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#421 : Chasseur de têtes


L'ambiance est toujours très froide entre Castle et Beckett. Lorsque celle-ci réserve quelques jours à la préparation d'un procès, Castle décide de se tourner vers une autre muse pour retrouver l'inspiration. Une affaire de têtes coupées lui fait faire la connaissance de Ethan Slaughter, un flic aux méthodes radicales, qui considère que tous les coups sont permis pour résoudre ses enquêtes. Castle devient alors le partenaire de Slaughter et se met plus en danger que jamais, sous les yeux médusés de ses habituels coéquipiers...
Pendant ce temps, Alexis reçoit plusieurs réponses à ses candidatures pour l'université, mais Castle décide de cacher tous les courriers.


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Chasseur de têtes

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Réalisation : John Terlesky
Scénario : Alexi Hawley

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  • Adam Baldwin (inspecteur Ethan Slaughter)
  • Michael McGrady (Brian Reilly)
  • Michael Dorn (Dr Carter Burke)
  • Reynaldo Gallegos (Cesar Vales)

A homeless man pushes his squeaky cart, looking for junk to salvage. He sees a dead man slouched against a wall, a tattoo on the arm that's draped over a duffel bag. The homeless man approaches cautiously and opens the bag. He screams when he finds three heads in the bag.

Castle plays with a Godzilla-type action figure and a Barbie doll.

Castle: You are very beautiful, Nikki Heat. It is too bad that I have to kill you now… Uglier men than you have tried, Drago.

The Barbie doll slaps Godzilla. Euro-accent coughs.

Castle: You have slapped me. I will not have…

Martha: Playing with dolls, are we?

Castle looks up to see Martha there.

Castle: These are action figures.

Martha: Ah.

Castle: I am using them to envision a scene. I owe a few chapters of Frozen Heat to my editor, and I've not been able to write a page.

Martha: Maybe a case with Beckett might, you know, spark something.

Castle: She's prepping for a trial. That the mail?

Martha looks down at the letters in her hands.

Martha: Oh, yeah, yeah. Thank god Alexis is finally getting some college acceptance letters. Her friends started getting them weeks ago.

Castle sorts through the mail and shoves some envelopes in a box on his desk. Martha is shocked.

Martha: Richard Castle, what on earth are you playing at?

Castle: I don't want Alexis to have to live through that Stanford rejection nightmare again so I'm holding the letters. This way, she gets them all at once, and she'll get all the good news with the bad.

Castle is proud of himself.

Martha: Richard, that is the dumbest idea you've ever had. Now, you've got to give her these letters before she has a nervous breakdown.

Martha tries to open the box, but Castle blocks her.

Castle: Okay, I will. I will. Though you have to admit, watching her have a nervous breakdown is pretty funny.

Martha: Unlike yours.

Castle's smile turns to a grimace.

Martha: Now, what are we gonna do about your writing?

Castle: Oh, I don't know. I just need something... Different, something new, something like...

Castle catches sight of the local news caption on the muted TV screen behind him.

Castle: ... Severed heads.

Martha: Severed heads?

Castle un-mutes the TV.

Reporter: The victim was found shot to death after midnight.

Martha steals the letters while Castle is absorbed in the news story.

Reporter: According to police, his bag contained three severed heads. Detective Slaughter, what can you tell us about…

Ethan Slaughter: Get that camera out of my face before I put a bullet in it!

Slaughter moves to block the camera lens with his hand and Castle pauses the TV on his enraged face.

Castle: Oh-ho, Mother, forget severed heads, I want to meet that guy.

Martha: You already have a muse, darling.

Castle: Yes, well, muses are to provide inspiration, and right now... I ain't gettin' any. So Detective Nikki Heat...

Castle holds up Barbie and turns to the TV.

Castle: Meet Detective Slaughter.

Beckett directs a uniform rolling in a cart.

Beckett: D'you know what? Part that in the conference room. Thank you.

Castle has two coffees as Beckett approaches her desk. She greets him extra cheerfully.

Beckett: Hey! Castle, what are you doing here?

Castle: I just haven’t seen you in a few days, thought I’d drop by, see how you’re doing.

Castle hands Beckett a coffee. Beckett holds it up.

Beckett: Thank you, that’s so sweet. Um, I’m great, actually. The trial prep is going really well, I’ve been getting home at a decent hour, and... It’s great to see you.

Castle: It’s good to see you, too. Hey, listen, do you know anything about this gang cop named Slaughter?

Beckett: The severed-heads homicide, that’s why you’re here?

Castle: Uh, no, I mean… just, since you’re busy prepping for the trial, I just thought I’d look into this Slaughter guy, just get a sense of… Who he is for the background research the…

Castle starts to tread lightly as Beckett’s expression darkens once she realizes Castle’s looking for a new partner.

Castle: ... The… Unless that’s a problem.

Beckett: No, not a problem.

Castle: Great.

Beckett puts down the coffee and walks away from her desk and Castle stands.

Castle: So, where would I find him?

Beckett: Wherever the body is?

Beckett enters the conference room for the trial prep. Castle tries to think of his next move.

Castle: “Wherever the body is.”

Slaughter enters and eyes the beautiful medical examiner as she examines the severed-heads victim.

Ethan Slaughter: Darlin', you might as well confess. I know you killed him so we could spend some quality time together.

Medical Examiner: Not if you were the last man on earth.

Ethan Slaughter: Don't think I'm not up to the challenge.

Slaughters stretches and pulls back his jacket, showing off his gun.

Medical Examiner: How about we skip the macho fantasy and I just tell you cause of death?

Ethan Slaughter: Let me guess - lead poisoning?

Medical Examiner: Three shots to the chest. Most likely died of blood loss within minutes.

Ethan Slaughter: Always figured Glitch'd end up on this table.

The M.E. tilts her head in question.

Ethan Slaughter: Glitch - it's his street name on account he's such a screw-up. You fish the slugs out for me?

M.E. hands him the evidence bag.

Ethan Slaughter: Ah. See? You do love me.

Slaughter holds the bag up at the same level as her chest.

Ethan Slaughter:.32s, I'm guessing.
Medical Examiner: You're talking about the bullets, right?

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah.

Castle: Aren't you gonna ask about the heads?

Slaughter turns to see Castle examining the heads under a sheet.

Ethan Slaughter: Who the hell are you?

Medical Examiner: That's Castle. He's a writer, and he consults with the 12th.

Castle: It's weird. You can tell they aren't fresh. You can smell it - formaldehyde with a soupçon of decay. Judging from the dirt in the hair, I'd say our victim dug the bodies up and then cut the heads off.

Ethan Slaughter: No kidding, Sherlock. I already got unis checking out the local cemeteries, not that it's any of your business.

Castle offers a hand to shake.

Castle: Rick Castle, and like Laura said, I work out of the 1-2 with Detective Beckett.

