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#419 : 47 secondes


Lors d'une manifestation « Occupons Wall Street », à New York, une bombe explose sur la place Boylan devant les caméras des journalistes présents pour couvrir l'évènement. Réticent à l'idée d'une collaboration, le FBI accepte finalement après intervention de Gates de laisser l'équipe de Beckett mener une partie de l'enquête. Tout le commissariat est chargé de rechercher les témoins présents près de l'endroit où se trouvait la bombe, 47 secondes avant l'explosion. Beckett et Castle trouvent vite un témoin clé, pensant qu'il s'agit du poseur de bombe. Mais de nouvelles questions sont soulevées et les théories se multiplient...
Durant l'enquête, Castle entend par hasard un interrogatoire de Beckett où celle-ci dévoile un secret qu'elle lui a caché jusqu'alors.


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47 Seconds

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47 secondes

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Réalisation : Paul Holahan
Scénario : 
Shalisha Francis

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  • Christine Woods (Leann West)
  • Tim Guinee (Andrew Haynes)
  • John Ruby (Mark)



Protestors chant and carry picket signs.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Leann West: Make sure you get the crowd in the background, Mark.

Mark: Another shot of you and the chanting masses. I'm so over this protest.

Leann West: Next time, we'll do a piece on Brazilian runway models, I promise.

Mark: Gonna hold you to that. All right. Let's roll this puppy.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!
Leann West: Roger that.

Leann removes her earpiece and prepares for the camera. A man with a drum walks closer, beating it to the sound of the crowd's chanting.

Mark: Hey, Ringo! You're messing up sound. How about you take it somewhere else?

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Mark: Okay, live in three…

Mark holds up three fingers, and then goes silent as he counts down on his fingers.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Leann West: I'm here at Boylan Plaza on day thirty-six of the takeover protest. Hundreds have gathered here and in other cities across the country to take a stand against what they say is greed and corruption from corporation…

A bomb explodes behind the reporter and smoke from the blast sweeps past them.

Leann West: Oh, my God.

People run away from the blast site screaming, a cop runs toward it. The reporter turns back to the camera.

Leann West: I… If you just... Tuned in, there's been some kind of explosion on the southeast side of the Boylan Plaza. We do not know what caused this or if there are injuries, but I can see what appear to be people on the ground, not moving.

The reporter pants, looking at the devastation, trying to keep calm.

Clips of the dead and injured flash by. FBI and medics swarm the scene, helping the wounded. Castle and Beckett walk among the rubble.

Castle: This is unbelievable. Any idea how many people were killed?

Beckett: Initial reports say five dead, twenty-eight injured.

Castle: There's Feds everywhere.

Beckett: Well, that's normal procedure in the event of a bomb.

Castle: Nothing normal about this.

They pass by the police barrier where the media is gathered.

Male Reporter: Detective!

Leann West: Detective!

Male Reporter: Do the police know who's behind this?

Leann West: Do they think this was a terrorist attack?

Beckett: No comment. You'll have to deal with Press Relations.

Beckett surveys the scene, disturbed by the bodies strewn about. She ducks under the police line, but a Federal agent stops her.

Federal Agent: Oh, sorry.

Beckett shows him her badge.

Beckett: NYPD.

Federal Agent: NYPD's over there. FBI has taken jurisdiction of the crime scene.

Beckett: Thanks.

Beckett ducks back behind the police line.

Beckett: Come on, Castle.

Castle stares at a little boy who was a victim of the blast before following her.

Esposito: FBI turned you guys away, too, huh?

Castle: Yeah, they wouldn't let us past the crime scene tape. What's going on?

Ryan: Gates is talking to the Feds, trying to get a handle on that.

Beckett: What do we know about the explosion, who set it off?

Esposito: Well, it probably wasn't a suicide bomber. I got a friend who's a medic, said there were explosive vests on any of the bodies.

Ryan: Everything else is just rumor at this point.

Gates: Listen up, people! We're still piecing together what happened here, but what I can tell you, FBI and Homeland Security will be taking point on this investigation. NYPD will act in a support capacity. Our first assignment is to determine if any of the victims were targeted because of their involvement in the protest. Uniforms are bringing families to the precinct as we speak, so… Let's go hold some hands and do our jobs.

In the interview room.

Beckett: Mr. Levine, I understand that one of the victims, Jesse Friedman, worked closely with you.

Mr. Levine: It was more than that. He was a friend, a comrade in arms, you know? Jesse was a recruiter. When attendance dropped a few weeks back, even I thought it was time to pack up, but Jesse just threw my favorite quote back at me. The one about sinning by silence.

Beckett: "To sin by silence when we should protest makes… Cowards of men."

Castle watches behind the glass as Ryan and Esposito interview a woman from the blast site.

Ryan: We know that this is difficult, but what was your husband's involvement with the Takeover movement.

Val Brookstone: Matt wasn't involved. Neither am I.

Esposito: So, why were you at Boylan Plaza?

Val Brookstone: It's our first time here. We wanted to take in as much as we could.

