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#304 : Duel à l'ancienne


Résumé : Le corps d'un jeune chercheur en mathématiques est découvert quasiment nu au milieu de Central Park. Alors que l'affaire semble banale, Lanie parvient à établir que l'homme a été tué avec une balle datant de plus de 200 ans. Les différents indices mènent l'équipe à chercher les collectionneurs de vieilles armes, tandis que Castle s'emballe et devient persuadé qu'ils sont dans un remake de "Retour vers le futur". Lorsqu'un suspect est appréhendé, il est rapidement relâché, mais Esposito n'en sort pas tout à fait indemne, et les ennuis ne font que commencer...
De son côté, Castle découvre qu'Alexis lui cache qu'elle éprouve des sentiments amoureux pour un garçon. Il découvre bien plus tard qu'elle n'est pas vraiment la seule.


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Duel à l'ancienne

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Réalisation : Rob Bowman
Scénario : David Grae

Distribution principale : 

Distribution secondaire: 

  • Ken Baumann (Ashley)
  • Ramon De Ocampo (Owen Peterson)
  • Thomas Kopache (Abe Sandrich)
  • Andrew Leeds (Adam Murphy)
  • Jen Lilley (Julia Foster)
  • Ian Nelson (Troy Kenworth)
  • Jim Piddock (Henry)
  • Randal Reeder (Roland D'Andre)
  • Eden Riegel (Rachel Goldstein)
  • Eugene Shaw (Joe)
  • Muse Watson (Ivan Podofski)
  • Victor Webster (Josh Davidson)

[Castle’s Loft : Castle, Alexis and Martha]

Castle : I have delicately placed one graham cracker exactly six marshmallows atop a perfectly melted chocolate bar.

Martha : In an omelet, darling, really?

Castle : Not an omelet. A smorelet.

Martha : Uh-huh.

Castle : Care for one?

Martha : No, thank you.

Castle : What about you, sweetheart? Are you ready for your taste buds to be launched into breakfast Nirvana?

Alexis : Sure. Thanks. Oh, is it okay if my friend Ashley comes over tonight?

Castle : Yes, of course. Now eat.

Alexis :  (muffled)Dad! [She spits it out.] Are there marshmallows in this?

Castle : Yes.

Alexis : And chocolate?

Castle : Yes. That's the point. It's a smorelet.

Alexis : I... I gotta go. Love you. Love you.

Martha : Bye, honey.

Castle : Mmm. This is almost as good as my chocolate mousse chimichanga. A-ha. I knew you'd reconsider. It's kind of like David Hasselhoff. At first you're repulsed, but then strangely you're drawn in.

Alexis : No, still repulsed. Bye.

Castle : What's up with Alexis? She seems a little out of it.

Martha : Isn't it obvious?

Castle : What?

Martha : Oh, she's in love.

Castle : Alexis?

Martha : Oh, come on, darling. In case you haven't noticed, she's not a little girl anymore.

Castle : Thank you, mother. I think if Alexis were in love, she would've told me.

Martha : Ah-ah-ah-ah. The fact that she hasn't told you is how we know it's real.

Castle : Mother.

Martha : Okay, and the fact that she mentioned it to me last night.

Castle : Who is he? Wh-- where did she meet him?

Martha : Well, I don't know. She wouldn't say. No, diva's honor. She didn't tell me anything. She didn't even tell me his name.

Castle : I can't believe she told you and not me. I'm supposed to be her go-to guy.

Martha : Oh, darling, of course you are. It's just, you know, it's first love. It's magical, ethereal. It defies logic. Richard, your phone.

Castle : Mmm.

Martha : Oh, Beckett. Maybe it's a nice murder, darling. Brighten your day. Good boy.

Castle :  (on cell)Castle.

[Crime Scene, In a Park : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Lanie and Ryan ]

Castle : When Alexis took her first steps, I was there to catch her when she fell. The first time she rode her bike without training wheels, I was the maniac chasing her down the street screaming for her to watch out for the old lady with the walker. Even her first word.

Beckett : Let me guess: Daddy?

Castle : No, it was dénouement.

Beckett : Oh.

Castle : I stressed story structure from an early age. Anyway, I'm afraid that this is the beginning of the end of our special thing.

Beckett : You know, I wouldn't worry, Castle. I mean, I've seen the way that she looks at you. Your real problem is that girls who adore their daddies usually end up marrying guys just like them.

Castle : They do?

Beckett : Dr. Parish, good morning. Got an ID?

Lanie : Not yet. How come you guys never bring me coffee? I'm here before you doing all the work.

Castle : You can have the rest of mine.

Lanie : Actually, I don't drink coffee, but would it kill you to bring me a bear claw?

Beckett : Speaking of killing.

Lanie : Single GSW to the chest. Large caliber, probably a .45. Lividity suggests time of death around midnight.

Castle : Hey. I have those boxers. Thomas Nash. Very pricey British brand. Amazing soft. They're silk. Just saying he was probably very comfortable when he was shot and killed.

Beckett : So, what was this guy doing out here practically naked at midnight?

Lanie : Don't bother with any of your perverted theories, Castle. I found fibers in the bullet hole.

Beckett : Which means he was wearing clothes when he was shot.

Castle : That doesn't make any sense. The killer shot him and then hung around to take his bloody clothes off?