Slaughter looks at Castle's hand, refusing to take it and Castle pulls it back.

Castle: Here's the thing - I was hoping I could ride along with you on this one, just for a day or two.

Laura tries to warn Castle off with wide eyes and a head shake, but Castle doesn't see it.

Ethan Slaughter: No.

Castle: No?

Ethan Slaughter: I need a writer hanging around like I need a case of the crabs.

Castle: That's...what could I say to change your mind?

Slaughter considers.

Ethan Slaughter: Well, that is a very fine coat.

Laura watches them as Castle looks down at his brown leather coat and takes it off.

Castle: And it would look fabulous on you.

Slaughter takes off his coat and Castle helps him put on the leather one. Laura smiles and nods that it looks good.

Ethan Slaughter: Mm.

Castle: So, are we good?

Ethan Slaughter: No… See ya, gorgeous.

Castle's smile fades and he exchanges a look with Laura as Slaughter exits. Castle follows Slaughter into the hallway.

Castle: You said I could ride along if I gave you my coat.

Ethan Slaughter: I never said that.

Castle: It was implied.

Ethan Slaughter: Look, I work alone. Nothing you say is gonna change that.

Slaughter walks through the door.

Castle: I'm friends with the mayor.

Slaughter comes back.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah?

Castle: And seeing as how I'm asking you for a favour here, that would mean I would owe you one in return.

Ethan Slaughter: Well, any friend of the mayor is a friend of mine.

Castle: What's our first move?

Ethan Slaughter: Break the news to Glitch's dad.

Tires squeal as Slaughter drives to a stop. Castle chuckles in glee.

Castle: That was awesome. Beckett ever drives on the sidewalk.

Ethan Slaughter: If you're gonna hang with me, we're gonna lay out some ground rules. Rule number one, do not use the word "awesome." You're a grown man.

Castle's smile fades.

Ethan Slaughter: Rule number two, stay outta my way.

Castle: Is that it?

Ethan Slaughter: That's kinda all-encompassing.

They get out of the car.

Castle: This is the hardest part of the job - breaking the news to the family. So, what's your style? Terse yet compassionate? Sensitive but strong?

Ethan Slaughter: Brian! Glitch is in the morgue. Someone pumped three rounds into him.
Castle: Uh... Sorry for your loss.

Brian: My what? My "loss"? Who the hell are you to talk about my loss?

Ethan Slaughter: Your boy was into something bad, worse than usual. What do you know about it?

Brian: And why would I tell ya even if I knew?

Ethan Slaughter: Well, it involved cutting the heads off of dead guys. Doesn't sound like your boy's brand of stupid.

Brian: My son...was a simple lad operating in difficult times. You disparage his memory at your peril. Now, I've gotta go tell his mum, make arrangements.

Brian leaves.

Castle: That's a hard man.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, you don't get to be top leg breaker in the Westies by being soft.

Castle: No wonder he didn't give us anything useful.

Ethan Slaughter: Never thought he would.

Castle looks at Slaughter, confused.

Ethan Slaughter: He's a "take the law into your own hands" kinda guy.

Castle: You think he's gonna hunt down Glitch's killer himself.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, and we're gonna follow him. The tricky part's gonna be interceding before he kills the guy.

An engine starts and Brian's tires squeal as he drives off.

Ethan Slaughter: Let's go. He's on the move.

In Slaughter's car.

Castle: Where do you think he's going?

Ethan Slaughter: I don't know. That's why we're following him.

Slaughter's cell rings.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah? Outstanding. Unis found the cemetery where Glitch got the heads. Four blocks from the crime scene.

Ethan writes on a notepad while he's on the phone and driving.

Ethan Slaughter: Uh-uh. Thanks, brother. When we get back to the office, we'll run these names down, find out who these heads belong to.

Castle: Why wait when I can have my team run them right now?

Castle dials his cell.

Ethan Slaughter: You got a team?

Castle gives Slaughter a look that says, "Oh yeah, I got a team."

In break room/Slaughter's unmarked.

Esposito: Hello?

Castle: I am texting you three names, all recently deceased. I need you to run 'em for me.

Esposito: Beckett's not working a case right now.

Castle: No, I'm running and gunning with Slaughter from Gangs.

Castle looks at Slaughter, trying to show off just how cool and important he is.

Esposito: Then have him run the names. I don't work for you.

Castle fakes a laugh.

Castle: Ah, Esposito, you are too funny.

Esposito: He's there, isn't he?

Castle: Uh-huh.

Esposito: All right. If you want me to make you look good, it's gonna cost. Front-row Knicks tickets.

Castle is stunned for a moment, then gives in grudgingly.

Castle: Sounds good.

Esposito: Oh, and, uh, by the way, your boy Slaughter - he's got quite a reputation in Gangs. His nickname is "The Widowmaker." His last three partners were all killed in the line of duty.

Castle is a little freaked out as he hangs up the phone.

Ethan Slaughter: All good?

Castle: Yeah.

Castle and Slaughter watch Brian talking with two large men.

Castle: You think one of those guys could be the killer?

Ethan Slaughter: Nah, he's just trolling for info, which means we watch and wait.

Slaughter takes a swig from a flask and offers it to Castle.

Castle: Ah, no, thanks.

Slaughter gives him a look.

Castle: Okay, sure.

Castle takes a swig.

Castle: So... They call you The Widowmaker.

Ethan Slaughter: Hey, not my fault they keep sticking me with idiots.

Castle isn't reassured.

Ethan Slaughter: Speaking of partners, I've seen pictures of yours. She's smokin' hot. You're tappin' that, right?

Castle: What? No.

Ethan Slaughter: No? What's wrong with you?

Castle: There's… Nothing's wrong with me. We're just friends.

Ethan Slaughter: Man needs a friend, he gets a dog. Woman like that, you storm the beaches or die trying, come on.

Slaughter watches Brian moving on.

Ethan Slaughter: He's heading for that bar. Showtime.

Castle and Slaughter get out of the car and Slaughter pulls out his gun.

Ethan Slaughter: You packin'?

Castle: Packing? No, I'm not a cop. My vest says "writer" on it.

Ethan Slaughter: Rule number three, you ride with me, you ride strapped.

Slaughter hands Castle his backup weapon.

Ethan Slaughter: Come on.

Castle rushes after Slaughter in shock.

Castle: Hey, hey, what about regulations?

Ethan Slaughter: You signed a waiver, didn't you? Okay, you take the front, I'll go in the back.

Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Shouldn't we call for backup?

Ethan Slaughter: You got a skirt that says "writer" on it, too?

Castle: No.

Ethan Slaughter: Come on. Give me ten seconds, then go in hard.

Slaughter shoves Castle toward the front door.

Ethan Slaughter: Yell out "NYPD". The louder, the better.

Castle peeks around the corner at Slaughter heading towards the back, then pulls out his gun and tries to amp himself up.

