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#209 : Les dessous de la loi


Résumé : Jack Buckley, un procureur connu pour son intégrité, a été poussé du toit d'un parking. Beckett et Castle soupçonnent un voyou, John Knox, mais celui-ci a un alibi en la personne d'un révérend. Le beau-frère de Buckley a reçu des menaces d'un proxénète et avoue fréquenter des prostituées. L'une d'elle, Scarlett Price, révèle que le réseau est tenu par un certain Danton.


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Titre VO
Love Me Dead

Titre VF
Les dessous de la loi

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Réalisateur : Bryan Spicer
Scénariste : Alexi Hawley

Distribution Principale : 

  • Nathan Fillion : Richard « Rick » Castle
  • Stana Katic : lieutenant Katherine « Kate » Beckett
  • Jon Huertas : inspecteur Javier Esposito
  • Seamus Dever  : inspecteur Kevin Ryan
  • Tamala Jones : Dr Lanie Parish
  • Ruben Santiago-Hudson  : capitaine Roy Montgomery
  • Molly Quinn : Alexis Castle, la fille de Castle
  • Susan Sullivan : Martha Rodgers, la mère de Castle

Distribution Secondaire: 

  • Jeff Castle (Jack Buckley)
  • Charles Rahi Chun (Paul Cho)
  • Natalie Cohen (Escort Girl)
  • Christian R. Conrad (le mari)
  • Shari Headley (Nicole Cameron)
  • Jonathan LaPaglia (John Knox)
  • Ray Laska (Dan Tonelli)
  • Michaela McManus (Scarlett Price)
  • Danny Nucci (Gilbert Mazzara)
  • J.B. Smoove (Norman Jessup)
  • Nancy Young (la femme en débat)


[Rampe de stationnement: homme et femme]
[Un couple discute dans une voiture alors qu'ils sortent d'une rampe de stationnement.]

Homme: Je suis obligé de rigoler quand elle sort une blague.  C'est mon patronne.

Femme: ca t'oblige à regarder ses nichons, aussi? 

Homme: Pas du tout!. Elle avait une tache.

Femme: Et tu voulaismémorisersa taille, peut-être?

Homme: quoi? Non, je te le  jure. Si je mens, que Dieu me frappe à l'instant..

( Un coprs tombe sur la voiture)

[Castle Loft: Castle and Alexis]
[Castle écrivant dans son bureau. Il entend Alexis au téléphone alors qu'elle descend l'escalier en pyjama.]

Alexis: (sur cellule) Ouais, je le veux, je ... Je ne sais pas. Oui, je ... Quoi ? si je lui dit c'est sur qu'il va criser. Oui, tu peux en être sûr

[Alexis voit Castle entrer dans la cuisine.]

Alexis: je dois y aller. [Elle raccroche.]

Castle: Qui va criser?

Alexis: quoi?

Castle: Quelqu'un va criser?

Alexis: Oh, hum ... un copain de lycée. Tu ne connais pas

Castle : t'es sûr?

Alexis: Mm-hmm.

Castle: Je croyais connaitre tous tes amis.

Alexis: Hé, je suis désolé, papa, mais j'ai beaucoup de devoirs

Castle: Oh. Non, oui. Hé, vous sais que tu peux tout me dire ?

Alexis: Ouais.

Castle: [téléphone sonne.] Castle ? 



[Parking Ramp : Man and Woman]
[A couple arguing in a car as they pull out of a parking ramp.]

Man : I have to laugh at her jokes. She's my boss.

Woman : Do you have to stare at her boobs, too?

Man : I wasn't. She had a stain.

Woman :  And you were trying to memorize the shape?

Man : What? No. I swear. If I'm lying, may God strike me down...

[A body lands on their hood.]


[Castle’s Loft : Castle and Alexis]
[Castle typing in his office. He hears Alexis on the phone as she comes down the stairs in her robe.]

Alexis :  (on cell) Yeah, I want to, I just... I don't know. Yes, I... I can't tell him. He'll freak. He will.

[Alexis sees Castle entering the kitchen.]

Alexis : I gotta go. [She hangs up.]

Castle : Who'll freak?

Alexis : What?

Castle : Who's gonna freak?

Alexis : Oh, um... someone from school. You don't know them.

Castle : Are you sure?

Alexis : Mm-hmm.

Castle : But I thought I knew all your friends.

Alexis : Hey, I'm sorry, Dad, but I have a ton of schoolwork.

Castle : Oh. No, yeah. Hey, uh, you know you could tell me anything, right?

Alexis : Yeah.

Castle : [Castle's cell rings.] Castle.


[Parking ramp : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Montgomery and Man and Woman]
[The man and woman whose car got hit continue arguing at the crime scene.]

Man : A body falls out of the sky and somehow that's my fault?

[The woman groans. Beckett and Castle arrive on scene.]

Beckett : Hey, Castle. I hope we didn't take you away from something important. Or someone.

Castle : Did you ever keep secrets from your dad?

Beckett : Sure.

Castle : What kind?

Beckett : Do you really want to know?

Castle : About your secrets? Absolutely. About my daughter's...? You know what, I'm sure it's nothing. Alexis would never keep anything serious from me. I'm the cool dad.

Beckett : Uh-huh.

[They reach the car where the body fell. Ryan, Esposito, and Montgomery are there.]

Beckett : Sir, what are you doing here?

Montgomery : Victim's Jack Buckley.

Castle : Who's Jack Buckley?

Montgomery : An assistant district attorney. One of the good guys. Buckley hated making deals, loved puttin gbad guys behind bars.

Beckett : He's the lawyer every cop wanted prosecuting their case.

Esposito : Well, looks like he didn't go down without a fight.

Ryan : Yeah, his jacket was torn. Found his briefcase up on the roof along with his left shoe. CSU is doing a full sweep.

