crazy smart. You know, sexy, commanding. On a good day, maybe I'm one out of three.

Castle: Well, that's why you're here, isn't it? To learn the ways of Beckett?

Natalie Rhodes: I'm trying. You know, Nikki is such a complex, juicy character. I just really want to get her right, you know?

Castle: Is it true you lived in your house's crawlspace for a week to prepare for Hell's Crawlspace?

Natalie Rhodes: No. A month. I told the tabloids a week, 'cause I didn't want them to think I was obsessive.

Beckett (on cell): Really? Okay. Thanks. (hangs up) So, CSU had a hit on Stacey's hidden key, the one they found in her office.

Castle: What's it for?

CSU turns the jukebox around, away from the wall.
Beckett: Alright, stop there.

Beckett puts the key into the back of the jukebox and opens it to find a large bag.

Castle: Odd place to store luggage.

Beckett takes the bag out and opens it.

Natalie Rhodes: Whoa. That's a lot of cash.

Castle: That's got to be at least a couple hundred grand.

Beckett: Now we know what our killer was looking for.

Near the bullpen.

Beckett: So, according to Stacey's assistant, the business barely had any money, let alone 250 grand. And, as for this Bergland Eckloff bag, it's definitely not Stacey's. Our vic was a Tumi girl.

Natalie Rhodes: Well, maybe the money belongs to the person who owns the bag.

Beckett: Yeah, well, good luck finding that person. You can't pull prints off of this kind of material.

Natalie Rhodes: You can just check the registry.

Castle: Registry?

Natalie Rhodes: That's a $6,000 handcrafted German bag. All Bergland Eckloffs are signed and numbered. When you buy it, you register with the company in case you lose it or it gets stolen.

Beckett: What kind of an idiot would pay six grand for this bag?

Natalie Rhodes: I have a full set. There should be a number sewn in there somewhere.


Ryan: The guy from Munich with a Colonel Klink accent just e-mailed over the bag registration. The owner of this bag is Tanya Wellington.

Beckett: You know, you might have just cracked this case wide open.

Natalie Rhodes: Seriously?

Beckett: Yeah.

Castle: It's addictive, right? That rush you get from solving a crime.

Natalie Rhodes: Yeah. I didn't get that from the script.

Castle: Yeah. You should really read the book.

Natalie Rhodes: I definitely will.

Esposito: Yo. I knew that name was familiar. Tanya Wellington and her husband, Bill, were invited to Stacey's surprise party.

Castle: But we talked to all the guests, I don't remember that name.

Esposito: They were invited, but they declined.

Beckett stands up and puts her hands on her hips, Natalie does, too, almost at the same time.

Beckett: Let's see if they'll accept an invitation to my interrogation party.

Ryan: So uncanny.

Esposito: Spooky.

Castle: Sexy.

Beckett looks back at Natalie and sees the imitated stance.

Beckett: Are you doing me?

Natalie Rhodes: I'm just working on your posture. You know, it changes depending whether you have a suspect or not.

Beckett: Really?

Natalie Rhodes: Like I said, getting inside your head. When I'm done, I'll do you better than you.

Beckett's stunned as Natalie walks off and the boys smirk.

Beckett: Tanya Wellington. Now.

Esposito: Right.

Beckett is overly conscious of her posture now and can't get comfortable.

In the interview room.

Beckett: You were a client of Stacey Collins. Is that correct, Ms. Wellington?

Wellington looks at one of her four attorneys. The attorney nods.

Tanya Wellington: Yes. She introduced me to my husband, Bill.

Beckett: But you didn't go to her party last night. Why is that?

Natalie Rhodes: But you didn't go to her party last night. Why is that?

Castle: That was a great Beckett.

Ryan: Yeah. Almost creepy great. Not that you're creepy. Just...great. Heh.

Beckett: Ms. Wellington, we found a Bergland Eckloff bag registered to you containing $250,000 hidden in Stacey Collins' office. Can you explain where that came from?

Attorney: I'm afraid Ms. Wellington chooses not to answer that question.

Beckett: Did you give Stacey that cash? What was it for? Ms. Wellington, who else knew that she had it?

Attorney: Again, my client is asserting her right to not answer.

Beckett: And I will remind your client that this is a murder investigation and I believe that that bag and money are at the heart of this case.

Attorney: Tread lightly Detective. My client's here as a courtesy, and her husband Bill Wellington is a powerful man.

Beckett: Ms. Wellington, what happened two months ago?