At McCrawley's bar.

Castle: NPYD! Associated civilian investigator! Nobody move!

There's a pause where the bar goes quiet and Brian just stares at Castle as he holds a man at gunpoint. Then everyone books for the exit, shoving past Castle. Brian just stares at him.

Castle: Drop the gun, dirtbag!

Brian: What did you call me?

Brian points the gun at Castle.

Castle: D… Dirtbag. Dirtbag.

Slaughter slips up behind Brian and puts a gun to his neck.

Ethan Slaughter: Drop it or your wife will be getting a volume discount at the mortuary. Come on.

Slaughter takes Brian's gun.

Ethan Slaughter: Sit down.

The guy Brian was holding at gunpoint tries to book past Castle to the exit.

Ethan Slaughter: Get him Sherlock!

The guy tries to shove Castle aside, but Castle grabs his shoulder, gets an elbow in the face, and continues to brawl. Slaughter eats some peanuts on the bar. Castle jumps the guy's back.

Castle: I got him!

Castle starts to slip.

Castle: I don't… I don't got him. I don't got him.

Castle slips down to the floor and grabs both arms around the guy's leg as he tries to get away.

Castle: Little help!

Ethan Slaughter: You're doing fine.

Castle drags on the guy's leg, but the guy picks up a barstool to whack him, so Castle kicks the guy's legs out from under him. Castle then shatters a beer bottle over the guy's head, knocking him out. Castle looks at Slaughter, his nose bleeding.

Ethan Slaughter: Well done, Sherlock. Atta boy.

Near the bullpen.

Ryan: Hey. What’s this I hear about Castle researching with another cop?

Beckett rolls her eyes and walks to her desk.

Beckett: Don’t you have some fives to fill out?

Ryan: I’m sure it’s just a phase. You know Castle. He’s probably caught up in the severed heads and the rush of the gangster squad…

Beckett: I don’t care…

Beckett punctuates her speech with some overly aggressive stapling.

Beckett: … What he’s wrapped up in, just so long as he stays out of my…

Ryan hands her a new stapler. She takes it.

Beckett: Hair. Thanks.

Beckett’s jaw drops as the elevator opens and Castle saunters out with Slaughter, each of them escorting a cuffed suspect. Castle has Kleenex stuffed up a bloody nostril. Slaughter hands his suspect to a uniform.

Ethan Slaughter: Hey, put him on ice for me, huh?

Suspect: Shea, keep it in the family, huh?

Ethan Slaughter: Where’s interrogation?

Castle: Straight through. First door right there.

Slaughter takes Castle’s suspect, Shay.

Ethan Slaughter: Come on, you.

Beckett watches slack jawed as Slaughter leads Shea to the box. Castle heaves a showy sigh and Beckett turns to him. Slaughter checks out Beckett’s ass as he exits.

Beckett: What the hell happened?

Castle: Oh, you should have seen it. Slaughter got the drop on the one guy, but the other guy tried to make a break for it. I had to take his ass down.

Castle uses another Kleenex on his nose.

Beckett: You what? Are you kidding me? You’re a writer, Castle, not a cop.

Castle: Yeah, I can take care of myself, you just never give me a chance.

Beckett: Yeah, because I’m not trying to get you killed, and what is he doing using our box?
Castle: I invited him to.

Beckett: Castle, that’s not your place.

Castle: I didn’t think you’d mind. Besides, guys like Slaughter, they just float from precinct to precinct, you know? They’re like nomads, wandering the streets of New York City, kicking ass and taking names.

Beckett gives him a look.

Castle: Which isn’t the most original turn of phrase, but the character is so great. It’s really gonna help me shake up this next Nikki Heat book.

Beckett: Yeah, sure. If you live long enough to actually write about it.

Castle’s not pleased by her remark.

In the interrogation room.

Shea: I didn't kill Glitch.

Ethan Slaughter: Then why'd his father come after you?

Shea: I don't know, but you gotta convince him that I'm innocent.

Slaughter slams Shea's head onto the table and holds it there. Castle is taken aback as he sits across from Shea.

Ethan Slaughter: No, no, no, no. You gotta convince me or I'm gonna park you in holding then sit back and marvel at how Brian removes your limbs with his bare hands.

Slaughter rubs his finger in Shea's bleeding head wound. Castle cringes as Shea groans in pain.

Shea: I was at my sister's house on Long Island last night. You can call and ask her.

Slaughter lets Shea off the table.

Castle: So why does Brian think you killed his son?

Shea doesn't respond, so Castle tries Slaughter's approach and stands up.

Castle: Really, Shea? Want me to bust out Jake and the fat man again?

Castle lifts his fists. Apparently he's named them. Shea and Slaughter give a dubious look at Castle's unintimidating stance. Castle sees it's not working and sits back down. Slaughter slaps Shea upside the head. Shea grunts and breathes hard as Slaughter stares him down.

Shea: Brian heard me and Glitch had a falling out, but we didn't. It's just... Finn Rourke told us all to stay away from him.

Ethan Slaughter: The head of the Westies made you freeze Glitch out? Why?

Shea doesn't answer, so Slaughter flick's forehead.

Shea: He screwed up another job last week. He abandoned a truck full of stolen medical equipment on the FDR after he ran out of gas. The only reason Finn didn't have Glitch killed was Brian, because he knew he was crazy enough to go after him if anything happened to his kid.

Ethan Slaughter: Mm.

Castle: Why did Glitch have a bag full of heads?

Shea: No clue.

Ethan Slaughter: When's the last time you saw him?

Shea: Two days ago. He said he was gonna do something to get back in good with the Westies.

Castle: Did he say what it was?

Shea: No, and I didn't ask.

Castle makes himself gourmet coffee.

Castle: How could Glitch think that cutting the heads off dead bodies would get him back in good with the Westies?

Ethan Slaughter: He wasn't a deep thinker. I wouldn't knock myself out looking for motive.

Castle: Cappuccino?

Castle offers the coffee to Slaughter, but Slaughter gives him another look.

Castle: Rule four.

A uniform enters.

Uniform: Castle.

The uniform hands Castle a file.

Castle: Oh. Perfect. Thank you. Thank you very much.

Uniform: Esposito said you'd have something for him.

Castle looks at Esposito through the break room window. Espo mimes shooting a basketball. Slaughter's eyes narrow and Esposito waves the air like he's shooing away an insect.

Castle: Uh, that's...Tell him-- tell him they're on their way.

Uniform: Thank you.

The uniform leaves.

Castle: All right. Looks like we got IDs on our heads. All three belong to members of the Trenchtown posse.

Ethan Slaughter: Hot damn. Mystery solved.
Castle: Uh...

Ethan Slaughter: Trenchtown posse, Jamaican gang runs girls and drugs from Brooklyn to the Bronx. They're fighting a turf war with the Westies over the Morningside Heights.