Castle : Well, Jack's a big boy. Whoever did it must be strong. Wait, I know what this is. Lawyer puts criminal in jail, criminal feels wronged, criminal kills lawyer. It's Cape Fear .

Beckett : Any idea what he was doing up there?

Esposito : No. I talked to his secretary and she said Buckley left work around eight, heading straight home, which is on the West Side.

Ryan : And get this, Buckley was a subway rider. He didn't own a car.

Castle : Then what's he doing in a parking garage on the East Side?

Montgomery : It's a good question.

Beckett : Was Buckley married?

Ryan : Divorced. Ex-wife lives in California.

Beckett : Reach out to his wife. Let's start looking into his personal life and see what we can find.

Montgomery : The mayor wants this solved quickly. Nobody kills a law enforcement officer and gets away with it.


[Buckley’s Office : Beckett, Castle, Nicole and Scarlett Price]

Nicole : I just can't believe that he's dead.

Beckett : And you have no idea why he was in the garage?

Nicole : No.

Scarlett Price : Here are the print-outs of Mr. Buckley's cases you wanted.

Castle : Thanks. I'm telling you, this Cape Fear list is going to be a gold mine of suspects. Check out this guy. Archibald Spinks. Five counts of attempted murder, one count of indecent exposure. You don't suppose he tried to kill them with his... Yeah, that wouldn't work.

Beckett : Had Mr. Buckley ever received any threats? Any prosecutions that went ugly?

Nicole : Well, he didn't think he was doing his job right if he wasn't being threatened. But nothing recently, no.

Scarlett Price : He did seem to be upset the past few days.

Castle : Any idea why?

Scarlett Price : No.

Nicole : You know, there was that man the police brought in.

Beckett : What man?

Nicole : It was right after lunch on Monday. A cop brought in a tough-looking guy in handcuffs. Took him right into Mr. Buckley's office, and then waited outside.

Scarlett Price : Yeah, we heard them yelling through the door, and then the officer took him away.

Castle : That kind of thing happen a lot?

Scarlett Price : Never.

Beckett : Do you remember the officer's name?

Nicole : Yeah. Frank... Frank... Frank Curtis.


[Police Department : Beckett and Castle]

Beckett : Curtis doesn't remember why Buckley asked him to bring the guy in, but he does remember his name. John Knox. Dozens of priors. Uniforms are bringing him in.

Castle : I'm guessing this guy isn't exactly an altar boy.

Beckett : You think? Come on, let's go.


[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and John Knox]

Beckett : You've got quite a record, Mr. Knox.

Castle : Your parents must be proud.

John Knox : Yeah, they hand all my mug-shots on the fridge. Can we cut to the chase?

Beckett : Two days ago, you had an argument with Buckley in his office. Last night, we found him dead, so you can understand our interest.

John Knox : Sure. But you're wasting your time. I didn't kill the guy.

Beckett : Really? Because it says here that you have quite a history of trying to kill people. Three in the last two years. Or am I missing any?

John Knox : I was never convicted of anything.

Beckett : That's not exactly a denial.

Castle : Do you work out? You know, bench press? Dead lift? Must take a lot of upper-body strength to throw a guy off a roof.

John Knox : [Knox laughs.] Who is this guy?

Beckett : What did you and Buckley fight about?

John Knox : Look, he had it out for me because he put me on trial for an assault I didn't commit and he lost. And rather than being a man about it, he decided to rattle my cage, to show me who was the alpha male. So, yeah, it was annoying and childish, but not something you kill a guy over. Especially a DA. Now, I may be a criminal, but I'm not stupid.

Beckett : Do you have an alibi for Buckley's murder?

John Knox : I don't know. What time was he killed?

Beckett : 9:30 p.m.

John Knox : I was at an AA meeting.

Beckett : Anonymous. That's cute.

John Knox : You don't believe me? Mmm. Well, then maybe you'll believe my sponsor. Reverend Daniel Miller.

Castle : Did you say "Reverend"?


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan and Montgomery]

Montgomery : So, where are we with Knox?

Ryan : Alibi looks solid. Castle and Beckett are interviewing the good Reverend right now.

Montgomery : What about forensics?

Ryan : Looks like a bust. But I did find something interesting when I checked into Buckley's MetroCard history. His card only made two swipes a day for the whole month. 6 a.m. at the subway by his apartment, 8 p.m. by his office.

Montgomery : Buckley lived for the job, especially after the divorce. Probably trying to lose himself in the work.

Ryan : On the day he was killed, Buckley did something unusual. He made an extra trip up to West 77th Street before he went to work. His secretary has no idea why.

Montgomery : See if you can find out.

Esposito : Yo, Cap, looks like somebody was following our boy Buckley. The doorman in his apartment said that a guy came in there two days ago demanding to talk to Buckley. Wouldn't take no for an answer. Doorman practically had to throw the guy out. Then, on the morning of Buckley's murder, the doorman swears that he saw the same guy hanging around outside the building. I snagged a photo off the video surveillance.

Montgomery : Start looking through some mug-shot books.

[Beckett and Castle finish their interview.]

Beckett : Thank you, Reverend.

Castle : Pleasure meeting you. Thanks.

Beckett : [Beckett looks at what Esposito is doing.]Is this for our case?

Esposito : Yeah, the guy who tried to hassle Buckley at his building.

Castle : Wait a second. I know this guy. Yes, my Cape Fear file. Ow! [Castle snaps himself with the rubber band on the file.] Right here. Right here. His name is Norman Jessup. Buckley got him four years ago in a bank robbery where a guard got shot. See, I told you this file would solve this case.

Esposito : [Esposito pulls up the file on his computer.] Says here, he got out two weeks ago his conviction was overturned, by the appellate court on a technicality.

Beckett : That sounds like a reason for Jessup to celebrate, not to kill Buckley.