Beckett : Well, maybe the killer was worried that there was forensic evidence on the clothes that would connect them.

Esposito : Yo. Uni found this wallet out in a garbage can near 5th.

Ryan : Photo on the license matches Captain Underpants here. Sorry, my nephew loves those books.

Beckett : Daniel Goldstein, 25. Lives in Soho.

Esposito : Yeah, he's also got a work ID from Berman Rose down on Wallstreet.

Castle : So, he lived downtown and he worked downtown. What was he doing way up here?

Beckett : Let's take this down to the lab.

Esposito : Right.

Castle : So, I wear boxers. What do you wear? Thong? Cheekies? I told you mine. Bloomers? Granny panties? Commando?

[Interview Room : Beckett, Castle and Rachel Goldstein]

Rachel Goldstein : His clothes were taken? Why would anyone take his clothes?

Beckett : We don't know Miss. Goldstein. Can you tell us what your brother might have been doing in the park?

Rachel Goldstein : That late? I have no idea.

Beckett : Well, the place where Daniel was found is known for drug activity. Was he using?

Rachel Goldstein : No. He barely even drank.

Beckett : Did he have any enemies or any conflicts that you know of?

Rachel Goldstein : No. No. Look, none of this makes any sense. It's just--it's not like him. Our parents both died in a car accident when he was twelve and since then he's always been so cautious.

Castle : What about dating? Was there anyone special in his life?

Rachel Goldstein : He wished, but no. He barely had a social life, or social skills. I mean, he was such a sweetheart, but a dork, you know? And he was always at work anyway.

Castle : At Berman Rose? What did he do for them?

Rachel Goldstein : He created financial products. He was this incredible math genius. Got his PhD from MIT. I thought for sure he'd be a professor or something, but these hedge funds, they hire guys like him, they pay them obscene amounts of money. Twenty-five years old, he bought my apartment for me.

[Ryan knocks on the door.]

Beckett : Excuse me.

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle and Ryan]

Beckett : What's up?

Ryan : Lab got a fingerprint off our vic's wallet.

Castle : Anyone good?

[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Roland d’Andre / Observation Room : Esposito and Ryan]

Beckett : Awaiting court dates on three aggravated assault cases in the past month, Mr. D'Andre. You inflicted dozens of broken bones, gouged out one of your victim's eyes, bit off part of an ear of another one. Sounds like committing murder was inevitable. I'm just curious, why did you take his clothes?

Roland d’Andre: Wasn't me.

Beckett : Well, then why were your fingerprints on a dead man's wallet? Did he just happen to drop it and you politely picked it up for him? And why did my detectives find this unregistered .45 in your apartment, which just happens to match the size of the bullet hole in my victim?

Castle : Hey.

Beckett : If you're so innocent, Mr. D'Andre, why did you resist arrest and try to put one of my detectives through a wall?

Ryan : [Ryan and Esposito watch from observation. Esposito wears a neck brace.] You know, the right turtleneck and no one's even gonna notice, bro. Maybe a scarf.

Esposito : Ow.

Beckett : Why don't you just confess to the truth? It's gonna come out sooner or later.

Roland d’Andre: He was already dead.

Beckett : With a wallet lying conveniently next to him?

Castle : Uh, look, if you're not going to admit to it, you might at least want to try coming up with a story that's a little more convincing

Roland d’Andre: It's what happened. [D'Andre stands up and Castle jumps backwards out of his chair. Beckett rolls her eyes.]

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan]

Castle : Like you weren't scared.

Esposito : I want this guy to fry, Beckett.

Beckett : Oh, he will. As soon as Lanie confirms that that bullet is a .45.

[Autopsy Room : Beckett, Castle and Lanie]

Lanie : It's not a .45.

Beckett : Are you sure?

Lanie : I'm positive.

Castle : .38?

Lanie : Nope. It's not a .44 or .357 or a .22 or a 9-millimeter, or any other kind of bullet I've ever seen.

Castle : So, it's a new kind of bullet.

Lanie : Oh, no. Not new at all. Check it out.

Beckett : It's round.

Lanie : See that white coating?

Beckett : Yeah, what is it? Oxidation?

Lanie : Lead oxide, to be exact.

Castle : Rust?

Lanie : Yep. Based on the amount of it, I'd say that bullet is 200 years old.

Castle : 200 year old bullet can only mean one thing. Time traveling killer.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle and Ryan]

Castle : Ergo, the killer could have entered present time through a time ripple, killed Goldstein, and then gone back through the time ripple, which means we just have to find the time ripple

Beckett : Could you please stop saying, "time ripple"?

Castle : Yeah, sounds kind of dirty, doesn't it? What if the ripple closed. Time machine. We need a time machine.

Beckett : Well, in this century we still haven't ruled out our big buddy Mr. D'Andre.

Castle : Yeah, he just doesn't seem like the time travel type to me.

Ryan : Can't be a time traveling killer. Bullet had 200 years of rust on it. The killer had been a time traveler, bullet would've been brand new.

Castle : Unless time travel causes rust.

Beckett : On your brain. Have you follow up with the victim's sister regarding the antique bullet?

Ryan : Yep. She has no clue about antique bullets or guns, but there's somebody who does. Abe Sandrich, antique weapons expert you requested.

Castle : That reminds me, I'm starving.