Castle: I bet Glitch thought he could make his bones by cutting the heads off of Westie enemies. Bet he planned on putting those heads in some high-ranking Jamaican beds.

Slaughter gives Castle another look.

Castle: Like a horse's head, The Godfather.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, that's the stupidest thing you said yet, and just dumb enough to seem smart to Glitch. And knowing that boy, he'd run his mouth, Jamaicans hear about it, and they ambush him. Come on.

The walk through down the hall.

Ethan Slaughter: I got a source on the street tied in with the Jamaicans. He'll be able to give us intel.

Castle: I love this run-and-gun police work.

Beckett watches Castle rush off with Slaughter.

At therapist’s office.

Dr. Burke: You're upset.

Beckett: No. Yes. Okay? Fine. Yes. I thought that the two of us were actually getting closer together and now it seems like he’s just pulling away.

Dr. Burke: Have you asked him why?

BeckettYes. And he said, “Oh, everything is fine.”

Burke smiles at Beckett’s mocking imitation.

Dr. Burke: What makes you think it isn’t?

Beckett: Because he’s acting like a complete jackass! He shows up at the precinct with these bimbos hanging on his arm, and now he’s running around with another cop!

Dr. Burke: Is this other cop a woman?

Beckett: No! No. What? Why would you even ask that?

Burke is amused.

Beckett: That’s not even the point. The point is I don’t understand why he’s acting like this. I mean, what did I do?

Dr. Burke: Well, maybe from his point of view, the question is, “What didn’t you do?”

Beckett: Wait, what? W--what do you mean?

Dr. Burke: When you were shot, Castle said that he loved you. How long ago was that?

Beckett: Seven months ago. But I wasn’t ready to hear that then…

Dr. Burke: What do you think he’s telling you with his behaviour?

Beckett: That…maybe he’s not there anymore, that maybe he’s not ready?

Burke waits for Beckett to process. She sighs and sits on the arm of her chair.

Beckett: What if I waited too long?

Dr. Burke: You weren’t waiting, Kate. You were healing.

Beckett: Yeah, but then in the mean time, he’s moved on.

Dr. Burke: Or he’s protecting himself by not taking more emotional risks.

Beckett: So then, what do I do?

Dr. Burke: What do you want to do?

Castle and Slaughter wait next to Slaughter's car.

Ethan Slaughter: I tell you what I'd do, I'd go all caveman on that partner of yours. Show her what time it is in Real-Man Land.

Castle: Real-Man Land?

Ethan Slaughter: Mm-hmm.

Castle: Oh, is that what you were showing Laura when we were back at the morgue?

Ethan Slaughter: Just throw a little attention her way, make her happy. You know who I'm mackin' on is this hot new redhead just started working there.

Castle's expression tightens.

Ethan Slaughter: That girl's barely street legal.

Slaughter chuckles and Castle glares at him.

Castle: A redhead?

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah.

Castle: About 5'5", blue eyes, intern?

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah. You know her?

Castle: That's my daughter.

Ethan Slaughter: Seriously? That girl's got an ass…

Castle punches Slaughter. Slaughter sputters and falls back on the roof of his car while Castle dances a little, fists still raised.

Ethan Slaughter: Hey…. Relax, Sherlock. I'm just playin'.

Castle: Alright.

Castle lowers his fists.

Castle: As long as we're clear that my daughter's off-limits.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah. You pack a little punch there for a writer.

Slaughter spots someone over Castle's shoulder.

Ethan Slaughter: There's my guy.

They cross the street to the building the guy entered. Slaughter puts a hand out to keep Castle back from the door.

Ethan Slaughter: Nah, you stay here. Keep an eye out.

Castle nods and stands there awkwardly. Jamaican gangsters eye him from a rumbling car before peeling away. Castle jumps at gunshots inside the building he's guarding and women screaming. Slaughter walks out suspiciously.

Castle: You okay?

Ethan Slaughter: I got a name.

They jog to Slaughter's car.

Castle: What happened in there? Did you kill him?

Ethan Slaughter: You don't want to know. We were never here.

Castle hesitates to get in the car. Slaughter's car peels away from the curb.

Castle watches Slaughter surreptitiously, a nervous expression on his face. Esposito walks up behind him.

Esposito: What are you doing?

Castle jumps.

Castle: Jeez!

Esposito: You okay?

Castle: That guy is insane.

Esposito: Yeah, I know. I tried to tell you.

Castle: No, he's insane.

Esposito: Why? What'd he do?

Castle turns to look out the window and Slaughter is standing right there staring at him.

Castle: Jeez!

Slaughter tilts his head for Castle to follow him. Castle turns around freaked out.

Castle: I can't talk now.

Castle exits.

Esposito: I want those tickets.

In the precinct.

Castle: Hey. What's up?

Ethan Slaughter: What were you talking about?

Castle: Where? Oh, there. Um... Nothing. I mean, obviously, not nothing. We were talking. We weren't just moving our...

Slaughter gives Castle a disgusted look.

Castle: I gotta got to the bathroom.

Castle turns and Slaughter follows him. The elevators open and the guy who Castle thought Slaughter shot saunters in and man-hugs Slaughter.

Castle: What the hell? I thought you killed him.

Ethan Slaughter: You shoulda seen the look on your face when I came out that door.

Slaughter and the other guy laugh.

Castle: That's not funny. That's not funny.

Ethan Slaughter: No. No, it's hysterical!

Slaughter and the other guy laugh harder. Castle tries to laugh with them so they're not just laughing at him. Ryan sees them from the conference room and misinterprets the scene.

Ryan: Look at 'em. Laughing it up. Just acting like they own the place. I'm gonna say something.

Beckett: No, don't. It's not worth it.

Ryan sighs.

Ryan: I feel like he's cheating on us.

Beckett: He's not cheating on us, Ryan. He's just... Branching out.

Ryan: Hmm.

The laughing continues.

Marc Gibson: Don't take it personally, son. Marc Gibson.

Gibson and Castle shake hands.

Marc Gibson: I'm undercover on the gang task force.

Ethan Slaughter: I had to make sure I could trust ya, that you had my back if things got ugly. Luckily, you passed.

Castle's not sure what to make of that, he's still freaked out.

Marc Gibson: Well, you were right about the Jamaicans taking out Glitch. Neighbours near the cemetery heard gunshots on the night of the murder. Source tells me a low-level banger names Maxi was the one doing the shooting.

Ethan Slaughter: Ah.

Marc Gibson: He's holed up in a building on Avenue A and 5th.

Slaughter escorts Maxi out to the alley by the scruff of his neck. Two garbage men are loading their truck.

Ethan Slaughter: Take a walk, fellas.

Garbage Man: Let's go, man.

The garbage men leave.

Ethan Slaughter: Maxi, why you gotta make this so hard, huh? We both know you killed that Westie kid last night.

Maxi: I want me lawyer.