Esposito : Yeah, except Buckley already filed an Intent to Retry. Jessup was looking at another two years in jail if Buckley won.

Ryan : Well, that might have made Jessup a little mad.

Castle : Right, and then it's all, "Come out, come out, wherever you are."

Ryan : Really? That's your De Niro?

Beckett : Get a current address and a list of know associates. I'd like to hear what Jessup has to say.


[Bar : Beckett, Castle, Jessup and People]

Jessup : Wait, wait! You got it all wrong.

[Someone punches Jessup in the face.]

Beckett : Hey, come one. Police, break it up!

Woman : Watch it!

Man :  Take it outside!

[The men continue brawling.]

Castle : Aren't you going to do something?

Beckett : Breaking up a bar fight is a sure way to get hit. Don't worry, it'll be over in a minute.

Castle : You know, I was in a bar fight once.

Beckett : Really? Who won?

[Jessup accidentally punches Castle.]

Beckett :  Let me guess.[Beckett grabs Jessup and plants him face down into the bar.] Not you.

[Castle groans and holds his face while Beckett cuffs Jessup]

Beckett : You want to fight, Mr. Jessup? You can fight a murder charge.




[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Jessup]
[Castle sits across from Jessup holding a bag of ice to his face.]

Jessup : Hey, I'm sorry, man. I didn't mean to embarrass you in front of your girlfriend there.

Beckett : [Beckett enters.] I'm not his girlfriend. I am a homicide detective. And you should be taking this a little bit more seriously.

Jessup : Hey, that guy in that bar, he started this whole thing, okay? He thought I was hitting on his girlfriend, and I was not hitting on his girlfriend. It was just a big misunderstanding.

Beckett : Right. Just like the bank robbery.

Jessup : Exactly. I had no idea my buddies were gonna rob that bank. No idea at all. They said their car broke down and they needed a ride, and I gave them a ride.

Castle : And that argument didn't sway Buckley?

Jessup : Can you believe it? He told my lawyer that the guard got shot, and therefore, in the eyes of the law, I was just as responsible as the guy who shot him.

Beckett : That must've made you angry. How'd you feel about the fact that Buckley was gonna retry your case and try to make you serve the final two years of your sentence?

Jessup : Honestly, lady, I cried like a baby.

Beckett : Huh.

Jessup : Prison is not fun, okay. I did not want to go back. I figured if I could just talk to Mr. Buckley, I could let him know where I'm coming from.

Beckett : Which is what you were doing at Buckley's building.

Jessup : Whoa, whoa. I followed the man around for a few days, okay. Just so I could get my courage up to talk to him.

Beckett : You were stalking Buckley?

Jessup : "Stalking" is a pretty damn ugly word. Let's not use "stalking," okay? I was just trying to feel the guy out, you know what I mean? Trying to convince him, you know. In case you guys haven't notices, I'm somewhat of a wordsmith, you know. A real master of, uh, you know, of, uh...

Castle : Words?

Beckett : Where were you between nine and ten last night?

Jessup : I was sitting in the bar you guys just dragged me out of.

Beckett : Okay. Well, we're going to check into your alibi. In the meantime, you're going back into holding until we can process you for assault.

Jessup : Oh, oh! Come on! I said I was sorry!

Castle : Wait, Buckley's mystery trip. Were you following Buckley uptown yesterday morning?

Jessup : Yeah, yeah, I was.

Beckett : Where did he go?

Jessup : He met some Asian dude outside this real fancy apartment building. then they started to argue with each other. You think maybe that's the guy who killed him?

Castle : Would you recognize the building if you saw it again?

Jessup : Oh, yeah. I get around.

Castle : Road trip.


[Beckett’s Unmarked : Beckett, Castle and Jessup]
[Beckett and Castle in the front. Jessup leans forward from the backseat.]

Jessup : Hey, you guys mind if I take these things off? I'm starting to feel like a stereotype riding around in the back of a police car wearing them.

Beckett : Sure. Do you want my key?

Jessup : No. I got it. Thanks. [Jessup takes the cuffs off and hands them to Castle.]

Castle : How did you do that?

Jessup :  (laughs) I've always been good with locks. When I was in the joint, I was thinking, "How can I take this and make it more productive?" you know. So I've been applying to locksmith schools. But, you know, they won't let me in on account that I'm a felon. Can you believe that? Huh.

Beckett : Felon who wants to be a locksmith. What could possibly go wrong there?

Jessup : You don't have to be mean about it.

Castle : Yeah, wow. [Castle rides in the back with Jessup.]


[Beckett ‘s Unmarked : Beckett, Castle and Jessup]


[Jessup teaching Castle how to pick the handcuffs in the back seat while Beckett drives.]

Jessup : To train to be a locksmith you got to listen, left over right, right over left...

Castle : I think I made it tighter.

Beckett : Jessup, do you see the building?

Jessup : Uh, that's a negative.

[Beckett's cell rings.]

Jessup : Now bring it around...

Beckett :  (on cell) Beckett. Oh, hey, Alexis. Uh, are you looking for your dad? To me? Okay, what's up? Yeah, yeah, we can meet at Suttons's around 7:30. Is that okay? Alright, I'll see you then.

Castle : Was that Alexis calling you? Why?

Beckett : She needed my advice.

Castle : About what?

Beckett : I don't know. It's probably no big deal.

Castle : [Castle leans through the gap in the seats] When you kept secrets from your father, was it not a big deal?

Beckett : [Beckett sees the cuffs.] You know, I'm not even going to ask.

Jessup : That's the building on the right hand side. Right there.

Beckett : Okay.

Jessup : Let's go get 'em.

Beckett : Not you. Us.


[Apartment Building : Beckett, Castle and Paul Cho]

Beckett : Apartment 801? Okay. Thanks.