Ryan and Esposito exchange an uncomfortable look.

Ryan: You're tourists?

Castle is taken aback.

Val Brookstone: We'd just been to the top of the Empire State Building. We had an extra few minutes, so we decided to see what the protest was all about. Matt and I just bought a house. We were going to start a family. We had all these plans. What am I gonna do now?

Castle stares out the window; Beckett approaches him from behind.

Beckett: You good?

Castle: Yeah. Yeah, it's just this case, you know? It kind of gets to you. How'd it go with the rest of the families?

Beckett: Um, one victim was the first kid in his family to go to college, and the other was a mother of two, so... About like you'd expect. No one seems to have been targeted, though.

Castle: So their deaths were random. You know, most of our victims they... They die for a reason. You know, there's a logic behind it. It's a twisted logic at times, but... At least it makes some kind of sense.

Beckett: Yeah, but in this case, these people were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Castle: And their future and all their plans, everything is just gone in a flash.

Beckett and Castle gaze at one another.

Beckett: It makes you think about all those things in your own life that you don't want to put off anymore.

Castle's mouth opens as he takes Beckett's meaning. Esposito enters.

Esposito: Yo. Captain's gathering the troops.

Esposito exits. Beckett looks back at Castle, who looks down disappointedly.

Near the bullpen.

Gates: Now that it appears that this attack was not directed at any specific individual, we've got a new assignment from the FBI.

Gates puts a photo on the murder board.

Gates: We all know where the bomb went off.

Flashback of the explosion.

Gates: It was here, right next to this lamppost. The FBI just recovered this photo from a protestor's cell phone.

Gates places the second photo on the murder board.

Gates: It's of the same location, taken 47 seconds…

Flashback of the explosion.
Gates: … Before the explosion.

There's no backpack by the lamppost in the photo.

Gates: That could only mean one thing. The bomb was placed here by someone within our 47-second time period.

Someone begins handing out files to the troops.

Gates: Our task is to interview all witnesses who were present at Boylan Plaza. We are looking for anyone who saw what went on by this lamppost before the blast.

Beckett: Sir, there are over 300 names on this list. How do you recommend that we proceed?

Gates: We bring in more shifts. Someone on that list saw the bomb being planted within our 47-second window. We find that person, we find the bomber.

In the interview room.

Beckett: Thank you for your time.

Beckett shakes hands with a witness and he leaves. She turns back to Castle.

Beckett: Well, that was unhelpful.

Castle: Yeah. I'm starting to sense a pattern.

Beckett: You know, this next woman says that she was in the middle of the whole thing.

The Corinne points to her location on the plaza map.

Corinne: We were right there. It's like the bomb went off right next to us.

Castle: Who's "we"?

Corinne: Me and my sister Nadia. She's out there right now waiting. Should I go get her?

Beckett: Uh, no, actually, it's better if we just talk one-on-one. Now, were the two of you participating in the protests?

Corinne: Do I look like I'm in the 99 percent? No. We'd just left this bridal boutique near the plaza. Nadia's getting married in June.

Beckett: And did you notice anyone standing near the light post?

Corinne: I don't think so.

Beckett: Okay, well, I'm gonna need you to tell us everything that you remember from just before the bombing, starting with where you were.

Corinne: We were at the coffee truck, just trying to figure out our next move.

In the street.

Corinne: I'm a little shopped out, Nadia. I mean, you tried on eleven dresses.

Nadia: They made me look like a Stay Puft marshmallow. We have to keep looking.

Corinne: Can we look from home online?

Nadia: I'm not buying my wedding dress on the internet.

Corinne: It's just to give us ideas. We need to regroup. You are this close to bridezilla territory.

Corinne sees a man carrying a box.

Nadia: Oh, maybe I'll wear jeans to my wedding. Maybe we can hire that guy as the band.

Nadia indicates the man beating the drums.

Jesse Friedman: That's mine! Give that back!

Corinne: Could you imagine the look on Mom's…?

A man in a dark hoodie bumps into Nadia from behind and she gasps as her coffee spills all over her blouse.

Nadia: Damn it! Watch where you're going. This is my…

The bomb explodes.

In the interview room.

Corinne: The force of it knocked us on our asses. Nadia almost got trampled.

Beckett: Wait. Can you go back to the…

Instant replay.

Beckett: The Middle Eastern man carrying the box? You said that he was sweaty and nervous?

Corinne nods.

Castle: And was he headed toward the lamppost?

Corinne: Yeah.

Beckett: Do you remember his face well enough to help us with a sketch?

West Side Wally holds up the sketch.

Esposito: West Side Wally, back by popular demand.

West Side Wally: Come on, Kojak. You know I prefer West Side.

Esposito: West Side, then. Uh, did you ever see that man at the plaza?

West Side Wally: No. Guy's not familiar. Then again, lots of people, lots of faces. Plus, I was over here.

Wally points to his location on the map.

West Side Wally: That's my usual spot. Not by the coffee truck. I don't care for the smell.