[Conference Room : Beckett, Castle and Abe Sandrich]

Abe Sandrich : I like .45s. Catch the right angle, this sucker could take your head clean off. But it's not the gun you're looking for.

Castle : Why's that?

Abe Sandrich : Barrel would have had to be modified. This one's factory fresh.

Castle : Well, do you think D'Andre the giant was telling the truth when he said he found the wallet in the grass?

Beckett : Well, the killer did take Goldstein's clothes, so it's possible that the wallet might have fallen out when he left the crime scene. What kind of a pistol would have fired that bullet?

Abe Sandrich : We usually just call them lead balls for, uh, obvious reasons. I'd say a whole lot of 18th century flintlocks, too many brands to even speculate. You'll need to find the actual pistol to match it to this lead ball.

Beckett : And how many people would own that kind of antique pistol?

Abe Sandrich : Hard to say. They're considered collectables, so they don't have to be registered.

Castle : Making it pretty smart to kill someone with one.

Abe Sandrich : Oh, yeah. Guns may be old, but, uh, they got plenty of killing left in them.

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan and Montgomery]

Esposito : So, is, uh, D'Andre our guy?

Beckett : I'm afraid not.

Esposito : Why did he go all Hulk Hogan on me?

Castle : Well, why did the scorpion sting the frog? It's his nature.

Montgomery : Yeah, well, D'Andre'll be seeing nature from behind bars from now on for assaulting an officer. I'll see he gets the max, Detective.

Esposito : Thank you, Captain.

Montgomery : You know, you can take a couple days if you like. Catch some movies.

Castle : Read Naked Heat.

Esposito : No. No need, sir.

Ryan : So, no luck with the clothes. Unis looked in every garbage can within a five block radius of the park.

Beckett : What is so special about these clothes that our killer would take them?

Castle : Maybe the killer came through the time ripple naked and needed the clothes. Like in The Terminator.

Beckett : Sadly, I don't have a better theory at this point. So, question is, what did a Wallstreet number cruncher like Goldstein get himself into? Castle and I'll go to his firm. You guys see it you can track down any antique gun enthusiasts on social media sites or local clubs. Maybe someone from Goldstein's life will pop.

Esposito : You got it.

Beckett : You know, I just don't get how someone could shoot Goldstein, steal his clothes, and then not hang on to his wallet. Just doesn't make any sense.

Castle : Yeah.

Beckett : Maybe giant moths killed him and then ate his clothes.

Castle : Could be.

Beckett : Hey, Castle. If this case is boring for you, you don't have to stay.

Castle : No, I'm just checking my e-mail, my texts, see if Alexis called. I can't believe she told my mother she's in love and is holding out on me.

Beckett : Oh.

Castle : I'm gonna call her.

Beckett : No! No, you have to let her tell you in her own time when she's ready.

Castle : I'm the cool Dad. Why can't she be ready?

Beckett : Listen to me. My dad tried to do the same thing when I was her age, and I ended up dating a grunge rocker who smelled like wet flannel and clove cigarettes for seven months. You do not mess with a teenage girl and her hormones.

Castle : You're right. I won't call her. Did you say something about a giant moth?

Beckett : Nope.

[Berman Rose : Beckett, Castle, Adam Murphy and Julia Foster]

Adam Murphy : In his underwear? Danny's been working for me for two years, but I just don't know what he'd have been up to in the park. He wasn't exactly the outdoors type.

Beckett : What about antique guns, Mr. Murphy? Do you know anything about them?

Adam Murphy : Antiques, no. No, he wasn't into guns at all.

Beckett : Well, I understand that he worked long hours. Do you know when he left last night?

Adam Murphy : Uh, yeah. Right around 9:30.

[An assistant enters with a serving tray.]

Castle : Oh, hey. Let me help you with that.

Julia Foster : Thanks.

Adam Murphy : This is Julia Foster, Danny's assistant. This is Detective Beckett, Richard Castle.

Castle : Hi.

Julia Foster : Hi.

Castle : Were you here last night when Goldstein left?

Julia Foster : Of course.

Beckett : Any idea where he was heading?

Julia Foster : No, he just said goodnight.

Beckett : And what about during the day? Was there anything out of the ordinary? Any strange phone calls?

Julia Foster : No. Just the usual unhappy investor. Although...

Castle : Although, what?

Adam Murphy : The Lower Tide fund.

Castle : What's that?

Adam Murphy : It was one of the financial products Daniel created for us, a synthetic CDO cubed.

Beckett : English.

Adam Murphy : A really big bet that prices would return to historical norms.

Beckett : So, what happened?

Julia Foster : It tanked. Hundreds of millions of dollars were lost overnight.

Beckett : When was this?

Julia Foster : Three months ago.

Castle : There must've been a lot of angry investors.

Adam Murphy : We fielded scores of less than complimentary messages from clients.

Julia Foster : More like apoplectic, and a lot of them blamed Danny.

Beckett : Right, well, I'll need a copy of all of these messages and a list of anyone who lost their money in the fund.

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Montgomery and Ivan Podofski]

Montgomery : Any luck connecting antique gun owners to investors in Goldstein's failed fund, Detectives?

Ryan : Nah. So far I've seen a lot of cool old guns in these social media sites for antique gun lovers, but none of the owners pop in Goldstein's life.