Attorney: This meeting's over.

At Castle’s loft.

Natalie Rhodes (on TV): Drop it!

Actor (on TV): Put down the gun or I swear, I'll blow his head off.

Natalie Rhodes (on TV): You know I can't do that, Tom.

Actor (on TV): You think kidding around here, Detective Heat?

Natalie Rhodes (on TV): No, I don't.

Alexis: Torturing yourself?

Natalie Rhodes (on TV): I think you feel trapped and you're serious as hell!

Castle stops the video.

Castle: Reconsidering, actually. I think there's more to her than I thought.

Alexis: I think she might surprise you. She did this great emotional scene in Knife 3D. It was actually pretty moving. If I'd seen it, which I haven't.

Beckett looks sideways at Natalie writing on the murder board. Castle enters with his usual two cups of coffee and Natalie takes the second one.

Natalie Rhodes: Thanks, Castle.

Castle: Tha… That's… I was... Uh, you're welcome.

Beckett is stunned.

Castle: So, where are we?

Natalie Rhodes: Ryan and Esposito are digging into Tanya Wellington.

Castle: Mm. What about Duke Jones? His neighbour confirm his romantic evening?

Beckett: He…

Natalie Rhodes: So did a couple other neighbours who complained about the noise. So, it looks like Duke Jones alibies out.

Beckett: What she said. Can we talk for a second?

Castle: Sure.

Beckett takes Castle's arm and pulls him into a conference room.

Beckett: She took my coffee, Castle.

Castle: Just coffee.

Beckett: Then what's next? My soul? Everything I do, she does. Even when I'm thinking, I can feel her in my head like some kind of a brain-eating parasite from one of her movies.

Castle: She's a dedicated actress, she just wants to a good job.

Ryan: Hey, no update on what the 250k was for, but I think we found that bad client that Duke Jones mentioned. It's Tanya's husband, Bill Wellington… Turns out Tanya's wife number three. Bill divorced the other two just before their pre-nups expired, leaving them without a dime. And get this, he was about to do the same to Tanya. He filed for divorce two months ago.

Beckett: So, that's why Stacey became more selective with her clients. She knew Tanya would be left with nothing.

Ryan: Not exactly nothing. The Wellingtons pre-nup has an infidelity clause, which Bill violated. He owes Tanya 100 million bucks for cheating on her. She even has the boudoir shots to prove it.

Beckett: You have the photographs? From where?

Ryan: Their divorce file. Pretty salacious, too.

Castle: Can I see?

Beckett: Castle, we're looking into a murder, not dirty photos.

Castle: Or maybe we can do both. Look familiar?

Beckett: That's Chloe, Duke Jones' assistant.

Castle: That 250 grand? That was a payment to Stacey to break up Tanya's pre-nup.

Beckett: So, Stacey hired Duke in order to get photographic evidence.

Castle: Mm-hmm. And Duke's assistant, Chloe, here was the bait.

Beckett: And then they honey-trapped Bill Wellington to break up the pre-nup costing him 100 million dollars.

Castle: Man, if I were him, I'd be out for blood.

Beckett: Let's bring him in.

Castle: You have copies of that file?

Ryan: Oh, I copy everything.

In the observation/interrogation.

Natalie Rhodes: That guy looks like a pit-bull. I could see him sticking someone through a wrought iron fence.

Castle: Yeah.

Beckett: Stacey must have felt incredibly guilty putting Tanya in a relationship with him. So, she decided to level the playing field.

Natalie Rhodes: Legally, does it matter to the case why Stacey did what she did?

Beckett enters the interrogation room.

Beckett: Good afternoon.

Castle: No. That's what makes Beckett such a great detective. She invests in the victim.

Bill Wellington: You think I did this to Stacey Collins? What's my motive?

Beckett: Because of what she did to your marriage.

Bill Wellington: It's not like she put a gun to my head and said, "Marry the beast."

Beckett: Well, that's very big of you, Mr. Wellington. We also know that you were having an affair with this woman.

Bill Wellington: What does my personal business got to do with the murder of Stacey Collins?

Beckett: I will be asking the questions, Mr. Wellington. How did you meet Chloe?

Bill Wellington: At the bar at Il Molino. She liked my watch and I liked her eyes. She had a suite at the Beaumont Hotel. It used to be a guy could get a little on the side without worrying about some moron with a camera ruining his life.