Esposito: Well, that puts you 50 feet away from where the bomb went off. Did you have a clear view of this lamppost?

West Side Wally: Not really, man. And you know I always try to help Johnny Law.

Ryan: Did you notice anything out of the ordinary in the minute before the explosion? Anyone suspicious?

In the street.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Near the bullpen.

West Side Wally: As a matter of fact, I did.

In the street.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

A man walks up in a period outfit and conducts Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for a moment, then bows to Wally.

Beethoven: We're good to go.

Wally watches the man leave and the first chords of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony continue.

Near the bullpen.

Esposito: Stop. Let me understand this. You… You saw Beethoven, the composer who's been dead for 200 years, in the plaza this afternoon?

West Side Wally: Oh, yeah. And I bet that half-dead bastard is behind all this.

Ryan clears his throat.

Ryan: West Side, are you on any medications of any kind?

West Side Wally: I don't see how that's relevant.

In Gates's office.

Gates: What do you mean, "We have no leads"? What about the Middle Eastern man?
Beckett: We interviewed him. He cleared.

Castle: Yeah, that box he was carrying… Full of Chinese takeout. Most dangerous thing in there was M.S.G.

Gates rolls her eyes.

Beckett: Look, the fact is, is that we interviewed 94 people and we've got nothing to show for it.

Gates: Uh, this is not the news I was hoping for, especially since the FBI sent this over.

Gates pulls out a document and hands it to Beckett.

Gates: It was e-mailed to two other Takeover locations in New York an hour ago.

Beckett: "You we're warned to stop the protests. You didn't listen. Start listening now or today's bombing will be just the beginning."

Castle: He's gonna hit another protest.

Gates: The FBI is keeping this one under wraps, but the clock is still ticking here, and what you're telling me is that we're no closer to getting this guy than we were when the bomb went off?

Beckett: Sir, somebody on this list saw exactly what happened within that 47-second window, but the problem is, is that they're mixed in with all of these people that saw absolutely nothing.

Castle: It's like trying to find Waldo in a sea of Waldos.

Gates: I take it you have a proposal to fix that?

Beckett looks at Castle and launches into her idea.

Beckett: If the FBI would let us view all video shot in the plaza, maybe we can figure out who was closest to the bomb, start prioritizing the interviews.

Gates: Okay, I'll go down there, do my best. And if that doesn't work, we'll look to plan B. In the meantime, keep working on the list.

Gates exits.

Beckett: She doesn't seem very optimistic about getting that footage.

Castle: You know, the witnesses that were closest to the bomb aren't on our list. Maybe dead men do tell tales.

In the autopsy room.

Lanie: I just saw a reporter in Reception. Have security get him outta here. I don't want him bothering the victim's families.

Lanie exhales and greets Castle and Beckett.

Lanie: So nice to see a friendly face. FBI has been up in mine all night.

Castle looks at all the corpses sitting on autopsy tables.

Castle: All from the explosion?
Lanie: They never had a chance. If you're looking for official cause of death, it's multiple blunt force trauma.

Beckett: Actually, we were wondering if there's anything on the bodies that might lead us to whoever did this.

Lanie: Possibly. Meet Jesse Friedman.

Lanie indicates the body on the table in front of them.

Castle: He was the recruiter for the Takeover movement.

Lanie: He was also the guy closest to the blast. And we found bits of this embedded all over his skin.

Lanie shows them a petri dish.

Castle: Blue fabric?

Lanie: Lab IDed it as canvas. They also found high concentrations of explosive residue on it.

Beckett: The canvas was part of whatever contained the bomb.

Lanie: Looks that way.

Castle: So, a duffel or a suitcase.

Beckett: This is a huge break. That means we're looking for someone carrying a blue bag.

Castle sees Alexis through a window, looking morose.

Beckett: Let's go update Captain Gates.

Castle: Uh, can you just give me a minute?

Beckett follows his line of vision and sees Alexis.

Beckett: Yeah, sure.

Castle steps around to the office where Alexis is leaning against a wall with her arms crossed.

Castle: Hey, honey. How you doing?

Alexis: Yeah, I just needed a minute.

Castle: You look exhausted. How long you been here?

Alexis: I'm not sure. It's been so crazy. I've been cataloging the victims' personal effects.

Castle: Well, that can't be easy.

Alexis: I was fine. Then I saw how one of them had on this bracelet - a string with beads made by a little kid - and… It was like that bracelet I made you for Father's Day when I was six. Do you remember?
Castle: Remember? I still have it.

Castle sees how much this has affected Alexis.

Castle: Come on. Let's get you home.

Alexis: No, I should stay. There's still work to do.

Castle: And it'll be here tomorrow.

Alexis: Dr. Parish said I had to get all this finished before she…

Castle: Lanie will tell you the same thing.

Alexis finally gives in. She and Castle put and arm around each other and begin to walk out.

Castle: Come on. Let's get you outta here.

Beckett sees them leave as she's on the phone. She seems to smile a little.