Ethan Slaughter: Your lawyer? Sure. He's right in here.

Slaughter throws Maxi into the back of the garbage truck and starts the compress. Maxi yells.

Maxi: Wait!

Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! What are you doing?

Ethan Slaughter: Tell me you killed him or they're gonna have to hose you out of her, Maxi.
Maxi: I didn't kill no one!

Slaughter continues the compress.

Maxi: Wait! Wait! Wait!

Slaughter stops the compress.

Maxi: I got a call that some Westie boy was running his mouth about digging up our dead. Me go out to the cemetery to ambush him, but I never fire no shot!

Slaughter shakes his head and turns to Castle.

Ethan Slaughter: You better stand back. This guy's gonna pop like a grape.

Slaughter starts the compression again.

Maxi: No, wait!

Slaughter stops the compress.

Maxi: I swear! He wasn't alone! A group of Mexicans was waiting there next to a tricked-out Escalade!

Ethan Slaughter: Are you telling me a third gang is involved in this?

Maxi: Man, I don't know who they are, man! But that Glitch clearly knew them! He told 'em he had the heads, then things went south! The Mexicans opened fire on him and took off running, and so did I.

Castle: Okay, okay, okay, so the Mexicans hunted down Glitch, and they shot him.

Ethan Slaughter: Or he did and he's making up a story.

Slaughter starts the compress again.

Maxi: No, no, no, no, no!

Slaughter stops the compress.

Maxi: I can prove it! The Escalade had Texas plates. I saw the first two letters - R and X.

Ethan Slaughter: Okay, Maxi. But that license better check out, or I'm gonna come back here and recycle your ass.

Maxi: It will check.

Slaughter starts the compress again.

Maxi: It will check! It'll check, man! I swear!

Slaughter stops the compress.

Ethan Slaughter: Bye-bye.

Maxi: Slaughter, get me out of here!

Castle follows Slaughter, leaving Maxi stuck in the garbage truck.

Castle: Another gang. That's plausible, right?

Ethan Slaughter: Yep. You threaten enough guys, you get a feel for their honesty.

Castle: But you wouldn't have really crushed him?

Ethan Slaughter: Nah, of course not. It would've been more like a... Mangling.

Slaughter imitates a bones breaking sound. Maxi continues pounding on the garbage truck wall.

MaxiSlaughter! Aah!!

Ryan's phone rings and he answers.

Ryan: Detective Ryan.

Castle: Yeah, it's Castle. I have a partial Texas plate I need you to run. First letters R and X.

Ryan: Yeah, Castle… That's gonna be really tough for me.

Esposito tunes in. In the car, Castle grimaces at Ryan's uncooperative response.

Ryan: I'm pretty busy.

Castle: Really? You, too, huh?

Esposito: Get the Ferrari.

Ryan: You know, Castle, Jenny's been bugging me to set you up with her cousin Ramona. She's a dental hygienist.

Castle purses his lips as he listens to Ryan's terms.

Castle: Mm-hmm. Sounds good.

Esposito: Ferrari.

Ryan: And I want the Ferrari for the weekend.

Castle: All right. Hey, and buddy, I am never gonna forget this.

Castle hangs up.

Castle: All right. We're all set.

Ethan Slaughter: A'ight. We'll get the results in the morning. Tonight... We celebrate.

Castle: Celebrate what?

Ethan Slaughter: Well, you survived the first day on the job with me.

Castle: You ever have a partner who didn't?

Slaughter holds up two fingers, which sobers Castle.

Castle: You know, I'd love to, uh, celebrate, but…

Ethan Slaughter: But what?

Castle: But... Nothing. But nothing. Let's... Let's do this. What's the worst that could happen, right?

Castle is face first on the couch, drool pooling down the side to the floor. Martha and Alexis scream with excitement, waking him.

Castle: What happened?

Alexis: Dad, I got in. I got in!

Castle: Oh, where?

Castle sits up and winces from his hangover.

Martha: Almost everywhere so far.

Alexis: Oxford, Princeton, Sarah Lawrence.

Castle nurses his forehead.

Castle: That's great, honey. I… I knew it would work out.

Alexis: Really?

Castle: Yeah.

Alexis: Then why were you hiding the letters from me?

Castle: What?

Alexis: Come on, Dad. I can read a postmark. Some of these came last week.

She hits him on the head with a stack of acceptance letter and he winces.

Castle: Oh. I just... I'm sorry. Honey, I… I'm just trying to protect you.

Alexis: I'm eighteen now. You need to trust that I can take care of my...

Alexis looks at one of the letters in her hand.

Alexis: Myself.

Castle: What?

Alexis: I got into Stanford.

Martha: Yes! Oh, great! That's always been your first choice, right?

Alexis just stares at the letter in shock.

Castle: And yet, I sense trouble.

Alexis: I… I don't know. I mean, I should be happy, but after they shot me down for early admission...

Castle: They rejected you, and you feel betrayed.

Alexis nods.

Alexis: How am I supposed to get over that?

In Slaughter's unmarked, Castle mopes.

Ethan Slaughter: You look like crap. Here.

Slaughter holds out his flask.

Ethan Slaughter: Little hair of the dog. That'll get you flying right.

Castle: No. It's not gonna do anything to turn back time. Anyway, where are we going?

Ethan Slaughter: Salvage yard in the Bronx. I ran that Texas plate myself last night. Turns out, Maxi was telling the truth about the third player. Escalade was registered to a Cesar Vales. Runs with a Mexican gang. Rumour has it they're making inroads into New York, trying to corner the market on the city's Crank trade.

Castle: So, Vales is coming into town trying to muscle in on the Westies and the Jamaicans.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, which ain't exactly easy to do.

Castle: Well, it would be a lot easier if he could get them to take each other out.

Ethan Slaughter: That's good. So, he's sitting around trying to think about a way to make that happen, and he overhears Glitch running his mouth.

Castle: Right. He realizes, if a Westie was to turn up murdered with a bag full of Jamaican heads, both sides would go to war.

Ethan Slaughter: And they could jump in and take over their territories.

Castle: Are you sure it's such a good idea to go after this guy ourselves? I mean, Maxi made him sound pretty dangerous.

Ethan Slaughter: Piece of cake. Guy's nothing but a two-bit punk.

Castle nods, reassured by this.

Ryan shares his findings with Esposito.

Ryan: He's high-level Mexican mafia. About as dangerous as they come. According to the DEA, Cesar Vales is suspected in the deaths of over a dozen people, including three cops in Mexico who were killed with a sledgehammer and then cut up into pieces.

Esposito: You don't think Castle and Slaughter are going after him?

Ryan: I'd put money on it, 'cause I wasn't the only one who ran his plates last night. Slaughter did, too.

Esposito: If Castle and Slaughter go after this guy, they're gonna both end up dead. We need to warn Castle.

Esposito moves, but Ryan stops him.