Beckett: Expensive affair. I understand that it cost you 100 million dollars. You must have been pretty angry when you discovered Stacey Collins engineered the whole thing in order to break your pre-nup.

Bill Wellington: That bitch did what?

Beckett: Mr. Wellington, I…

Bill Wellington: Are you telling me that this piece of tail worked for Stacey? And that Stacey and my wife arranged all this?

Beckett: Cost you 100 million bucks. I've seen people kill for far less.

Bill Wellington: Now, you listen to me, Detective. I had nothing to do with that murder. Because, had I known, I would've killed Stacey and Tanya! Both!

Beckett: Where were you last Sunday night, Mr. Wellington?

Near the bullpen.

Castle: Hong Kong?

Beckett: He was there for a week. His jet touched down at Westchester County Airport yesterday afternoon.

Natalie Rhodes: Maybe he hired someone. We should recheck his financials.

Beckett gives Castle a look.

Esposito: Beckett. Just got back from Duke's. The entire place is cleaned out. There's no files, no computers, not even a paper clip.

Ryan: Checked his home address, too. No sign of him. He's gone.

Castle: What about our honey-trap Chloe?

Ryan: No Chloe graves matching her description in the tri-state area, and Stacey's assistant Julie never heard of her or Duke or honey-trapping. With her and Duke gone, there's no way to track them down.

Beckett: So, either Stacey's murderer spooked them both and they got out of Dodge, or…

Natalie Rhodes: Or they killed Stacey and now they're on the run.

Beckett: Wellington said Chloe had a suite at the Beaumont Hotel. You guys see what you can dig up, we'll run background and see what we can find on Duke.

Esposito: Right.

Delivery Man: Natalie Rhodes?

Natalie Rhodes: Yes.

Natalie signs for a package.

Castle: What did you get?

Natalie Rhodes: Oh, just a little something to help with my research. Where's the ladies' room?

Castle: Yeah, well, just by the elevator.

Natalie Rhodes: Great. Thanks.

Ryan and Esposito show the desk clerk a photo of Chloe Graves.

Desk Clerk: Yeah, I know her. That's Gretta.

Ryan: Gretta?

Desk Clerk: Gretta Morgan.

Ryan: And she stayed here about three weekends ago, is that right?

Desk Clerk: Yes, and checked out last Monday.

Esposito: Two week stay, huh? Did you notice anybody with her? This guy, perhaps?

Desk Clerk: Yeah. Yeah, he met her in the lobby a couple of times. She must really be in big trouble, huh?

Esposito: Why is that?

Desk Clerk: There was a cop here the other day asking all the same questions.

In the conference room.

Beckett: Duke's assistant Chloe? Gretta Morgan. Former exotic dancer, picked up a couple of times for solicitation, probation and time served.
Castle: Well, looks like she decided to go a little more upscale.

Beckett: Hmm.

Castle: You know, given how much Tanya paid Stacey and how little Stacey paid Duke, looks like money is our motive.

Beckett: Maybe. APBs are out on Gretta, and I contacted other precincts to find out who else is investigating her, and for what.

Natalie enters dressed at Beckett, brunette wig and all.

Natalie Rhodes: Talk to enough people, something usually shakes out.

Castle drops his pencil.

Castle: Just like I dreamed it.

Beckett looks at Castle.

Castle: Did I say that out loud?

Officer Velasquez: Here you go, Beckett.

Natalie turns around and the Uniform hands her a file.

Natalie Rhodes: Thanks Johnson. It's Johnson, isn't it?

Becket grabs the file from Natalie.

Beckett: It's Velasquez. And you are not me.

Natalie Rhodes: No. But I'm getting warmer.

Castle: You certainly are.

Beckett: Okay. So, the word's out on Gretta, and we're already tracking Duke's credit cards. Why don't we just call it a night.

Natalie Rhodes: What? But it's still early.

Castle: Yeah.

Beckett: Yeah, well, it's a high stress job. And I wouldn't want anyone to get burnt out.

Natalie Rhodes: Alright. I'll go pack up my things.

Castle stares after Natalie on her way out. Beckett quickly shuts the door and turns to Castle.

Beckett (whisper): You cannot tell me that that is normal!

Castle: She's just committed to the role. You should be flattered.

Castle rushes out, leaving Beckett reeling in shock.

Beckett: Yeah. Sure. Until she steals my boyfriend and kills me in my sleep.

Castle takes the costume package from Natalie.

Castle: Let me carry that for you.

Natalie Rhodes: Thank you. Oh, look at me. All dressed up and no crime to solve.