Castle watches the TV coverage of the bombing.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street!

Mark: All right. Let's roll this puppy.

Leann West: Roger that.

Leann removes her earpiece and the frame freezes and shrinks down to a corner of the news screen. "Tragedy at Boylan Plaza. 5 protestors killed, 11 wounded" is at the bottom of the screen.

Male News Anchor: That was our very own Leann West, about to report live from Boylan Plaza yesterday. Moments later, tragedy struck. Be aware, some of the images we're about to show you may be disturbing to some viewers.

Leann West: Hundreds have gathered here and in other cities across the country to take a stand against what they say is greed and corruption from corporation…

A bomb explodes behind Leann and smoke from the blast sweeps past them.

Leann West: Oh, my God.

Martha enters.

Martha: Ohh.

Male News Anchor: So far no suspects have been named in the bombing.

Castle turns off the TV. Martha hands Castle a cup.

Castle: Thank you.

Martha: You're welcome. So, how's our… How's our girl doing?

Martha sits down across from Castle.

Castle: She's upstairs in bed, asleep. I wish I could keep her there.

Martha: Honey, do you ever wonder why I never visited you at the precinct the first year you were working there?

Castle: I always thought it was because of the harsh lighting.

Martha: Well, that was a consideration. No, I thought if I… If I saw you acting like a cop, I'd start thinking of you as a cop, and I just…whew. That… That brought on all manner of nightmares.

Castle: How did you get over it?

Martha: Eventually, you realize, your children are gonna make choices you don't like. Just a fact of life.

Castle: Well, if the bombing proves anything, it's that bad things can happen no matter what you do. Nobody's tomorrow is guaranteed.

Martha raises her eyebrows.

Martha: So...how do you plan to act on this realization?

Castle: What do you mean?

Martha: Oh, you know what I mean. Richard, how much longer are you gonna drag your heels before you tell Beckett how you feel?

Castle shifts uncomfortably.

Martha: And I mean, while she is awake, not lying on the ground with a bullet in her chest.

Castle: You don't understand…

Martha: "It's complicated." So you say. Only it's not. It's not. Nobody's tomorrows are guaranteed, right? Wouldn't it be better to tell her, even if the timing is wrong, than never to tell her at all?

Castle: And what if she isn't ready?

Martha: Then she never will be. Then you move on.

Castle enters with two cups of coffee and approaches Beckett's desk while she's going over some documents.

Castle: Hey.

Beckett: Hey. Thanks.

Castle gives her the coffee.

Castle: Yeah. You got a sec?

Castle sits down.

Beckett: Yeah. What's up?

Castle: Um… I've been thinking… About the victims and… All the opportunities they'll never have…

Beckett swallows, knowing what Castle is getting at.

Castle: … And I don't want that to happen.

Beckett's expression begins to lighten and she smiles slightly in anticipation.

Castle: I've been…

Ryan: Beckett.

Beckett is slightly startled and they look at Ryan.

Ryan: We got something.

Beckett: Um…

Beckett looks at Castle.

Castle: It's okay. It can wait till after the case.

Beckett nods and gets up. Castle exhales and then follows.

In the tech room.

Beckett: Did you get the video from the plaza?

Gates: Not yet, but what I have here is even better. Data from wireless carriers that shows us all the GPS-activated cell phones in Boylan Plaza.

Ryan pulls up the data on the screen. The map is grey with moving red dots.

Ryan: This is the plaza yesterday at 4:32, right before the explosion. Each red dot represents the GPS position of a specific phone.

Beckett: How did you get this?

Gates: I called in a favor from a friend at Homeland Security.

Castle: That is a damn good friend.

Beckett: So then, if those red dots represent cell phones, can we figure out who they belong to?

Gates: That's the whole idea.

Beckett: If this shows us who was closest to the bomb, it gives us our witnesses.

Gates: It can even show us where everyone was in real time. Advance it to 4:32.

Ryan changes the time on the screen and presses play. There are muffled conversations as it plays.

Man: … You're a virus.

Corinne: You tried on eleven dresses.

Leann West: … What they say is greed and corruption…

The explosion sounds.

Beckett: The dots that disappeared, that's the explosion.

Castle: Wait a second. You guys see that? There was… Right before the bomb went off. Ryan, could you take it back ten seconds?

Ryan resets and plays the data.

Man: … You're a virus.

Corinne: You tried on…

Castle: That dot right there.

Corinne: … Eleven dresses.

Castle: Right before the explosion, it goes to the blast site, waits for a second, and then rushes away.

Gates: Play it again.

Ryan resets and plays the data. They watch one of the dots.

Corinne: You tried on eleven dresses.

Beckett: That's the bomber.

Ryan: Let's see if I can pull up his ID.

A box pops up on the screen with the red dot's info.

Ryan: Cell phone's registered to an Andrew Haynes.

Gates: Tell me where he is right now.

Ryan checks the system.

Ryan: No GPS signal. Uh, his battery's either dead or his phone is off.