Beckett : So it turns out that the building's only Asian tenant is Paul Cho, who just happened to be Buckley's ex-brother-in-law.

Castle : Oh. Well, maybe it's not Cape Fear then. Maybe it's Family Feud . Maybe Buckley's bitter divorce caused enough hard feelings that things turned violent.

[Paul Cho opens the door and Beckett badges him. Paul's jaw drops.]


[ Paul Cho’s Apartment : Beckett, Castle, Paul Cho and Scarlett Price]

Paul Cho : I don't understand. I haven't seen Jack in months. Not since he divorced my sister.

Beckett : Really? Because I have an eyewitness who saw the two of you arguing yesterday morning. So, that means you're lying to me.

Castle : She hates being lied to.

Paul Cho : I don't know what you're talking about.

Beckett : Great. Let's go down to the precinct. I'll arrange a perp walk and you can put on a show for the cameras.

Castle : Love a good perp walk.

Paul Cho : Wait, wait, wait, wait.

[Beckett smirks before turning back around.]

Paul Cho : The night before last, I was attacked by a man in a ski mask. He warned me to tell Buckley to back off Danton or he would ruin me.

Beckett : Who's Danton?

Paul Cho : I don't know, but Jack definitely knew him. He said he wasn't going to let him get away with this. That's why we were fighting. I told Jack to listen for once in his life. He had to protect me.

Beckett : From what?

Paul Cho : That's none of your business.

Beckett : Perp walk it is.

Paul Cho : Alright, alright. I have a slight fondness for girls.

Castle : Young girls? Fat girls? School girls?

Paul Cho : Call girls.

Beckett : Who else knows about this fondness?

Paul Cho : Just the girls.

Castle : Actually, the girls and their pimp.

Beckett : Whose name is probably Danton.

Paul Cho : Oh, okay, fine. But I wasn't really lying. I... I've actually never met Danton. I got the phone number for the agency from a friend. I call it and they send over a girl.

Castle : So, Buckley is investigating Danton's call-girl ring. When Danton discoveres that Buckley's brother-in-law is a client, he sends a message, "Back off, or your family gets hurt."

Beckett : And then, when Buckley doesn't back down, Danton kills him.

Castle : So, how do we find Danton?

Beckett : We talk to one of the call girls.

[They smile and look at Paul.]

Beckett : Call that number and tell him to bring one of his girls over.

Castle : And tell her to wear something sexy. No reason we can't enjoy this interview.

[Later, in Paul Cho's apartment, the door buzzes and Paul answers the door.]

Scarlett Price : Hey, Paul. Couldn't wait to see me, huh? [Scarlett Price enters wearing a tight cocktail dress.]

Beckett : Actually, I'm the one who asked for the date.

Castle : Isn't that the girl from Buckley's office? Did she look like that before?

[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Scarlett Price]

Castle : So, how exactly does a call girl end up working for Jack Buckley, Super DA?

Scarlett Price : Am I under arrest?

Beckett : You will be if you don't answer the question.

Scarlett Price : Jack was a client.

Beckett : I-- I'm sorry, Scarlett, I don't believe that.

Scarlett Price : I started seeing him about a year ago. He hadn't been with anyone since his divorce. He was just lonely, you know? We'd spend most of his dates talking. He'd take me to fancy restaurants, even though I told him he didn't have to. But I think he wanted to make it feel as normal as possible. Then one night he saw a law book in my bag. I told him I was only working as an escort to pay my way through law school. A few months later, he said he had an internship opening up in his office. Would I be interested?

Beckett : He wanted to help you escape the life?

[Scarlett nods.]

Castle : Who's Danton?

Scarlett Price : I don't know.

Beckett : Don't lie to us, Scarlett.

Scarlett Price : I'm not. I know he runs the business, but I've never met him. It's not like I'm a street walker and he's in a fedora and a long fur coat. He's organized the entire operation to protect his identity. The girls are independent contractors. The clients are all given numbers so we don't know their last names. They pay the business by credit card, and our fees get deposited directly into our bank accounts.

Castle : Creating the perfect firewall between the girls and the management.

Beckett : So, then when we arrest you, you can't give up Danton.

Scarlett Price : Because I don't know who he is.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle and Montgomery ]


[Beckett places a question mark under the DANTON column on the murder board.]

Montgomery : I can't believe Jack Buckley was seeing prostitutes.

Beckett : Yeah, well, he worked 14 hours a day. Didn't have a social life. Maybe he just wanted a little easy company.

Castle : Well, the math just doesn't add up, though. Buckley was warned to back off Danton. Why would Buckley be investigating a call girl service he was using?

Beckett : Maybe Danton tried to blackmail Buckley and it backfired.

Castle : So, then Danton tried to scare Buckley by threatening his brother-in-law. And then when that didn't work, Danton killed Buckley.

Montgomery : Alright. Let's find out everything we can about this Danton character. Have Ryan and Esposito reach out to Vice in the morning.

Beckett : Yes, sir.

[Montgomery leaves.]

Beckett :  Castle, I need you to sign these charges against Jessup, so I can send him downtown.

[Castle hesitates.]

Beckett :  What? No. Don't tell me you've got a soft spot for this guy.

Castle : He's a wordsmith.

Beckett : Okay, fine. [Beckett picks up her phone.] Hi, it's Beckett. Uh, charges are being dropped against Jessup. Process him out. Alright, thank you. (hangs up) I hope the two of you are very happy together.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle and Scarlett Price]


[Castle walks through the hall and stops when he sees Scarlett sitting on a bench, holding her broken shoe.]

Castle : Are you okay?

Scarlett Price : No. I broke a heel.

Castle : Let me guess. They were your favorite pair. Passed through your family for generations.

Scarlett Price : My great-great-grandmother wore them over on the Mayflower .