Castle: Huh, yeah.

Natalie Rhodes: And I had my heart set on doing research tonight.

Castle: Ah.

Natalie Rhodes: So, what do you think? Am I everything you imagined Nikki would be?

Castle: Uh-huh.

Natalie Rhodes: You know, I read Heat Wave last night.

Castle: Really?

Natalie Rhodes: You're right, it was so much better than the screenplay. I went right out and read Naked Heat. You know, I realized the character of Jameson Rook is based on you.

Castle: Well, yeah, I guess I drew on my relationship with Detective Beckett.

Natalie Rhodes: Even the sex scenes?

Castle: No, that was just...

Natalie Rhodes: Fantasy? Like me? Now?

Castle: Well, you… You want to give the audience what they want.

Natalie Rhodes: Oh, yeah.

They enter the elevator.

Natalie Rhodes: You know, the script is so much about the passion between Nikki and Rook. If I'm gonna play Nikki right...

Natalie pushes Castle against the wall.

Natalie Rhodes: I got to feel that heat.

Castle: Natalie, I'm…

Natalie Rhodes: Not Natalie. Nikki.

Natalie kisses Castle. Beckett walks to her desk and Castle drops the costume box. Beckett hears it, and looks up to see Castle and Natalie lip locked in the elevator just as the doors close.

Castle comes with two coffee cups.

Uniform: Morning, Castle.

Castle: Ah, good morning, Detective.

Beckett: Is that for me or for the fictional version of me? Or have you already taken care of her this morning?

Castle: What is… What is that supposed to mean?

Beckett: I…

Ryan: Jenny!

Jenny runs past Castle and Beckett crying, Ryan chasing after her.

Ryan: Jenny! Wait! Could… Jenny! Could you please… Sweetie, can we just talk about this?

Jenny reaches the elevator and Natalie steps out dressed in another Beckett outfit. Jenny looks at Natalie and then back at Ryan and gasps in disgust.

Ryan: Honestly…

Ryan tries to step into the elevator, but Jenny shoves him out.

Jenny: I hate you, Kevin Ryan!

The elevator doors close.

Natalie Rhodes: Ooh. That was dramatic.

Beckett: What happened?

Ryan: I accidentally left my phone at home and she brought it to me, and while she was here, she asked Javier how darts was last night.

Castle: Oh, your cover story for going to see her parents.

Esposito: You should've told me, bro.

Beckett: She thought you lied to her.

Ryan: Yeah. And then she found out I was working with you, which I hadn't told her.

Natalie Rhodes: What's the big deal about that?

Ryan: You're on my list.

Natalie Rhodes: What list?
Ryan: My list. My… My freebee five. The… The five celebrities you could sleep with if you had the chance to... And, uh, now she thinks that last night, that we... And I… I should probably stop talking right now. I should call her is what I should do. Excuse me.

Natalie Rhodes: Freebee five, huh? Wonder what number I am.

Beckett: Why does that not surprise me.

Natalie Rhodes: So, any update on our honey-trapper?

Beckett: Uh, yeah. I heard from all of the other precincts, and none of the other cops were looking for a Chloe Graves/Gretta Morgan at the Beaumont.

Castle: Someone was. What about Duke? Any sign of him?

Beckett: Well, we are looking into his credit cards and his phone, but so far no hits.

Esposito: Maybe not on Duke's credit cards, but I just found something on Gretta's. She put holds on rooms at two other pricey hotels within the last week. The charges were reversed, and the rooms were ultimately paid for on another credit card. A corporate card belonging to a Stacey Collins, our victim.

Castle: The last week? That was long after they'd gotten the evidence they needed on Bill Wellington.

Beckett: They were honey-trapping other men.

Castle: So, one of the other men finds out he's being set up. He follows Gretta from the Beaumont Hotel back to Stacey.

Beckett: He confronts her, they get into an argument, in a rage, he kills her.

Natalie Rhodes: Taking her keys to get rid of any incriminating evidence of the affair at her office.

Beckett: Check the other hotels. Let's see what we can find on Gretta.

Esposito: Right.

Beckett: Thanks.

Castle: I'm gonna check on Ryan.

Beckett: Great.

Natalie Rhodes: Can I ask you a question?

Beckett: Sure.

Beckett gulps down her coffee.

Natalie Rhodes: Is Castle gay?

Beckett spits out the coffee on her desk.

Beckett: I'm sorry, what? No. No.