Montgomery : Erwin "Quick Draw" Finkelstein. Proud owner of a Remington Outlaw made in 1875. Now that's a great looking gun. Check it out, Esposito.

Esposito : Yeah. That's nice. See, back then they were into the artistry of it all.

Ryan : Yeah, they're like little sculptures that can kill.

Esposito : Well, this list of Lower Tide fund investors, they all lost more than a million bucks a piece.

Montgomery : A million dollars? If I had that kind of scratch, I'd put it in something safe, like my mattress.

Ryan : Ha! Check it out. Ivan "Yosemite Sam" Podofski.

Esposito : Wait a minute. Ivan Podofski?

Ryan : Yeah. What do you got?

Esposito : [Esposito pulls up a file on his computer.] Boom.

Montgomery : Looks like we have a winner.


Beckett : You're right, he does kind of look like Yosemite Sam.

Montgomery : On a bad hair day.

Ryan : Yeah, well, in addition to having an antique gun collection, Mr. Podofski here lost more than four million bucks in our vic's Lower Tide fund.

Esposito : He also left this message for Goldstein the day the fund flat lined.

Ivan Podofski :  (recording) They had a way of handling folks like you in the old country, Goldstein. It's called a firing squad.

Castle : Do you think he offered him a blindfold and a cigarette?


[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Ivan Podofski]

Ivan Podofski :  (recording) They had a way of handling folks like you in the old country, Goldstein. It's called a firing squad.

[Beckett stops the tape.]

Ivan Podofski : I think some context is in order. I had only just lost four million dollars

Castle : Yes. And in that context you threatened to kill Mr. Goldstein, and then he was killed.

Beckett : Where were you last night between eleven and one?

Ivan Podofski : Asleep in my bed.

Beckett : And can anyone vouch for that?

Ivan Podofski : Me.

Castle : Myself and I got your back, too?

Ivan Podofski : Okay, look. I know how this appears, but I think there's, uh, an explanation.

Beckett : Fire away.

Ivan Podofski : Several months ago, I had a consultation at Berman Rose. When I mentioned my guns, Goldstein asked if I knew how he could get a hold of a Sherlock Holmes gun.

Castle : So, you're pointing the finger at Sir Arthur Conan Doyle?

Ivan Podofski : I'm saying that Goldstein clearly had an interest in antique guns. Maybe that interest got him killed.

Beckett : If you're so confident that Goldstein got mixed up with someone else, I'm sure you won't mind submitting your collection for testing with ballistics.

Ivan Podofski : These are antiques, Detective.

Beckett : Would you prefer being arrested for murder?

Ryan : Ballistics is taking possession of Polofski's guns. They should have preliminary results by tomorrow.

Castle : They never prefer to be arrested for murder.


[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan]

Beckett : Alright, keep at it.

Ryan : Yeah.

Esposito : Yo. Just got a hit from Goldstein's car from traffic enforcement. Parking ticket from last night.

Castle : No way.

Beckett : What?

Castle : This has got to be a joke.

Esposito : What are you talking about, Castle?

Castle : Goldstein drives a Delorean. The car used as a time machine in Back to the Future. There's no way that's a coincidence.

Beckett : The ticket was written at two in the morning, that's postmortem.

Esposito : Car should still be there.

Beckett : Yeah. East 82nd between Lex and 3rd. That's a few blocks from the park.

Castle : Yeah, but if you're going to park illegally, why not park closer?

Beckett : Hmm.

Esposito : Because he was going somewhere on that block. Three more parking tickets in the last several months all on 82nd between Lex and 3rd.

Beckett : So, he was going somewhere regularly on that block.

Esposito : Maybe a girlfriend.

Beckett : Unless you think that's where that time ripple is.

Castle : Could be.

Beckett : Look into it. Pick that car up.

Esposito : Got you.

[In 82nd Street : Esposito, Ryan and Lord Henry]

Esposito : You got to be kidding me.

Ryan : Ha! Well, It's definitely Goldstein's car. Or, uh, time machine.

Esposito : Yep. If I'm not mistaken, that's a flux capacitor in there.

Ryan : And that is the reactor core. Maybe Castle was right. Goldstein came back to the future and he got whacked, huh? Why'd he keep coming here?

Esposito : I don't know. Maybe there's something in the car that'll help.

Ryan : Hope so. Lot of doors to knock on. Wow.

Esposito :  (on cell) Yo, padre. I got a vic's car that needs towing. It's at 238 East 82nd, it's an '81 to '82 delorean. New York plates JLD--

Ryan : Hey, Javi.

[Ryan's spotted a homeless man wearing an 19 century costume including a blood soaked shirt.]

Esposito :  (on cell) Let me call you back.

Ryan : Excuse us, sir. I'm Detective Ryan, this is Detective Esposito. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?

Lord Henry : Ah. Top of the morning to you, constables. Lord Henry, at your service.

Ryan : Uh, thanks. You mind telling us where you got those clothes?

Lord Henry : Oh, not at all, dear boy. I picked them up at the haberdashery across the park. Well, gentlemen, if that is all, I shall bid you good day.

Esposito : Just a second, pal. You know, we think those clothes might have been involved--

Lord Henry : I said good day.

Esposito : Sir, we need you to come--

Lord Henry : Good day! [Crazy Lord Henry slams his grocery cart into Esposito and swings a cane at Ryan. Ryan eventually grabs Henry and cuffs him.]