Castle : I knew it. So, what's a nice girl like you...

Scarlett Price : Really? That's your line?

Castle : I'm old-fashioned.

Scarlett Price : I came to New York in this ancient blue Beetle. The floor was so rusted, it literally sagged in the middle. But I can still remember coming over the bridge, and seeing the city right there in front of me. I thought everything was going to be perfect.

Castle : Something tells me this story takes a turn for the worse.

Scarlett Price : The first night, somebody broke into my car and stole all my stuff. Then, the college friend I was going to stay with told me her boyfriend was moving in. I had to find another place.

Castle : Oh.

Scarlett Price : But somehow I survived. Spent a year barely eating, living in a closet. When a friend mentioned doing this, I thought, "It couldn't be worse."

Castle : And is it?

Scarlett Price : Mostly, no. Thanks for listening.

[Castle watches her go. Beckett walks past him.]

Beckett : Night, Castle.

Castle : [Castle jumps up.] Going to meet Alexis?

Beckett : Yeah.

Castle : Can I come?

Beckett : No.

Castle : But I want to.

Beckett : Why are you so worried, Castle? I thought you were the cool dad.

Castle : I am.


[ Castle’s Loft : Castle, Martha and Alexis]


[Castle enters while Martha meditates in the living room. He rushes in and sits next to her.]

Castle : What's the secret?

Martha : All in the breathing, dear.

Castle : No. What's Alexis' secret that she'll tell Beckett about, but not me?

Martha : I don't know. There are some things a woman wants to talk to another woman about.

Castle : The New York Times praised the depth of my female characters.

Martha : I know. And I couldn't be prouder, but this is real life. And obviously, Alexis looks up to Beckett, and Beckett's smart and strong and independent.

Castle : So are you.

Martha : That's sweet. I'm on the wrong side of 40 for what Alexis is going through right now.

Castle : Forty?

Martha : Deflect all you want, kiddo, but I recognize the fear in your eyes. You're afraid Alexis has more Rick Castle in her than you thought.

[Alexis enters.]

Castle : Hey, sweetie! How did your talk with Beckett go?

Alexis : Fine. She's really nice.

Castle : Yeah, she is. You know, sweetheart, if you don't want to tell me what you talked about with Beckett, you don't have to.

Alexis : Okay. Thanks, Dad. [Alexis goes up the stairs.]

Martha : What is the matter with you? Why didn't you just ask her?

Castle : Because that would be prying. And cool dads don't do that. They go behind their daughter's back and they beg Beckett to tell them.


[Police Department : Esposito, Ryan and Gil Mazzara]

Ryan : Did you ever have any cases with Buckley?

Esposito : A few. Guy was wound a little tight if you ask me. Saw himself as a crusader for justice.

Gil Mazzara : Yo, Esposito.

Esposito : Gil Mazzara. What's up man?

Gil Mazzara : How're you doing?

Esposito : So, you're still looking at dirty pictures up in Vice?

Gil Mazzara : Yeah, tell your mom to send over some new ones. The ones I got are getting old.

[Ryan laughs.]

Esposito : You know my partner, Ryan.

Ryan : Hey.

Gil Mazzara : Yeah. Honey-milk. Nice to see you. So, uh, I hear you're looking to talk about Danton?

Esposito : Yeah. You know him?

Gil Mazzara : Yeah. I arrested him five years ago. Real name's Dan Tonelli.

Ryan : Dan-ton.

Esposito : Yeah.

Gil Mazzara : He's currently serving a seven-year stretch in Green Haven Correctional.

Ryan : Wait a minute. He's still in prison?

Gil Mazzara : And your boy Buckley put him there.

Esposito : Buckley prosecuted Danton?

Gil Mazzara : Yeah. And he was all over us to make a rock-solid case. We gave Buckley enough to put the guy away for 20 years.

Ryan : Could Tonelli still be running the operation out of prison?

Gil Mazzara : Nah. These call girl rings are like franchises. The business changes hands, but the name stays the same.

Esposito : So, who's the new Danton?

Gil Mazzara : I wish I knew. Guy's like a ghost. Every time we think we're getting close, he disappears. Five warrants in the last year and every time we show up, the place has been cleared out like he knew we were coming.

Esposito :  (to Ryan) You call the prison, get them to bring Tonelli over here.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan ]


[A uniform escorts Dan Tonelli into Interrogation. Castle enters.]

Castle : Hey, you guys seen Beckett?

Esposito : She went with the captain to update the City Hall on the case. She'll be here in a minute.

Ryan :  Something wrong?

Castle : No. Yes. I think my daughter might be keeping something from me.

Ryan : Maybe she got kicked out of school.

Castle : What?

Esposito : Or she's doing drugs.

Ryan : Mmm-hmm.

Ryan : Teen pregnancy is on the rise.

Castle : Whoa. Alright, you've met my daughter. You know that she is the closest thing to perfect as humanly possible.

Ryan :  (scoffs) Castle, come on. You've been with us long enough to know that people are never who you think they are. Isn't it possible your perfect daughter isn't as perfect as you think?

Beckett : [Beckett enters. ]Is Danton here yet?

Esposito : Yeah. Interrogation Room one.

Castle : Wait, Danton?

Beckett : Come on, Castle. Keep up.


[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Dan Tonneli]

Beckett : We brought you in here to talk about Danton.

Dan Tonneli : Ancient history.

Castle : Says here Buckley made a plea deal with you. Seven years instead of 20. But I heard Buckley doesn't make deals.

Dan Tonneli : What could I say, I got lucky.

Beckett : The only reason that Buckley would agree to a deal is because you brought him something big in return. So, what was it?

Dan Tonneli : Why don't you ask him?


Castle : Because he's dead.

Dan Tonneli : What? How?

Beckett : He was murdered two nights ago. We believe that the same person who took over your operations killed him.