Beckett: Wait a minute. Haynes sounds familiar.

Beckett checks the list of witnesses, Andrew Haynes is on it.

Beckett: He showed up in the precinct twenty minutes ago for an interview.

Castle: The bomber's in the building?

The team watches Haynes behind the glass.

Ryan: Unis have him a full body. No weapons. No explosives.

Beckett: He still thinks he's here as a witness?

Esposito: We told him the search was routine.

Castle: So this is Andrew Haynes. What's his story?

Esposito: He has it out for the Takeover movement. He's organized counterdemonstrations, disrupted their rallies, he's even handed out fliers saying how they should be stopped by any means necessary.

Ryan: He walks the walk, too. He was a suspect in the bombing of some Greenpeace offices a few years back.

Beckett: Anything turn up at his place?

Haynes eats some of the food that's sitting in the interrogation room.

Ryan: Yeah, a smoking gun. Unis found receipts to an internet café where he goes. Now, they traced those e-mail threats back to that café and Haynes log-in ID. He's our guy.

Beckett: So then why is he strolling in here just as cool as could be?

Castle: My guess… He's proud of what he's done, can't wait to tell someone about it.

Beckett: Well then, let's give him the opportunity to do just that.

Beckett enters with a friendly demeanour.

Beckett: Hi, Mr. Haynes. I'm Detective Kate Beckett.

She shakes hands with him.

Beckett: Thank you so much for coming in.

Andrew Haynes: It's about time you brought me in here. If I had to rub elbows with those whiny little troublemakers… I was gonna do something drastic.

Beckett: Oh, yeah, well, I wouldn't blame you.

Andrew Haynes: Hey, free thinker. I respect that.

Beckett: Um, you know, my personal feelings aside, I still have to investigate this incident.

Andrew Haynes: Y… Yeah, you know, you… You gotta dot your I's, cross your T's. I get that.

Beckett: Exactly. So, I just have to ask you a few questions about what you saw just before the bombing starting with... Where you were.

Beckett pulls out the map.

Andrew Haynes: Um…I, uh, I… I was… I was, like, right up here.

Beckett: Um, so that's about 100 feet from the blast site?

Andrew Haynes: Yeah.

Beckett: And what were you doing there?

Andrew Haynes: Oh, I was, uh, pretty much getting hassled.

In the street.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street!

Andrew Haynes: Hey, nimrod. Here. Educate yourself.

Haynes hands someone a flier.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Andrew Haynes: Hey, why don't you give this a read? Hey, garanimal pants. Quit the pity party. Get a frickin' job. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Hello. Hey! I'm talking to you. Kitten, can you take…

Someone grabs Hayne's shoulder. It's Jesse Friedman.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Andrew Haynes: What's your problem? You don't like what I have to say?

Jesse Friedman: Sorry.

Andrew Haynes: Huh? Can't face the truth?

In the Interrogation/Observation rooms.

Beckett: I'm sorry. Just… Just so I'm clear, so… You were debating with the protestors until that bomb went off?

Andrew Haynes: Yeah, I was trying to give 'em a reality check. I mean, you know, they're all up in arms about the greedy corporation, and who do they think is creating the jobs? You know, they're a bunch of silver-spoon hypocrites. I mean, half of them, they don't… They don't even know who they're protesting against.

Beckett: Right, and stopping them would actually be a service to this country.

Haynes realizes what she's doing. Beckett smirks.

Andrew Haynes: Yeah, it'd be item number one on any true patriot's to-do list.

Beckett: And you are a true patriot…

Andrew Haynes: You're damn right about that.

Beckett: … Aren't you, Andrew? That's why you put that bomb in the plaza, to defend the country that you love?

Haynes tosses the food on the table as he gets up.

Andrew Haynes: What are you talking about?

Beckett: Come on, Andrew. I don't want you to have to serve any more time than you have to. We know that you weren't with those protestors. You were down here, dropping off the bomb and then running for cover.

Andrew Haynes: Based on what?

Beckett: We traced your phone. The GPS places you right there.

Andrew Haynes: You can't prove it was me. I lost my phone yesterday.

Beckett: Really?

Andrew Haynes: Mm-hmm.

Beckett: Okay, then maybe you can explain this.

Beckett pulls out some documents.

Beckett: Threatening e-mails that you sent from an internet café, promising to continue those bombings until the protests stopped.

Haynes sips his drink.

Andrew Haynes: I'd like to talk to my lawyer.

The Feds cuff Haynes in the bullpen and take him into custody.

Agent Johnson: White male, antisocial loner, extreme political views… He's a perfect fit for the profile BSU worked up for us. We'll continue questioning him downtown.

Gates: Well, according to my people, he's nowhere near confessing.

Agent Johnson: Well, have them re-interview the witnesses and find us someone that saw Haynes put that backpack down.

Agent Johnson exits.

Gates: You're welcome.

In the tech room.

Esposito: So, we talked to twenty witnesses along Haynes's GPS path, but none of them can positively ID him.