Ryan : You all right, bro?

Esposito : I'm fine.

Lord Henry : Unhand me, you rogue!

[Autopsy Room : Beckett, Castle and Lanie]

Beckett :  (on cell) Alright, thank you, Ryan. (hangs up)

Castle : How's Esposito?

Beckett : At home resting. So, our Lord Henry's story checks out. Ryan found a matching Ascot in a garbage can where Henry said that he found the clothes. Our guy might be unstable, but he is not our killer. So, why was Goldstein wearing this costume?

Castle : Well, it's Victorian. Antique. Kind of fits with the whole time traveler theory, don't you think?

Lanie : I don't know what to think. But the plot thickens.

Beckett : Forensics came back on the clothes?

Lanie : Between the garbage can and our homeless guy there was quite a list of gross out substances of which I will spare you the details, but I did find something interesting on the right hand glove and the right sleeve of the shirt. Potassium nitrate and sulfur.

Beckett : Gunshot residue?

Castle : So, Goldstein did not go quietly into the night, he had a gun.

Beckett : And he fired back.

[ In Park : Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Uniforms]

[Uniforms doing metal detecting sweeps for the missing lead ball.]

Uniform : I got something here.

Ryan : Beckett!

Beckett : Another antique.

Ryan : It looks exactly like the one that killed Goldstein.

Castle : Yes, it does. Let's say that our killer...Let's say that our killer is standing... [Castle moves Ryan backwards.] ...over here. Goldstein was killed all the way over there. A nice, flat area between them.

Ryan : What are you getting at, Castle? Some kind of game?

Castle : Not a game. Goldstein was wearing formal turn of the century clothes. He shot an antique bullet identical to the one he was killed with. Probably fired from an identical gun. [Castle starts walking towards the crime scene, counting his steps away from Ryan.] Four, five, six, seven...Lanie said he was killed at about midnight? St. James Church is right over there...

[A Uniform lifts up the police tape for him.]

Castle :  Thanks. ...on Madison! I bet they could hear the bells chiming all the way from over here. ...nine, forty. …ish. Ha. They stood at about forty paces from one another! This wasn't a game! It was an old fashioned duel!

[Castle’s loft : Castle, Alexis and Ashley]

Castle : Who dares besmirch...?!

Alexis : Hey!

Ashley : Oh, god! Don't shoot!

Castle : ...my honor?

Alexis : It's okay, Ashley. He's not gonna shoot you. What the heck, Dad?

Castle : I might be asking you the same...Ashley? This is Ashley?

Alexis : Ash, this is my dad, Rick. And I have no idea why he's waving a gun.

Ashley : So nice to meet you, Mr. Castle.

Castle : You, too, Ashley. And I have a perfectly good reason why I'm waving a gun.

Alexis : Excuse us. [Alexis pulls Castle aside.] (whisper)Explain yourself.

Castle : I got this gun for research for a case, which you might know if you had checked in with me today.

Alexis : What's that supposed to mean?

Castle : Let's just say, one of us has nothing to hide. Perhaps you'd like to explain yourself?

Alexis : What, that I was kissing a boy? Is that a problem?

Castle : You tell me.

Alexis : Dad, the only reason I invited Ashley over tonight was so you could meet him.

Castle : Yes. Well, me meeting Ashley has smeared the lip gloss all over your face.

Ashley : I… I… I… I really should be going.

Alexis : You can stay, Ashley.

Castle : Oh, the gun. My bad. Please, Ashley, stay. You can check out the gun.

Ashley : No. Thanks.

Alexis : Call me later?

Ashley : Yeah, if it's okay with your gun... Dad.

Castle : Yeah, it's okay with me.

Ashley : Thank you. And I… I just want you to know how much I respect Alexis. I mean, you don't have to worry about issues of respect. She's probably the most respectable person I know. And I-- I respect you, too.

Castle : It's good to know that. Thank you. [He motions towards the door.]

Ashley : Okay.[He squeezes past them to the door.]

Castle : I like him. He's respectful.

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Esposito and Ryan]

Beckett : Got it. Thanks.

Castle : Hey.

Beckett : Hey. So, Ivan Podofski's antique gun collection all cleared ballistics.

Castle : Well, at least some guy in ballistics had fun firing them off.

Beckett : I also checked with Goldstein's sister and co-workers. None of them know anything about duels or Victorian clothes or what Goldstein was doing on East 82nd. [They get coffee in the break room.]

Castle : Sounds like he had a secret life.

Beckett : That somehow led to a duel.

Castle : Maybe he figured someone besmirched his honor. Maybe it was about a girl. Matter of fact, Alexis, her new boyfriend - who has a girl's name, by the way - he thought I was gonna shoot him last night.

Ryan : Hey.

Castle : Hey, how's Esposito?

Ryan : He's sleeping in. Mostly because he can't move.

Beckett : Did you figure out what Goldstein was doing on East 82nd?

Ryan : No. But get this, I'm going through Goldstein's car and I find a pile of receipts. He must've been planning to submit for reimbursement. One of them from three weeks ago at a cafe. On it he wrote, "Coffee with Troy Kenworth." And that name kind of rings a bell.

Castle : One of the angry Lower Tide fund investors?