Ryan: I tried, but his phone keeps going to voice mail. I got a bad feeling that they're on their way to take down Vales right now.

Castle and Slaughter get out of the car.

Castle: You're not gonna mangle anyone today, are you?

Ethan Slaughter: I like to keep my options open.

Castle notices tough looking men closing in as they approach.

Castle: There's an awful lot of 'em.

Ethan Slaughter: Just follow my lead. Hola! Gentlemen, on behalf of the NYPD, I'd like to welcome you to the greatest city on God's green earth.

One of the tough guys goes for Slaughter's back, but Slaughter draws his gun on him.

Ethan Slaughter: Unless you want your friends to see what the inside of your head looks like, back off.

One of the gang members sitting at the table puts his hand on a gun that's strapped to the bottom of it. A man in a suit emerges from the garage.

Cesar Vales: Wow. Now what seems to be the problem, officer?

Ethan Slaughter: You Vales?

Cesar Vales: That's me.

Ethan Slaughter: Name Michael Reilly mean anything to ya? AKA Glitch.

Cesar Vales: No. I'm afraid not.

Ethan Slaughter: That's funny, 'cause I got an eyewitness that puts and your girls here shooting the hell outta him in Queens two nights ago.

Cesar Vales: That is funny… Hey, you. Where's your badge?

Castle is too scared to answer.

Ethan Slaughter: In his other coat.

Cesar Vales: Hm.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, Vales, we know all about your plan.

Another gang member reaches for a gun tucked into the back of his pants.

Ethan Slaughter: Use Glitch to spark a gang war so you could move your drug business into New York.

Anther gang member starts pulling a shotgun out of a barrel.

Cesar Vales: Wow. Your partner here, he's pretty high-strung, isn't he?

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah.

Slaughter hits Vales in the head with his gun.

Ethan Slaughter: High-strung, huh?

Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

All of the gang members go for their weapons.

Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Cop sirens flicker nearby. Esposito and Ryan spring around a pile of scrap with their vests and guns drawn.

Esposito: NYPD!

Ryan: NYPD! Let me see your hands!

The gangsters back down and more cops are armed and shielded behind their car doors.

Esposito: Party's over.

Cesar Vales: That's too bad, because this was just getting interesting.

Ethan Slaughter: If I were you, I'd get your affairs in order, 'cause I'll be back.

The cops walk away from the scene.

Esposito: Hey! Slaughter. Going in there like that without backup, putting a civilian in harm's way.

Castle nods to Esposito's words until Slaughter looks over at him.

Esposito: that's not only reckless, that is bad police work.

Ryan: You're just lucky that we traced Castle's phone and we found you guys in time.

Ryan and Espo march off.

Ethan Slaughter: What, you think I'm gonna thank you for almost ruining my play?

Castle: You had a play?

Ethan Slaughter: I always have a play. Had to escalate things. That way I could find the weak member of the herd.

Castle: That kid.

Castle looks over at a kid with a tank top and blue handkerchief tied around his head.

Ethan Slaughter: Exactly.

Castle: He's the one I'm gonna get to flip on Vales once I figure out how to separate him from the pack.

Castle sits next to Ryan's desk.

Ryan: Who knew all these years we've been working together that you had a death wish?

Castle: Come on, that? That wasn't bad. Slaughter had a plan.

Castle's hand shakes as he raises his cappuccino to his lips.

Ryan: Yeah, he had a plan to get you killed.

Castle's cell vibrates in his jacket and he checks it. "Slaughter. Downstairs. NOW." Castle looks up nervously.

Castle: It's Slaughter.

Ryan shakes his head.

Castle: I gotta go.

Ryan: All right. Next time, we might not be there to save you.

Castle walks hesitantly away. Esposito notices him leaving.

In the conference room.

Esposito: You need to do something.

Beckett looks over and sees Castle walking down the hall like he's going to his execution.

Beckett: Espo, if the guy is hell-bent on leaving the nest, then there is nothing that I can do about it.

Esposito: You don't really feel that way, do you?

Beckett looks from Espo to Castle. Castle glances at Beckett as he walks to his doom.

In Slaughter's unmarked.

Ethan Slaughter: Don't you listen to those whiners, Sherlock. You got balls. Yeah, I may have needlessly put you in a little harm's way there with Vales, but seeing as it paid off...

Castle: What do you mean, paid off?

Castle hears a banging noise coming from the trunk.

Castle: What was that?

Ethan Slaughter: What was what?

Gilberto Mendoza: Hey, come on, man! It's not cool!

Castle is stunned, but regrettably not surprised.

Castle: Is there someone in the trunk?

Ethan Slaughter: Gilberto Mendoza, our weak link.

Castle nods with a grimace.

Gilberto Mendoza: Get me the hell outta here, man!

Castle: Please tell me that we are just going to talk to him.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, pretty much.

Slaughter spins his wheels, turning the car in a tight circle while Mendoza yells in the trunk.

Gilberto Mendoza: Come on, man! What's going on?! You can't do that!

Castle holds on for dear life.

Castle: This is wrong. You gotta stop.

Ethan Slaughter: Not till he flips on Vales. You hear that Gilberto? Only way you're gettin' out of that trunk is if you rat out your boss.

Gilberto Mendoza: Well, guess what, I'm not sayin' nothing!

Slaughter spins to a stop.

Ethan Slaughter: Hey, you remember that favor you promised me? There's this civilian review board thing coming up. Excessive force complaints. Total B.S., right?

Slaughter continues spinning, speeds up and stops suddenly.

Ethan Slaughter: Anyway, you being a friend of the mayor and all, I figure a statement from you would go a long way to making those charges go away, right?

Slaughter speeds in reverse and hits the brake.

Castle: You're crazy.

Ethan Slaughter: Is that a no?

Slaughter speeds off.

Castle: I'll do it! I'll do it if you stop!

Slaughter screeches to a halt, but Castle braces for impact as a large truck comes within inches of smashing head-on into his passenger-side door.

Ethan Slaughter: Outstanding. Next Tuesday. 9 AM sharp. I'll send you an e-mail.

Slaughter opens the trunk.

Gilberto Mendoza: Hey, man, I know my rights, all right? This is kidnapping. Police abuse.

Slaughter pulls Mendoza out of the trunk.

Ethan Slaughter: Uh-huh. I know something, too, Gilberto. You got a brother in juvie back in Texas. Poor little Hector. I hear he cries himself to sleep every night.

Castle grabs Slaughter's arm.

Castle: Hey, what the hell are you doing?

Ethan Slaughter: Just having a little chat here with Gilberto.

Slaughter turns back to Mendoza.

Ethan Slaughter: Listen, unless you want something very bad to happen to Hector, you're gonna help me bury Vales, aren't ya?

Slaughter gives Mendoza a slap.

Ethan Slaughter: Aren't ya?

Gilberto Mendoza: Okay.