Ryan: With all the confusion, no one's exactly sure what happened. You guys have any luck?

Beckett: Four people remember seeing a guy in a black Takeover hoodie, but nobody remembers seeing his face.

Esposito: A black hoodie doesn't get us home, not with half the protestors wearing them

Ryan: Somebody had to have seen this guy.

Castle watches the video behind their backs.

Castle: There's a protestor we haven't spoken to yet… The street drummer. After the cameraman rousted him, that bridesmaid said he relocated… By the coffee truck, which would put him right in Haynes' path.

Beckett: Which means he could've seen Haynes' face.

Ryan: Yeah, but we don't know his name and he's not on our witness list. How are we gonna find this guy?

Beckett: You know what? He's a street performer. He's probably gotten nuisance citations, which means, if he has, we should be able to ID him.

In the interview room.

Malik: I make music. Why do you arrest me?

Beckett: We're not arresting you, Malik. We just need to ask you a few questions about what you saw in Boylan Plaza yesterday afternoon.

Malik: I know nothing about the bomb. I am an innocent man.

Castle: And we believe you.

Beckett: But we think that you might have seen something that'll help us catch the person who did this.

Malik: I… I don't want trouble.

Beckett: Malik, your visa expires, didn't it? Is that what's worrying you?

Malik: I cannot go back to my country.

Beckett: And I won't make you. I don't care about your immigration status. We just need to know exactly what you saw just before that explosion.

Malik: I will tell you what I can.

Castle: Okay.

Malik plays his drums in the plaza.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street!

Castle: When you were playing by the coffee truck, a man walked by you wearing a black Takeover sweatshirt. Do you remember seeing him?

Malik: Yes. I saw him.
Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

In the interview room;

Beckett: Wait a minute, are you saying that you saw the man wearing the Takeover sweatshirt put down a blue backpack in front of the lamppost?

Malik: Yes.

Castle: Did you get a good look at his face?

The Takeover hoodie guy bumps into Nadia, spilling her coffee.

Nadia: Damn it!

In the interview room.

Castle: You're certain the man you saw leaving the backpack was Hispanic and in his 20s?

Flashback of Malik seeing the suspect's face.

Malik: Yes.

Beckett and Castle exchange a shocked look.

Malik: I… I gave the wrong answer?

Beckett: Are you sure this wasn't the person?

Beckett shows Malik a photo of Andrew Haynes.

Malik: No. That's--that's not him.

Beckett: The FBI has got the wrong guy.

Castle: Which means the real bomber is still out there.

In Gates's office.

Agent Johnson: If Andrew Haynes didn't plant the bomb, then why did he e-mail those threats? Why does his GPS show him fleeing the scene?

Gates: We can't answer that yet, but our witnesses gave a good description.

Beckett pulls out a sketch.

Beckett: It was this man.

Agent Johnson: How do we know this guy is not making this up?

Beckett: Look, the details of the bomb haven't been released to the press yet, so how would our witness know about the blue backpack unless he actually saw it?

Agent Johnson: All right, you people pursue this. But Andrew Haynes is still our prime suspect. At least until you can give me something more than the word of a street musician.

Gates points to the Hispanic hoodie man's sketch on the murder board.

Gates: Identifying this man, that is now our top priority. According to our witness, he was wearing a Takeover sweatshirt, so he might be part of the movement. Show this sketch around, talk to other protestors. If he was a regular in Boylan Plaza, someone there must know who he is.

The troops begin to disperse.

Gates: Uh, not you, Mr. Castle. I have a special task for you. I hear that you're quite the speed reader, and in the time that I've known you, you've shown... Well... On occasion, an exceptional attention to detail.

Castle: That's the first time you've ever paid me a complimen…

Gates holds up her hand to stop him.

Castle: Go on.

Gates: We've conducted over a hundred interviews so far.

A uniform comes over with a very large stack of files and hands them to Castle.

Gates: Someone needs to review them swiftly, looking for information that can help us ID our suspect, and, uh… I believe you're my best bet.

Gates walks off. Castle turns toward Beckett with a smile. Beckett grins at his reaction.

Castle: I think she's finally starting to like me.

Behind him, Gates pauses before she enters her office.

Gates: No, I'm not.

Castle looks down at the files and Beckett's grin twitches into an uncertain frown.

Castle: Wearin' her down.

Beckett makes a wry grimace.

Castle walks to the kitchen with the stack of files.

Castle: Good morning.

Alexis: Morning. Any breaks in the case?

Castle: No. I've been poring over these witness statements looking for clues about our bomber, but so far, nothing.

Alexis: Well, maybe these will bring you come luck.

Alexis hands him smiley-face chocolate chip pancakes she made him.

Castle: These are emergency cheering-up pancakes. I mean, these are usually reserved for after breakups or Dancing with the Stars eliminations. What's the occasion?

Alexis: Well, after the other day, I thought we both needed some cheering up.

Castle sighs.

Castle: You shouldn't need cheering up. You shouldn't have even been there. You should've been with your friends or at the movies.