[Tonelli laughs.]

Beckett : What's so funny?

Dan Tonneli : Well, you see, that would make it a suicide.

Castle : Suicide?

Beckett : Wait a minute. You're saying that Jack Buckley was the new Danton?

Dan Tonneli :  (nods)Buckley made me a deal. I provide him with my client list, my girls, he knocks 13 years off my sentence. It was a no-brainer.

Castle : Our DA was a pimp.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Montgomery]


[Beckett puts Buckley's photo under Danton on the murder board.]

Castle : Jack Buckley was Danton. That's why all Vice's warrant's failed. They had to go through the DA's office and Buckley saw them coming. He was in the perfect position to protect his operation.

Beckett : But why would a respected prosecutor become a pimp?

Castle : The outfits?

Esposito : It was the money. Buckley's ex-wife took him to the cleaners. Between alimony and his own bills, Buckley was beyond broke.

Castle : You know, I'm betting it was more than just the money. Everybody's talking about how great Jack Buckley was. How he was the law. You start thinking like that, sometimes you can start thinking maybe you are above the law. That you can get away with anything.

[Montgomery arrives.]

Beckett : Sir, how did the mayor handle the news?

Montgomery : Ooh, you don't want to know.

Beckett : Okay, this doesn't make any sense. If Buckley was the new Danton, then why would the masked man tell Buckley to back off of Danton? Buckley wouldn't threaten himself. Unless Buckley wasn't the boss anymore.

Montgomery : A hostile takeover.

Castle : Of course. We know Danton was just a business name. So, "Back off of Danton" was the new boss telling the old boss, "Don't resist the takeover, or I'll start ruining reputations."

Montgomery : Makes sense in theory, but how do you prove it?

Beckett : We talk to the call girl. There is no way that Scarlett didn't know that Buckley was in charge.


[Jack Buckley’s Office : Beckett, Castle, Nicole and Scarlett Price]

Castle : No, seriously. What did Alexis tell you last night?

Beckett : I promised I wouldn't say.

Castle : Well, at least-- at least tell me if it was bad.

Beckett : And put you out of your misery?

[They enter the office.]

Beckett :  We're looking for Scarlett.

Nicole : She's packing her things. We can't have call girls working here.

Castle : No, only pimps.

Scarlett Price : Detective.

Beckett : Could you give us a moment, please?

[Nicole leaves.]

Beckett :  Scarlett, you lied to us. Buckley was running the call girl ring, and there's no way that you didn't know.

Scarlett Price : Please. I had to lie. He'd kill me if he thought I told you anything.

Castle : Who'd kill you? The new Danton?

Beckett : Someone took over Buckley's business. Who was it? Answer me.

Scarlett Price : He used to work for Buckley. He made sure no one hurt the girls and everyone paid.

Beckett : What was his name?

Scarlett Price : I can't tell you that.

Beckett : Scarlett, I'm done playing. You've done nothing but lie to us. Don't think that I'm not gonna send you away for obstruction of justice and anything else that I can think of.

Scarlett Price : He'll kill me.

Castle : We won't let that happen. Detective Beckett can help you, but you have to help us first.

Scarlett Price : And then what happens to me? You think I'm gonna be a lawyer now? Jack was going to write me a letter of recommendation, pull some strings to get me a job. Who's going to help me now?

Castle : Honestly? No one. You're gonna have to do it by yourself, Scarlett, and I got a feeling that you can. Tell us who the new boss is, and Detective Beckett will make sure no one knows it was you who talked to us.

Scarlett Price : You promise?

Beckett : Yes.

Scarlett Price : His name is John Knox.

Castle : Knox? But that's...

Beckett : The guy that Buckley dragged in here in handcuffs.


[Beckett’s Unmarked : Beckett and Castle]

Beckett : How does a prosecutor get into business with a criminal?

Castle : Well, it's hard out there for a pimp who's also a DA. Ooh, that'd be a good character for a novel.

Beckett : Hmm.

Castle : A star prosecutor who's always excelled at anything he's ever done. He couldn't possibly imagine that being a pimp would be a bigger job than he could handle by himself. But one day he gets a call, one of his girls has been knocked around by a client. He realizes there's nothing he can do about it, he's a very public figure.

Beckett : Mm-hmm.

Castle : So, a white collar prosecutor decides to hire a blue collared enforcer. Can't exactly take out an ad on craigslist for that. But fortunately enough, he has a big stack of qualified candidates sitting right on his desk.

Beckett : Which is where he found John Knox. A criminal who mostly managed to stay out of prison.

Castle : Which makes him a smart criminal.

Beckett : Yeah.

Castle : Buckley offers him a deal. "Come work for me, I'll throw your case." And Knox does.

Beckett : Mm-hmm.

Castle : For a while, everyone's happy. But then Knox decides he's not happy being number two anymore. He takes Buckley's client list, tells Buckley to take a hike.

Beckett : Knowing that Buckley can't do anything about it without risking exposure.

Castle : Mm-hmm. But Buckley's never backed down from a fight in his life. He gets the cops to drag Knox down to his office to remind him who's boss.

Beckett : But Knox took it up a notch, sending a warning shot across Buckley's bow by threatening his brother-in-law.

Castle : And when Buckley wouldn't back down, Knox threw him off the roof of a parking garage.

Beckett : Jeez, if only we had some proof.

Castle : Who needs proof? What a great story. Of course, Knox has an alibi.

Beckett : You know, maybe you're right. Maybe Knox is smart. Maybe he sent someone else.

Castle : Oh, I like the twist. The enforcer has an enforcer. But who?


[Street : Beckett, Castle, John Knox and couples]


[Knox talks to a couple of guys outside a bar. He sees Beckett and Castle coming.]

John Knox : I'll talk to you guys later, okay?