Ethan Slaughter: Okay, what? I need to hear the magic words.

Gilberto Mendoza: Vales killed Glitch.

Ethan Slaughter: Vales killed Glitch. Yes. Victory.

Castle isn't pleased.

In interrogation/observation room.

Gilberto Mendoza: Vales was looking for a way to take over the Jamaicans' and the Westies' turf. That's when we heard about this punk-ass Westie trying to prove himself, and Vales saw his chance. He convinced Glitch that if he dug up a couple of Jamaicans, and cut off their heads, that it would get him back in tight with his Westie pals.

Castle watches from behind the glass.

Ethan Slaughter: So Vales wanted to use the heads to spark a gang war? For the Westies and Jamaicans to go at it till no one's left standing, then he waltzes in, takes over the territory?

Gilberto Mendoza: Yeah.

Ethan Slaughter: What went down at the cemetery?

Gilberto Mendoza: Vales got Glitch to dig up the bodies. The plan was to kill him and make it look like the Jamaicans did it. And Glitch must have sensed it or something, 'cause he took off right as we started opening fire.

Ethan Slaughter: Tell me about the murder. Look, kid, I know you're scared, and I was a little rough. But I talked to the D.A. and the Feds. They said, you cooperate with me, your brother's sentence will be reduced to time served, and both of you get a free ride into WitSec. So tell me how it went down.

Gilberto Mendoza: We chased him, we cornered him.

Ethan Slaughter: Under the overpass?

Gilberto Mendoza: Yeah.

Castle notices the way Slaughter is leading the confession.

Ethan Slaughter: And?

Gilberto Mendoza: And then Vales shot him twice and just left him for dead.

Ethan Slaughter: How many… How many times?

Slaughter drums three fingers on the table and Castle sees.

Gilberto Mendoza: Three.

Slaughter nods and Castle knows what's up.

Gilberto Mendoza: He shot him three times.

Castle rushes out of the observation room as Slaughter steps out of interrogation with a satisfied smirk.

Castle: What do you think you're doing?

Ethan Slaughter: Closing this case. I got an arrest warrant for Vales burning a hole in my pocket.

Castle: You coached that kid through his interrogation.

Ethan Slaughter: What? Nah, nah. I just refreshed his recollection.

Castle: Really? 'Cause the way he was talking, he didn't even witness that murder.

Ethan Slaughter: Hey.

Slaughter stops Castle in the chest.

Ethan Slaughter: Vales has bodies on him like you wouldn't believe - women, children, cops - and I got a chance to put him away. I'm gonna take it. The question is, are you in or out?

Castle: I guess I'm out.

Ethan Slaughter: Well, that's a shame. I had high hopes for you, Sherlock. Never thought you'd punk out on me like this.

Slaughter leaves. Castle enters the bullpen to speak with Ryan and Esposito who are headed out.

Castle: Hey. I need some help.

Ryan: Sorry, Castle. Caught a murder.

Esposito: Talk to Beckett.

They leave and Castle looks over at Beckett looking over some files in the conference room.

In the conference room.

Castle: Hey. How's it going?

Beckett: You can skip the small talk, Castle. What do you want?

Castle: Slaughter went too far.

Beckett: Well, isn't that was he does, along with kicking ass and taking names?

Castle: He pressured a kid into making a false statement so he could arrest Vales.

Beckett: So you came to me so I can fix it?

Castle: You have every right to be mad. You warned me about Slaughter, and I wouldn't listen. I'm just trying to make this right.

Beckett: It's not my case, Castle.

Beckett drops the file onto the table and walks out into the bullpen.

Beckett: Even if I wanted to help, we've got strict rules about interfering in another cop's investigation.

Beckett looks over a file on her desk.

Castle: I'm not asking you to do it for me. I'm asking you to do it so the real killer doesn't get away with murder.
Beckett: What makes you think I'm actually gonna fall for that blatant manipulation?

Castle: Because it's true.

They have a staring contest for a moment and then Beckett hands over the file she's holding.

Castle: What's this?

Castle opens the file.

Beckett: A traffic cam shot of Vales' car ten blocks from the cemetery, heading away from the overpass where Glitch was killed.

Castle reads the time stamp on the video footage.

Castle: 11:57. Glitch was killed after midnight. This shows that Vales couldn't have killed him. You did this for me?

Beckett regards him with a smirk.

Castle: All this time, you had my back.

Beckett: I had Ryan run a traffic cam search while he was pulling a plate. It's not a smoking gun, Castle. Okay? You can't even see Vales' face in that photo. It's not enough to change Slaughter's mind unless you've got something else.

Light bulb moment.

Castle: There is one more thing that doesn't make sense.

Castle puts down the file and pulls a map out of his jacket pocket.

Castle: This is a map of the area. Here's the cemetery. Here's the overpass. But to get to it, Glitch would have to climb a six-foot fence. Why do that when there's a subway station a block away? Why hide when you can run?

Beckett: Maybe we can find out.

At overpass.

Castle: According to the CSU report, Glitch was shot somewhere around here.

Beckett: Uh-huh.

Castle: He staggered away and ended up on the other side of that pillar.

Beckett: So you think that Vales' plan was to use Glitch and the Jamaican heads to start up a gang war?

Castle: Yeah. Why?

Beckett: I don't know, Castle. That's not what I'm seeing. Let's say I'm Vales and I shoot Glitch to start that war. Where do you think would be the best spot to drop off that body?

Castle: In the middle of Westie territory.

Beckett: Exactly. So why did he leave it here?

An engine rumbles and Slaughter pulls up at the scene.

Castle: Oh, crap.

Slaughter gets out of his car.

Ethan Slaughter: Well... Imagine my surprise when I got to the station with my killer, and I hear you're stirring up my crime scene.

Castle: Okay, look, I can explain.

Ethan Slaughter: Save it. He doesn't know any better, but you do.

Beckett: What I know is that you coerced a confession out of an eighteen-year-old kid.

Ethan Slaughter: I didn't coerce jack. He works for a guy who's got a trail of bodies that stretches all the way back to the Rio Grande. If he doesn't go down for this, body count just grows.

Castle: We got a traffic video camera photo of Vales' Escalade ten blocks from here when the murder when down.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah, so what? Could you see him in the car?

Castle: Not exactly.

Ethan Slaughter: And if his lawyer gets ahold of it, you've handed him reasonable doubt, and Vales walks.

Castle: Maybe he deserves to walk.

Ethan Slaughter: He deserves to be pulled apart by horses. But the law says I can't do that. But what I can do is, I can lock him up in prison for the rest of his life. Now the question is, are you gonna back off or am I gonna have to report you for jumping my case?

Beckett: You do what you gotta do, Slaughter. And I'll do the same.

Ethan Slaughter: Wow… Wow.

Slaughter goes back to his car victorious.

Castle: Thanks.