Alexis: Dad, I'm 18.

Castle: I know. I know. It's just...you're gonna see plenty of reality in your lifetime. I just would like you to keep the rose colour on your glasses for as long as possible.

Alexis: But I'm trying not to focus on the ugly side of it, Dad. I… I've gotten straight "A"s, awards, more trophies than I can count. This job is the first thing that's made me feel like I'm doing something important, valuable. I mean, isn't that why you do it?

Castle: You're a pretty smart kid, you know that?

Alexis: Well... They say genius...

Alexis sugarcoats Castle's pancake.

Alexis:... Skips a generation.

Castle: Apparently, so does funny.

Alexis: Eat your pancake.

Castle: Right.

Beckett sits at the murder board and stares at Castle's usual chair by her desk, mulling over what he was about to tell her earlier. Ryan enters, pulling her out of her reverie.

Ryan: Beckett.

Ryan looks at the chair Beckett is staring at and then back at her.

Ryan: What's going on?

Beckett: Um, nothing. I'm just thinking about my next move.

Ryan: I may have it for you. We got a line on this guy.

Ryan takes the hoodie guy sketch off of the murder board.

Beckett: Someone IDed the sketch?

Ryan: Yeah, a protestor named Jenni Klein, says she knows this guy as Bobby.

Beckett: And there's no last name?

Ryan: No, but this Bobby invited her over once. She knows where he lives.

Bobby walks down the street wearing a backpack. Esposito steps out of hiding with his gun pointed at Bobby.

Esposito: Hey, Bobby.

Bobby puts up his hands as another cop steps out to his left and Ryan flanks him from behind.

Esposito: Remove the backpack and place it on the ground, slowly.

Ryan: Then get on your knees.

Bobby takes off the backpack and Ryan checks it.

Ryan: Just a bunch of gym clothes and some water bottles.

Esposito: Not like last time, huh, Bobby?

Ryan cuffs Bobby. Esposito holsters his gun and lifts Bobby to his feet.

Esposito: Get up.

Beckett enters and sits across from the suspect.

Beckett: Robert Lopez. That's your name. Right, Bobby? Actually, I know quite a bit about you. I know where you live. I know you don't have a record. I know you're not member of any political party. And as soon as my team finishes searching your place, I'm gonna know even more. Eventually I'll find out, but why don't you just tell me?

Beckett leans forward.

Beckett: Why did you plant that bomb?

Castle smiles at some familiar uniforms as he enters with two coffees. He places one on Beckett's empty desk. Esposito enters.

Castle: Hey. No luck with those witness statements. You guys catch a break?

Esposito: Better yet, we caught the suspect.

Castle: And I missed it? Where is he?

Esposito: In the box with Beckett.

In the interrogation room.

Beckett: Would you like me to refresh your memory?

Beckett stands over the suspect and slaps a photo on the table.

Castle enters in the observation room.

Beckett: You were standing here by the lamppost. You dropped the backpack and then you started running as it exploded and killed five people.

Robert Lopez: I didn't… I didn't do what you're saying.

Beckett: Witnesses saw you drop your backpack, Bobby!

Robert Lopez: It wasn't mine.

In the interrogation room.

Beckett: Oh, so you admit to having it?

Robert Lopez: No. That's--that's not what I meant.

Beckett: You just said that it wasn't yours.

Robert Lopez: Yeah, because you got me all confused…

Beckett: Did you or didn't you have it? It's a simple question.

Robert Lopez: I don't know.

Beckett: Who put you up to this, Bobby? Who gave you that backpack?

Robert Lopez: I don't… I don't know. I don't remember.

Beckett: "You don't remember." How you do not remember?

Robert Lopez: I was in shock.

In the observation room.

Robert Lopez: The bomb went off. Everyone was running and screaming.

Beckett: Okay, okay. So, you remember what happened after the bomb went off, but not before.

In the interrogation room.

Robert Lopez: It must've been one of those traumatic amnesia things…

Beckett: Bobby! Don't lie to me.

Robert Lopez: I'm telling you it was all a big blank. It was the trauma.

Beckett: It was not the trauma. You don't get to use that excuse.

Robert Lopez: I swear, I don't remember.

Beckett: The hell you don't remember!

In the observation room.

Beckett: Do you want to know trauma? I was shot in the chest and I remember...

Castle nods in agreement.

In the interrogation room.

Beckett: ... Every second of it.

Castle stops nodding and looks at Beckett through the glass in surprise.

Beckett: And so do you.

Beckett steps behind the suspect in frustration, crossing her arms. Castle watches her, his expression darkening.

Castle: All this time... You remembered?

Near the bullpen.

Esposito: Guy's still not talking?

Beckett: Not yet. I'm gonna let him sweat for a bit.

They reach Beckett's desk and she sees the coffee cup.

Beckett: Was Castle here?

Esposito: Yeah, earlier. But he said he had to go. Said there was somewhere he needed to be.

Castle and Martha walk towards the memorial set up by the crime scene.