Natalie Rhodes: Then you two are an item, but you're sworn to secrecy, right?

Beckett: No, we are not an item. Why?

Natalie Rhodes: Last night I invited him back to my place and he said something to me I have never heard from a man before.

Beckett: What?

Natalie Rhodes: No.

Beckett: No?

Natalie Rhodes: I don't get it. He's into you, but you're determined not to give into these feelings that you clearly have for him. So, he fantasizes about you through his writing. It's literally verbal masterbation.

Beckett: Hey-ee. Wha… Okay. So, what does this all have to do with me?

Natalie Rhodes: I am not wearing this getup for my health. You're Nikki Heat. He's Jameson Rook. I need to sleep with him in the name of character research. Could you talk to him?

Beckett: And say what?

Natalie Rhodes: I don't know. Give him permission or something.

Beckett: I… I need to go. Over there.

Beckett watches Natalie acting like her in front of the bullpen murder board. Castle walks behind her and stops when he sees Beckett staring out the window.

Castle: Everything okay?

Beckett: Do I really do that?

Natalie strikes a pensive pose.

Castle: Yes. And it's adorable.

Beckett: If it's so adorable, why didn't you sleep with me? Her "me", not me "me".

Castle: Oh. Well, a fictional character that I wrote based on you, played by Natalie Rhodes? It's just way too meta.

Beckett: Meta?

Ryan joins them in staring at Natalie.

Ryan: We really should have a code word so we all know which Beckett to kill when her clone army attacks.

Beckett: Unless we make a preemptive strike.

Castle: Get through to Jenny yet?

Ryan: Still not picking up.

Beckett: Oh, don't worry. You'll be laughing about it soon enough.

Castle: We are.

Ryan: Thanks. So, I've been running through all of Stacey's client files. Three couples have filed for divorce within the last month. Can you believe it? I mean, you get married to the love of your life, the next thing you know, they're cheating on you with someone who…

Beckett: Ryan.

Ryan: Sorry. Anyways, two of the guys have rock solid alibis for the time of Stacey's murder, and the third divorce had nothing to do with cheating.

Esposito: What are you guys doing?

Ryan: Hiding from creepy Beckett.

Esposito: Mmm.

Beckett: We're not hi… D'you find anything on Gretta Morgan?

Esposito: Yeah. Found something pretty interesting at the Meritage Hotel.

Beckett: What?

Esposito: Gretta Morgan.

Esposito nods to the hallway and Beckett sees Gretta being escorted in by a pair of Uniforms.

In the interview room.

Gretta Morgan (Chloe Graves): I didn't kill her. I told you where I was that night. People saw me.

Beckett: Doesn't matter. We already have you on prostitution and extortion, so you're looking at ten years. But if you decide to help us find the truth, I might be inspired to recommend that the D.A. give you a suspended sentence.

Gretta Morgan (Chloe Graves): What do you want to know?

Castle: Were there any other marks besides Bill Wellington?

Gretta Morgan (Chloe Graves): Stacey hated that, because of her, these women were in relationships with bad men. She felt an obligation to give them a way out with dignity.

Beckett: The others, how many were there?

Gretta Morgan (Chloe Graves): Two.

Beckett: I'm gonna need their names.

Natalie leans forward and slams her hands on the table.

Natalie Rhodes: Their names, Gretta! Now!

Gretta Morgan (Chloe Graves): Rich Weiss and Scott Donner.

Near the bullpen.

Esposito: Tall with dark hair. They both match the description of the guy who was sniffing around the Beaumont Hotel.

Natalie Rhodes: We talked to both of those guys. You're saying one of them might be the killer?

Esposito: Yeah, but which one did it, and how do we prove it?

Beckett: By figuring out which cheater went home with his wife.

Castle: And which one stayed behind to commit murder.


Esposito (on phone): Okay. When was that?

Castle: So, it comes to this. Two phone calls to two wives, one of whom has been sleeping with a cold-hearted killer.

Natalie Rhodes: See, this should totally be in the movie. No twisty this, no melodramatic that.

Castle: Ah, people love twisty thises and melodramatic thats.

Natalie Rhodes: They love what's real. You know, less is more. The hardest thing to perform as an actor: doing nothing. Just being still, being quiet.

Beckett (scoffs): Yeah, I'd love to see that.

Esposito (hangs up): So, Rich's wife confirms that, after the party, the two of them went straight home.