Ryan : No, but his father Charles Kenworth was. Guy loses two million bucks, and then he loses his house, his marriage, and then two months ago he killed himself.

Beckett : Did Troy have any priors?

Ryan : Yeah, more like afters. After his father committed suicide, he was charged with assault in four separate bar fights.

Castle : Revenge. Oldest motive for murder in the book. Maybe Troy thought someone besmirched his father's honor.

Beckett : And then he forced Goldstein to settle the score.

[Interrogation Room : Beckett and Troy Kenworth / Observation Room : castle and Montgomery]

Troy Kenworth : Yeah, I was the one who found his body.

Beckett : The report says that he used a shotgun

Montgomery : [Montgomery enters Observation where Castle is watching.] Hey. Why aren't you in there?

Castle : Beckett's doing a mothering thing, wanted to limit the testosterone in the room.

Beckett : I can't imagine walking in on that.

Troy Kenworth : Yeah. Pretty messy. I try not to think about it.

Beckett : I understand. But since then, Mr. Kenworth, you have charges pending in four assault cases.

Troy Kenworth : I started drinking too much, lashed out.

Beckett : But those were just random people at bars. I mean, they weren't even responsible for your father's suicide. But Goldstein, he put your father in the fund that lost him all of his money. I could understand blaming him

Troy Kenworth : I did. But then I talked to him and he said that he warned pop to diversify. And the fact is, Dad and Mom have been having problems for years. When we lost the house and I had to drop out of school, it was the last straw and Mom left him. That's what pushed him over the edge. And ever since his death, Mom's been struggling to make payments on our apartment.

Beckett : Is that why you went to go and see Goldstein three weeks ago?

Troy Kenworth : Look, I wanted to find out if any money was left in the account.

Beckett : And what did Goldstein tell you?

Troy Kenworth : The truth. All the money's gone.

Beckett : Well, that must have made you pretty angry.

Troy Kenworth : Okay, I know what you're getting at, but that meeting is what turned me around. I haven't had a drink since, Mom and I have been able to stay in our place, I might even go back to school next semester, all because Danny's a standup guy and he gave me a job. That's where I was the night he got killed.

Beckett : At Berman Rose?

Troy Kenworth : Uh, no.

Beckett : What kind of a job did Danny give you?

Troy Kenworth : I can't say. Look, I had to sign a confidentiality agreement, okay? I could be fired.

Beckett : Or you could be arrested. Is this job on 82nd between Lex and 3rd?

[On Street, in front of the Gaslamp League : Beckett, Castle and Doorkeeper Joe]

Doorkeeper Joe : What was the exact number of pounds that Mr. Fog bet that he could travel around the world in eighty days?

Castle : 20,000.

Doorkeeper Joe : Correct, sir. Name the volcano that led to the center of the earth.

Castle : Oh, I want to say...

Beckett : NYPD. Open the damn door.


[Gaslamp League : Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Owen Peterson, Doorkeeper Joe and Few Members]

Beckett : Where are we?

Doorkeeper Joe : Victorian London.

Castle : When are we?

Doorkeeper Joe : 1892.

Beckett : What is this place?

Doorkeeper Joe : Gaslamp League. Private Steampunk Society. Straight ahead is our club president, Owen Peterson. He's on the penny farthing.

Castle : Alright, then. Oh, it's the time machine from Time and Away. I love that movie.

Steampunk Member: Owen, give us a poem!

Beckett : Steampunk.

Castle : It's a subculture that embraces the simplicity and romance of the past, but at the same time couples it with the hope and promise and shear super coolness of futuristic design.

Owen Peterson: Your clone, you say? There are more of you? Well, the more the merrier! To yous all I'll be true! Mehhhh. Mehhh!

Beckett : Excuse me, Mr. Peterson, I'm Detective--

Castle : Can I try that?


Owen Peterson: I don't know what to tell you, Detective. We all heard about Danny yesterday. Hard to believe we saw him here the night before.

Beckett : Well, the way you and your friends were yucking it up makes me feel like you weren't so upset.

Owen Peterson : We're just romantics, Detective. Look at the world, don't like what we see, so we recreate it here. An oasis where human potential and ingenuity is limitless. Where there's poetry and wonder and meaning even in death.

Beckett : What time did he leave that night?

Owen Peterson :  'Round 11:30.

Castle : Did he tell you what he was doing?

Owen Peterson: No.

Beckett : He went to the park for a duel.

Owen Peterson :  What do you mean a duel?

Castle : The kind where people shoot at each other. They were using antique guns. Do you know anything about that?

Owen Peterson : [He leads them to a display case.]Dueling pistols.

Castle : With, uh, lead balls with white coating?

Beckett : This has been fired recently.

Owen Peterson: But they're just for show.

Beckett : Adam. Stop! Stop! Out of the way! Get out of the way!

Castle : I think he's going for the time machine!

Ryan : Just a bunch of interviews. I don't know why you didn't take the whole day off.

Esposito : Because I'm fine. [Esposito's still wearing his neck brace. Ryan is about to knock when the door opens.]

Beckett : Murphy! Stop him!

[Murphy runs full pelt into Esposito and the two of them topple down the front step.]

Castle : Hey, Esposito. How's your neck?