Castle : Hi. Remember us?

John Knox :  (to Beckett) I definitely remember you.

Beckett : We need to ask you a few questions.

John Knox : I already answered your questions.

Castle : Maybe you didn't see the badge.

John Knox : Oh, I saw it.

[A couple of hotties exit the club towards Knox.]

John Knox :  You ladies ready? Excellent. You two have a nice evening. Who's hungry? What do you guys feel like?

Castle : Aren't you going to stop him?

Beckett : I can't. Unless we arrest him, the law says that he doesn't have to talk to us. And he knows that.

Castle : So arrest him.

Beckett : On what grounds? We promised Scarlett that we'd keep her out of it. So, unless we get some evidence, he's getting away with this.

[Castle’s Doorstep Loft :  Castle and Scarlett Price]


[Castle steps out of the apartment elevator to find Scarlett sitting by his door with cuts and bruises.]

Castle : Scarlett? You're hurt.

Scarlett Price : I didn't know where else to go.

[Castle’s Loft : Castle and Scarlett Price]

Castle : Come, sit down. You should got to a hospital.

Scarlett Price : It's just a few bruises. I'll be fine.

Castle : How did you find me?

Scarlett Price : A client in the publishing business gave me your address. [She sees the food box Castle brought in with him.]Dinner for one?

Castle : Yeah. My family is at the theater.

Scarlett Price : Good. I wouldn't want anyone else to see me like this.

Castle : Did Knox do this to you?

Scarlett Price : It doesn't matter.

Castle : Of course it does. You think that by protecting him you're saving yourself somehow? Because you're not. And if you don't get out from under his thumb now, you never will.

Scarlett Price : Why are you so nice to me?

Castle : How do you know I'm not this nice to all the beautiful women I find on my doorstep?

Scarlett Price : You really think I'm beautiful?

Castle : Look, maybe we should...

Scarlett Price : [Scarlett kisses him, but he pulls away.] I'm sorry.

Castle : No.

Scarlett Price : I shouldn't have done that.

Castle : It's okay, it's... You're hurt and you're scared. But you don't have to be that person with me. You're safe here.

Scarlett Price : Knox killed Buckley.

Castle : No. No, he has an alibi.

[Scarlett pulls an envelope out of her purse. A picture of her with the Reverend Daniel Miller.]

Castle : The Reverend.

Scarlett Price : Knox made me take it. Reverend Daniel is a client. Knox is blackmailing him into saying they were together when Buckley was killed.

Castle : Thank you. Now I'm taking you to a hospital. No arguments.

Scarlett Price : Okay.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan and Scarlett Price (on phone)]
[Castle waits for Beckett at her desk as she enters.]

Beckett : Hey.

Castle : I'm thinking Knox killed Buckley.

Beckett : Knox has an alibi.

Castle : Mmm. Does he? Reverend Alibi, in the flesh. Lots of flesh,

[Beckett pulls out the photo.]

Castle : Too much flesh.

Beckett : Where did you get this?

Castle : Scarlett Price.

Beckett : You saw her without me?

Castle : Uh, well, yes.

Beckett : She's a person of interest in our investigation. Our murder investigation.

Castle : No, I know.

Beckett : Where did you see her?

Castle : Uh, my apartment.

Beckett : What?

Castle : When I came home last night, she was in my hall, and somebody had beaten her up.

Beckett : And you didn't think to call me?

Castle : Well, I took her to the hospital and the night kind of got away from me, and then I came here, you know, to surprise you. Like... Like I do.

Beckett : We're not done talking about this. Esposito!

Esposito : Yeah.

Beckett : Have surveillance pull in Knox.

Esposito : On it.

Castle : Whoa. You had Knox under surveillance? You didn't tell me?

Beckett : At least I didn't go out on a date with him.

Castle : It wasn't a date.

Beckett : Really?

Esposito : Trouble. Knox's apartment is empty. He must've slipped out during the night.

Castle : Scarlett. I left her at Saint Vincent's Hospital. [Castle dials the hospital on his cell.] Yes, hello, I dropped a young woman off there last night. Her name is Scarlett Price. She'd been beaten up. I need to speak to her right away, please. What? When? Thank you. (hangs up) A man checked her out, right after I left.

Beckett :  Knox. Get a unit out to Scarlett's apartment and get an APB out on both of them.

Castle : [Castle's cell rings.] (on cell) Hello?

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) He's got me.

Castle :  (on cell) Scarlett! Hang on, hang on. [Castle puts it on speaker phone.]

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) I think he's going to kill me.

Castle : Where are you?

Scarlett Price :  (on cell)I don't know...

John Knox :  (on cell) Hey, what are you doing in there?


Castle : Scarlett? What do we do? We have to do something.

Beckett : Ryan, get the carrier on the phone. Let him know that I'm about a minute away from getting a trace warrant on the following number, 212-555-0179

Ryan :  Got it.

Beckett :  (on cell) This is Detective Kate Beckett. Badge number, 41319. I need to talk to Judge Beall right away.


[Hotel, Back alley : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan]
[Castle and the detectives walk along with bulletproof vests.]

Esposito : Scarlett's phone traced to the east side of the building. Hotel manager said that a guy matching Knox's description checked in at room 4-F this morning.

Beckett : Castle, you're staying here.

Castle : No, I'm not.

Beckett : Okay, but stay behind me.




[Hotel, hallway : Beckett, Castle, Scarlett Price and uniforms]
[The TAC-team approaches the hotel room. ]

Scarlett Price : Stop! No!

[A gun fires.]

[Hotel Room : Beckett, Castle, Scarlett Price and Uniforms]
[The police break in the door.]

Beckett : Police!

[The team enters to find a shaking Scarlett holding a gun, a dead Knox on the floor.]