Ryan (on phone): Yes. Thank you. (hangs up) Scott's wife confirmed that the two of them went straight home as well. But then Scott went back out and met his cousin Benjamin for a drink. Only, Benjamin doesn't remember having that drink. Turns out Scott and his wife left the party and hour before Stacey left, giving him plenty of time to get back there and follow her.

Beckett: So, what do you say, Natalie? You want to join us on your first arrest?

Natalie Rhodes: Hell yeah. Let's take that cheating dirt bag down. Too much?

Beckett: I… I just usually say, "Let's go."

Natalie Rhodes: See. Less is more.

At Scott's office.

Beckett: Mr. Donner, Detective Beckett, NYPD. We're hear about Stacey Collins' murder.

Scott Donner: I don't understand. I told you everything I know down at the station.

Beckett: Yes, but you didn't tell us where you were when she was murdered.

Castle: We know you weren't with your wife.

Natalie Rhodes: Or with your cousin, having a drink.

Beckett: You lied about that. So, where were you?

Scott Donner: I was...

Beckett: What did you stand to lose? 30? 40 million after the divorce? You confronted Stacey, and you asked her for those photos. She refused, and then you killed her.

Scott Donner: No, no, no!

Beckett: Mr. Donner, you're under arrest for the murder of S…

Scott Donner: No!

Scott scrambles to pull a gun out of his desk drawer.

Castle: Gun!

Beckett: Hey!

Beckett draws her gun on him, but Scott puts his gun to his own head.

Scott Donner: You stay back, all of you!

Beckett: You do not need to do this, Scott. Give me the gun.

Scott Donner: No! I didn't mean to kill her. I just wanted the pictures! She tried to break away! I didn't even see the gate there, and those spikes!

Beckett: Okay, fine. It was an accident.

Scott Donner: Oh, what does it matter? It's all over for me.

Beckett: Scott, give me the gun, and I promise you, you will get a fair trial.

Scott Donner: You think I'm fooling around here, Detective?

Natalie Rhodes: No, I don't. I think you feel trapped and you're serious as hell! But right now, you need to think about the people who love you. And they need you to put down that gun.

Scott lowers the gun and starts crying. Beckett cuffs him.

Castle: Guess that script wasn't so hacky after all.

Natalie's back in her own hair and clothes.

Natalie Rhodes: You know, it's tragic, really. All Stacey wanted was to help save these women from getting screwed in their divorces, instead she winds up getting killed.

Beckett: Well, thanks to you, we only have one death on our hands.

Natalie Rhodes: I'm just glad it all worked out. But I could've used another take. I should've added a beat in that last line. Instead of, "Put down that gun." I should've said, "Put down [beat] that gun." Hear the difference? Totally adds layers.

Beckett: Sounded good to me. Sounded just like me.

Natalie Rhodes: Thanks for everything, Kate. I'll try to you and Nikki justice.

She hugs Beckett.

Natalie Rhodes: Even if I didn't get to do all the character research I'd hoped.

She looks at Castle before she turns to leave.

Natalie Rhodes: Visit me on set, Castle.

Castle: I wouldn't miss it. I wouldn't.

Esposito: Natalie Rhodes. And I thought it was cool working with you, Castle.

Castle: Nice.

Jenny enters.

Jenny: Hi guys.

Castle: Hey.

Beckett: Hey.

Ryan: Jenny, I am so glad to see you.

Ryan quickly hugs Jenny.

Jenny: I… I just wanted to tell you all I'm sorry about before. I… I made a scene.

Ryan: Jenny, it's okay.

Jenny: No. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me, Kevin, and I want you to know that I trust you, and I love you. I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, I…

Ryan turns his head to see Esposito standing right behind him, smiling. Esposito take the hint and backs away.

Ryan: No, I'm the one who's sorry, because I lied to you. But I'm gonna set the record straight right now, because you deserve the truth. So, wait here just one second.

Ryan rushes to his desk and pulls the little velvet box out of a drawer.

Castle: What is he doing?

Beckett: Shh!

Ryan rushes back with the box behind his back.

Ryan: I didn't play darts with Javier last night. I went to go see your parents, because I had a question for them.

Ryan gets down on one knee.

Ryan: Jennifer Scout Duffy-O'Malley, will you make me the happiest guy in the world and marry me?

He holds out the open box to Jenny.

Jenny: Oh, my god. Y… Yes. Yes, yes!

The precinct applauds.

Castle: That was big!

Beckett: Oh, and intimate!

The precinct gathers around the couple to congratulate them.

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