[Interrogation Room : Beckett, Castle and Adam Murphy]

Adam Murphy : Yeah, I shot him. He just kind of crumpled over backwards, but I thought he was kidding. I jogged over expecting him to jump up any second, but he was just-- just lying there so still. A-- and then I saw the blood and I hear Julia. She's on her knees screaming, "No! Please, God, no!" I-- I freaked out. We took his clothes a-- and I just ran.

Beckett : Julia? You mean Goldstein's assistant?

Adam Murphy : He was in love with her.

Castle : Had they been seeing each other a long time?

Adam Murphy : No. No, Dan just kissed her once a couple weeks ago out at a bar, but she-- she wasn't interested in him

Beckett : So, you were involved with her?

Adam Murphy : Not really involved, but Dan caught us fooling around in my office late one night last week.

Beckett : And you couldn't think of a better way of settling this other than a duel?

Adam Murphy : W… we…  we just thought it would be funny. Danny swore that we couldn't get hurt.

Castle : Shooting at each other?

Adam Murphy : H… he ran all these complex equations. He said-- said that at forty paces there-- there was no chance that we could actually hit each other. Something about 18th century guns having no rifling in the barrel.

Castle : So, if you couldn't kill each other, what was the point of the duel?

Adam Murphy : To impress Julia. She would never get serious with geeks like us. But we figured that maybe if-- if she saw us duel over her, then...that maybe, that one-- that one of-- one of us could...


[Police Department : Beckett , Castle and Ryan]

Ryan : Julia confirmed that she was the only other person present at duel. No one else knew.

Beckett : Alright, let her go.

Ryan : Yeah.
Beckett : How do you point the gun at someone and shoot and not expect to kill them?

Castle : Well, they were blinded by the romance of it all. And Goldstein did the math

Beckett : Well, between this and the Lower Tide fund, maybe he's not such a genius.

Castle : Or maybe he's just unlucky.

Beckett : Well, then I've got a problem. Because I have to make a recommendation to the D.A. between murder and manslaughter, the difference being life in prison or just a couple of years. I mean, are antique guns really so inaccurate?

Castle : Only one way to find out.

[Gun Range : Beckett, Castle and Officer]

Officer : That's your target. That's my target.

Castle : Yeah, but I...

Officer : Shoot your target.

Castle : Manslaughter it is.

Beckett : Yeah.

[Castle’s Loft : Beckett, Castle and Alexis]

[Castle's decked out in a 19th century costume including a steampunk arm gadget.]

Alexis : Hey, Dad.

Castle : Hey, there's my girl. Come here. Come here. [Castle hugs her and his arm gadget locks his arm in place around her.]

Alexis :  Um...

Castle : Sorry. Hang on.  [Castle fiddles with the arm gadget and releases the lock.] There we go. Hey, about, uh, last night. Um, that was...it was unexpected.

Alexis : Yeah.

Castle : I'm… I'm sorry.

Alexis : I'm sorry, too. I should've told you Ashley was a boy.

Castle : Oh, why, uh, why spoil the surprise?

Alexis : So, I have a question for you, but it's a little embarrassing.

Castle : Ooh, I love when you're embarrassed.

Alexis :  (sigh) Dad.

Castle : Well, hey, listen. You can, uh... you can ask me whatever you want and I promise I'll do my best to make it as un-embarrassing as possible.

Alexis : How do you know when you're in love? I know it's an emotion...

Castle : Well…

Alexis : ...a feeling, and you can't exactly define, like, technically how you know when you're feeling it. But since I've never felt it before...

Castle : Yep.

Alexis : ...how do I know what I'm feeling is even it at all?

Castle : You…

Alexis : Except of course for the fact that I'm feeling all these things I've never felt before, like in my stomach, and my throat, and even kind of in my ears. I mean, which just has to mean that it's love, right? Considering I only feel them when I'm with Ashley or thinking about him. I mean, that's got to be love, right?

Castle : If…

Alexis : 'Cause I'm feeling all these things that I've read about in poems and heard about in songs, but never completely understood, but now I do. I understand, and I'm listening to all this music and reading all this poetry in a completely new and glorious light, which I think just has to mean that it's love. What do you think?

Castle : I…

Alexis : And I can't stop thinking about him, Daddy. I don't even want to, 'cause he's the greatest, sweetest, most adorable guy, and his nose crinkles when he laughs and...I'm just so happy. [She hugs Castle.]   Thanks, Dad. I love you. I feel so much better now. [Alexis bounces out of the room.]

Castle : Glad we had that talk. [The front door buzzes. Castle opens it.] Beckett. How do you know when you're in love?

Beckett : All the songs make sense. [Beckett walks in.] Adam Murphy didn't kill Goldstein.

Castle : But he confessed.

Beckett : And I believe that he believes he did it, but he didn't.

Castle : Do tell.

Beckett : It bothered me that we couldn't hit the target at the shooting range, and so I ran ballistics on the dueling pistols. The bullet that hit Daniel Goldstein didn't match either one of them. Adam couldn't have killed him.

Castle : You're talking full on Grassy Knoll conspiracy theory.

Beckett : Not theory. Fact. There was a third shooter, and that's our killer.

[Crime Scene, In a Park : Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Uniform]

Ryan : Hey, Beckett!

Beckett : Did you find Adam Murphy's bullet?

Castle : Lead ball.

Ryan : Yep. He didn't kill Goldstein, but he did kill Squirrelstein. What are the odds, huh?