Beckett: We got about an hour to figure out who really killed Glitch before I get called to the carpet by the Chief of Detectives.

Castle: What can he do to you?

Beckett: Well, best-case scenario, he suspends me.

Slaughter's car peels away from the scene.

Castle: And worst-case scenario?

Beckett gives Castle a look and he knows it's bad.

Castle: Crap.

At Overpass.

Castle: So, I'm Glitch. I just dug up three bodies, cut the heads off them, which was horrible, to try and win my way back in with the Westies. And then the kindly Mexican gentlemen I thought were helping me suddenly pull out guns and try to kill me. Running for my life, I end up on the wrong side of this fence.

Beckett: Where you can see a sign for the subway. So why would you climb a barbed wire fence when you can just hang a right and hop a train outta here?

Castle: Fear. For all I know, the Mexicans are driving the streets looking for me. With all these street lights on, I'd be a sitting duck. But under here, it would be pitch black, so I climb the fence and I hide.

Beckett: Why hide when you can escape?

Castle notices something and turns back toward Beckett.

Castle: Because I wasn't just hiding. I was waiting. I called for help. But when they found Glitch's body, he didn't have a phone on him, so…

Beckett: So either the killer took it or...

Castle: Or he used that pay phone.

Castle points behind him.

Near the bullpen.

Ethan Slaughter: Why'd you call me down here?

Castle: Because we have definitive proof that Vales didn't kill Glitch.

Ethan Slaughter: And you want me to rub my face in it?

Castle: No.

Beckett: Look, Slaughter, we're different kinds of cops.

Ethan Slaughter: Yeah.

Beckett: And although I'm not a fan of your methods, I know you don't want to send an innocent man to jail when you know that the real killer is still out there.

Slaughter doesn't like that, but he can't argue with it.

Ethan Slaughter: Okay. So who killed Glitch?

In the interrogation room.

Beckett: We know he called you, Brian.

Beckett places a photo of the payphone under the overpass on the table.

Beckett: Your son dialed your cell from that pay phone about an hour before he was murdered, and you answered that call. We also have surveillance photos of you at that subway stop from before and after the murder.

Beckett places the photos on the table.

Ethan Slaughter: All those years... All those screw-ups... Must have been unbearable for a stand-up guy like you, huh, Brian?

Beckett: And then Glitch calls you to tell you that he screwed up again. But this time, it was different, wasn't it?

Brian: He'd crossed the line.

Beckett: He was your son.

Brian: Which made him my responsibility. So I did what had to be done.

Beckett looks at Slaughter, who seems surprised.

Brian: He wasn't even surprised. 'Twas if he'd been waiting for it his whole life.

Ethan Slaughter: Then why didn't you take the heads? That way, none of this'd come back on you and the Westies.

Brian: He vanished into the dark after I'd shot him… Even with his last breath, that boy managed to screw me up.

In the precinct.

Castle: Well, at least you'll finally get a conviction on Brian. That's gotta be some consolation.

Ethan Slaughter: But Vales still walks.

An attorney escorts Vales past them. Beckett follows.

Beckett: Excuse me. Counsellor! Can I speak with your client for a second?

Cesar Vales: She probably wants my autograph.

Beckett: You feel cocky. I get it. You just dodged a murder rap. Probably gonna go out tonight and celebrate with your boys, and you should paint the town.

Beckett lowers her voice to a growl and steps closer to Vales.

Beckett: But then in the morning, I want you to get the hell out of my city.

Cesar Vales: But I like it here.

Beckett: You might like it right now. But starting tomorrow, you're gonna see just how hard a city New York can be when the full force of the NYPD comes crashing down on you with 30,000 cops making it their daily duty to make your life a living hell.

Vales seems rattled. Beckett steps to the side to talk over Vales' shoulder.

Beckett: Counsellor, you can take him away now.

Ethan Slaughter: Oh, that is sexy.

Castle's smirk disappears as he looks over at Slaughter.

Ethan Slaughter: What, you want to hit me for that, too?

Castle: No.

Slaughter suddenly punches Castle in the stomach and Castle grunts in pain.

Ethan Slaughter: That's for not having my back. Oh, and if I ever see a character in one of your novels like me, we're gonna have words. So I'm gonna see you at the hearing on Tuesday, right?

Castle: You got it.

Ethan Slaughter: Outstanding.

Slaughter pats Castle on the back and walks down the hall toward Beckett.

Ethan Slaughter: Detective, you ever want to go on a date that ends in hot sex after a drunken fistfight, you know where to find me.

Beckett: Uh, yeah, in never-gonna-happen land.

Beckett looks at Castle still recovering from the stomach punch.

Castle: Hey. Thanks very much for your help.

Beckett: No problem, Castle. It's what partners are supposed to do.

Beckett leaves as Castle still tries to recover.

Alexis is looking at her Stanford acceptance letter as Castle enters.

Castle: Ahh, basking in the glory of you?

Castle sits next to her on the couch.

Alexis: No, trying to figure out what to do. Stanford has always been my dream school. But what if their initial rejection was the universe sending me a sign that I'm better off somewhere else?

Castle: You think you'd be better off somewhere else?

Alexis: I don't know. Do you?

Castle: I don't know either. I guess the question is, do you want it badly enough... To get over being hurt? You know what I think would help with this decision?

Alexis looks over at her dad, then a gleeful smile starts.

Alexis & Castle: Ice cream.

They grin at each other.

Castle: Race you.

They both scramble off the couch and Alexis give a little shriek as Castle shoves her back on the couch to get to the kitchen first.

Alexis: That's cheating!

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@Lanie10 : Il faut donner du temps aux membres de répondre. Il n'y a même pas une journée entre tes deux messages. Ça ne donne pas beaucoup de temps... Ce n'est pas en insistant qu'on convainc généralement les gens de répondre.

Sinon, il manque un partie de la phrase donc il est difficile de l'expliquer. Peut-être devrais-tu simplement éviter de trop analyser les divers articles sur la série et profiter pleinement du visionnement de celle-ci. C'est moins casse-tête.

Lanie10  (17.08.2023 à 17:38)

Pas de réponse ????? 


Lanie10  (16.08.2023 à 23:15)

Je suis entrain de lire texte publié concernant Dr Carver Burke et une phrase je ne pas compris.si vous pouvez m'expliquer : À la fin de la saison 4 alors que Dr Burke ne montre aucunes arrière-pensées face au confidences de Kate ? 

Supersympa  (27.11.2019 à 23:50)

Tiens tiens... j'ai déjà vu cette "tête" quelque part... Oui, mais où ? Ah oui : dans Firefly et Serenity. ^^

C'est marrant, mais Adam Baldwin se retrouve toujours avec des rôles de têtes à claques pour rester poli. A croire qu'il a la tête de l'emploi (sans jeu de mots cette fois ^^).


Merci aux 3 rédacteurs qui ont contribué à la rédaction de cette fiche épisode

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