Beckett : Over there. It's Knox. Scarlett. Hey. Hey, hey, it's okay. [Beckett takes the gun from her.]

Scarlett Price : I killed him.

Castle : It's okay. You're okay.

Scarlett Price : I killed Knox. He heard a noise outside and when he turned to look I grabbed his gun. He told met o give it back. He came after me. I told him to stop, but he wouldn't. Why wouldn't he stop? Why wouldn't he stop?


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Jessup and Julian]

Castle : You think she'll be okay?

Beckett : Given the circumstance, I don't think the DA will press charges.

Castle : No. I mean, do you think she'll be okay?

Beckett : I don't know. Girls in the sex industry usually come from a history of childhood dysfunction. It's hard to escape that.

Castle : But it's possible, right?

Beckett : Yeah.

Jessup : Come on, come on.

Julian : Hold it right there!

Jessup : Castle! Little help?

Castle : Oh, yeah. Julian, it's fine, he's with me.

Jessup : You are out of control, man. Got good news. I finally found a locksmith school that's willing to admit me.

Castle : Really?

Jessup : Yeah. All I need is a letter of recommendation from the police, and I am in. Will you write it for me?

Beckett : No.

Jessup : What?

Castle : Come on, have a heart.

Beckett : He's a criminal. If I write him a letter, I'll be responsible for him. I cannot watch you 24 hours a day.

Castle : Wait a minute. What did you say?

Beckett : I would be responsible for him.

Castle : No, no, no. You can't watch him. When did you put the surveillance car on Knox?

Beckett : Right after we left the bar.

Castle : And they followed him all night?

Beckett : Yeah. He got home around 2 a.m.

Castle : Then how could he have beaten up Scarlett?

Jessup : You guys do know that the deadbolt wasn't set on this lock when you guys kicked it in, right?

Beckett : What?

Jessup : See. If it would've been, this whole frame would've been destroyed.

Castle : Locking the door. That's hostage-taking 101.

Beckett : Unless Scarlett wasn't a hostage.

Castle : She was in on it from the start.

Beckett : Buckley didn't set her up in his office out of the goodness of his heart. He needed somebody working there to man the call girl business.

Castle : Not realizing that he was giving Scarlett full access to every facet of his organization.

Beckett : Knox didn't steal the client list, Scarlett gave it to him so that they two of them could go into business together.

Castle : And when Buckley wouldn't walk away, Knox killed him. Never thinking we'd find out about the call girl ring.

Beckett : And then, when we did, Scarlett realized that the only way to save herself was by giving up Knox by playing the ultimate victim. Making you believe that Knox beat her up so that we'd think she killed him out of self-defense.

Castle : And I fell for it.

Beckett : We all did.

Jessup : I didn't.


[Interior : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Scarlett Price and Man ]

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Hi, how can I make you happy today?

Man :  (on cell) Is Candy working?

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Yes, Candy is absolutely available. How would you like her to look?

Man :  (on cell) GND.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Girl next door sounds perfect. Can you confirm your client code?

Man :  (on cell) 51.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) And your card information is the same?

Man :  (on cell) Yes.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Great. Candy will see you at seven. [Scarlett hangs up and her cell rings again.] Hi, how can I make you happy today?

Castle : Yes, I'm looking for a girl.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Can you describe her?

Castle :  (on cell) She came to New York in an ancient blue Beetle. The floor was so rusted it literally sagged in the middle.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) Castle, how did you get this number?

Castle :  (on cell)I have a friend in the publishing business.

Scarlett Price :  (on cell) I'm sorry if I disappointed you. I-- I just needed to take a few more jobs to set myself up.

Castle :  (on cell)
You never stop manipulating, do you, Scarlett? I should be impressed, really. How easily you played me. But all I can think about is how sad it is. All that brains and beauty wasted on a heart gone rotten. You're so busy building up walls to keep people out... you don't even realize that you're the one trapped inside. All alone.

[She turns as she hears Castle's voice come up behind her. Beckett, Esposito, and Ryan are behind him.]

Ryan :  Would you stand up, please?

[Ryan and Esposito cuff her and walk her out.]

Ryan :  You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney.

Castle : Thanks.

Beckett : For what?

Castle : For not saying, "I told you so."

Beckett : Oh, that starts tomorrow.




[Castle’s Loft : Castle and Alexis]
[Castle sits reading at the kitchen counter. Alexis runs up and pounces him with hug.]

Castle : What was that for?

Alexis : For being the best dad ever.

Castle : It's true, you know. I have the novelty mug to prove it.

Alexis : Mmm. Thanks for trusting me. For not pushing when you knew I was working something out.

Castle : Well, I knew when you were ready you would tell me.

Alexis : So, here it is. My school is starting a foreign exchange program to France.

Castle : France?

Alexis : Yeah.

Castle : You weren't kicked out of school?

Alexis : Nnnnno.

[Castle sighs.]

Alexis : No, the program lasts three weeks and so I'd miss your birthday. And I knew that Beckett had spent a semester abroad in college and I wanted to ask her if the experience was worth it.

Castle : And what did she say?

Alexis : She said that I'd be going off to college in a couple years and that everything was going to change. And maybe it'd be good if we got a taste of that change now.

Castle : Well, she is a smart woman.

Alexis : Yeah, she is. But I decided not to go anyway. Because two years will be here soon enough. And I already got you your present and I want to watch you open it.

[They hug.]

Castle : I say we celebrate with ice cream.

Alexis : We'd be fools not to.

Castle : Serve me.

Alexis :  (laughs)Chocolate of vanilla?

Castle : Duh. Chocolate.

Alexis : Oh, and while we're eating, we can talk about colleges. I picked up a couple brochures at the guidance office, and you know what looks really cool?

Castle : What?

Alexis : Oxford.

Castle : Oxford? You know... You know that's in England, right?

Alexis : Yeah.


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