Castle : Oh, no. They took his clothes, too.

Ryan : Could you?

Uniform : Awww.

Ryan : Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.

Beckett : Okay. So, we know that Goldstein was standing right over here.

Castle : Facing Adam, who was right over there.

Beckett : Right. And if our killer wanted to shoot him without either of them seeing him, he would be standing right over...there. By that clump of trees.

Uniform : Detective, I've got clothing fibers.

Beckett : This thread look familiar?

Castle : Oh, I'd recognize that burgundy velvet anywhere.

Beckett : Kind of says steampunk, doesn't it?

Castle : Matter of fact, I think I know the murder weapon.

[Gaslamp League : Beckett, Castle, Troy Kenworth and Doorkeeper Joe]

Castle : Volcano in Journey to the Center of the Earth: Snefflls.

Doorkeeper Joe : A-ha.

Beckett : Castle.

Troy Kenworth : Couldn't stay away, huh? Can I get you guys something?

Beckett : Sure, Troy. We're looking for a shooter.

Castle : Actually, I think we already found one. Nice uniform, by the way.

Beckett : We found your father's shotgun. We know that you modified it in order to shoot antique lead ball bullets.

Troy Kenworth : What are you talking about? Adam Murphy already confessed, right?

Castle : Turns out Adam Murphy couldn't have done it. It's a science-y ballistics thing.

Beckett : It was pretty clever firing your father's shotgun at the exact moment that Adam and Goldstein fired their guns.

Castle : Making Adam believe that he was the one that killed Goldstein right as the church bells chimed midnight. Isn't that right?

Troy Kenworth : Seeing him in here every night in that ridiculous outfit, just throwing around all that money. Why should he get to live like that when my dad's dead?

[Police Department : Beckett, Castle, Ryan, Esposito, Montgomery and Josh Davidson]

Beckett : Knowing that our shooter was a staff member at the club led us straight back to Troy.

Castle : He overheard Goldstein and Murphy planning the duel and took his opportunity.

Beckett : And then Troy's alibi fell apart as soon as we started interviewing other staff members who couldn't remember seeing him there half an hour before or after the duel.

Montgomery : Dueling over a girl, revenging the death of a loved one.

Castle : Cuts to the heart of romance.

Beckett : And the tragedy.

Montgomery : Speaking of tragedy, did you hear about Detective Esposito?

Beckett : No, what about him?

Montgomery : Oh. He...[Montgomery motions behind them. Ryan wheels Esposito in a wheelchair and full upper body, neck, and head splint.]

Beckett : Oh.

Castle : God, no. Dude, what happened?

Esposito : No, I don't want to...

Beckett : Esposito.

Castle : Dude, are you alright?

Esposito :  No, I'm okay. OHHH! Heyyy! [Esposito jumps out of the wheel chair and pulls the brace off.] No. No, I really am fine, bro. We got this stuff from storage.

Ryan : Oh, you should've seen your faces!

Esposito : Captain, you really sold that.

Ryan : "Speaking of tragedy, did you hear about Detective Esposito?"

Montgomery : Hey.

Ryan :  (clears throat) Sir.

Castle : That was a good one. [Castle grabs Esposito's shoulder.]

Esposito : Ow. I'm not really that fine.

Ryan : Oh. Oh, yeah. Let me just... Sorry.

Esposito : Neck brace, please. Neck brace. Lock it down, lock it down.

Ryan : Yeah, yeah, yeah. [Ryan straps on Esposito's real neck brace.]

Josh Davidson : Kate.

Beckett : Josh, what are you doing here?

Josh Davidson : Ah, I got your text.

Beckett : You mean, the text where I said I was gonna pick you up.

Josh Davidson : Yeah, I was nearby.

Beckett : Well, uh, Josh, this is Captain Montgomery, Richard Castle, Detectives Esposito and Ryan

Josh Davidson : Hey, boys.

Ryan and Esposito : Boys?

Josh Davidson : Catch any bad guys today?

Ryan :  Every day.

Josh Davidson : You all set?

Beckett : Yeah. Let me just get my stuff.

Josh Davidson : Okay.

Castle : So, you and Beckett.

Josh Davidson : What about us?

Castle : You tell me.

Josh Davidson : You're the writer.

Castle : Yeah. Yeah, and... and you are?

Josh Davidson : Oh, Kate hasn't told you about me, has she?

Castle : What's to tell?

Beckett : Hey. You ready to go?

Josh Davidson : Yeah. Yeah, I'll see you around.

Beckett : Bye, guys.

Castle : Later.

[Castle’s Loft : Castle and Alexis]

Castle : Just you?

Alexis : Yes. Thanks for that talk last night. I feel so much better.

Castle : Hey, you can, uh...you can always talk to me. Or at me.

Alexis : Yeah. Being in love is exhausting.

Castle :  (mumble) Yeah, you got that right.

Alexis : You okay, Dad? You seem distracted.

Castle : What are you talking about? You have my undivided attention.

Alexis : Good, because I want to go on a date tonight. How's that sound?

Castle : Of course. Great. Have a good time.

Alexis : I meant with you, Dad. You'll always be my go-to guy.

Castle : Did Gram put you up to this?

Alexis : I have no idea what you're talking about.

Castle : Pity date. I'll take it. Terrible liar.

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