Martha: Oh, Richard, really… A bomb memorial? Come on, honey. Isn't this kind of morbid?

Castle: Well, it's how I'm feeling.

Martha: She is not dead.

Castle: She might as well be. I really thought we could have a future together. You know, I was… I was willing to wait. Come to find out, it's all just a big joke. She knew. This whole time, she remembered, and she didn't say anything… Because she was embarrassed because she doesn't feel the same way.

Martha sighs.

Castle: I'm such a fool.

Martha: Well, come on. Let's go home. Break out some of the good stuff, okay?

Castle: Oh, I'd love to. I gotta be getting back.

Martha: Back? Why on earth would you go back knowing how she feels, knowing that she lied to you?

Castle: No, no, no, no, this isn't about her. This is… This is about them.

Castle indicated the memorial.

Castle: You know, it's about doing something real… Something that matters. I'm not willing to let that go.

Martha: Richard, love is not a switch. You can't just turn it off. You can't work side by side with her and not feel anything.

Castle: Watch me.

Castle enters with a stone-faced expression and Beckett looks up from her desk.

Castle: Hey.

Beckett: Hey. Where were you?

Castle: Just clearing my head. Where are we on Bobby?

Beckett: Uniforms are searching his place. We're hoping to find something that'll break him.

Beckett looks at Castle, expecting him to come up with some fun banter, but he just stands there with a blank, humourless expression.

Esposito: FBI called with an update.

Beckett's brow furrows at Castle's coldness.

Esposito: The device used in Boylan Plaza was a pipe bomb, but here's the weird part… It wasn't packed with nails, ball bearings, or anything else.

Beckett: That is weird. Bombers usually add projectiles to maximize damage.

Castle: That's not the only way to maximize damage.

Castle looks down at Beckett with the same cold, blank stare.

Beckett: Uh… So what was it triggered by, cell phone, trip wire?

Esposito: A remote, probably rigged from a garage door opener. But the range on those is only about a hundred feet.

Castle: So, whoever detonated it was in Boylan Plaza.

Beckett: And I bet you we'll find that garage remote in Bobby's apartment.

Ryan enters with several evidence bags.

Ryan: Uh, no such luck. But… We did find credit cards... With lots of different names on them. And we found some wallets… And some cell phones, too. In fact, one of those cell phones belonged to Andrew Haynes.

Beckett: Bobby's a pickpocket.

In the interrogation room.

Robert Lopez: Yeah, I pretty much am.

Beckett: That's why you attended the Takeover protests?

Robert Lopez: All those people hanging out, full of peace and brotherhood…

In the street.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Leader: What do we want?

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Andrew Haynes: Hey, nimrod. Here. Educate yourself. Here, educate…

Bobby bumps into Haynes.

In the interrogation room.

Castle: Like an all-you-can-steal buffet.

Robert Lopez: You got that right.

Beckett: Why didn't you just tell me the truth from the start?

Robert Lopez: And what, admit to a cop that likes me for murder that I'm a thief? Amnesia seemed like the better plan.

Castle glares at Beckett.

Castle: Yeah.

Beckett looks at Castle, confused by his tone.

Castle: So you lifted Andrew Haynes's phone, which is why it looked as if he planted the bomb.

Robert Lopez: Who's Andrew Haynes?

Beckett: Don't worry about that. Talk to me about the backpack. How did you get it?

In the street.

Andrew Haynes: You know, you people, you're a virus.

Beethoven's Fifth Symphony plays.

Andrew Haynes: You're irresponsible. You're infecting this country. Hello. Can you hear? You probably couldn't hear your… Do you hablas English?

Bobby walks towards the Beethoven music.

In the interrogation.

Robert Lopez: I lifted it.

In the street.

Robert Lopez: It was just lying there between two dumpsters.

Friedman tries to stop Bobby.

Jesse Friedman: Hey! Hey, that's mine. Give me that. That's mine! Give that back! Hey!

Bobby takes off.

Jesse Friedman: Hey! Hey, hey, that's my bag.

Friedman chases Bobby through the crowd.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Jesse Friedman: Come back!

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Jesse Friedman: Come back here! Hey, hey, you.

Corinne: … This close to bridezilla territory.

Nadia: Oh, maybe I'll wear jeans to my wedding.

Bobby passes the drummer Malik, and leaves the backpack at the lamppost.

Nadia: Maybe we can hire that guy as the band.

Bobby bumps into Nadia, making her spill her coffee on herself.

Nadia: Damn it!

Crowd: Takeover!

The bomb explodes.

Bobby shakes his head as he stares at the table.

Robert Lopez: I swear, I… I didn't know a bomb was in it. I would never hurt anyone. Look, you gotta believe me.

Beckett: The man who said that you took his backpack…

Beckett shows Bobby a photo of Jesse Friedman.

Beckett: Is that him?

Robert Lopez: Yeah. That… That's… That's the guy.

Castle: Are you sure?

Friedman pursues Bobby through the crowd.

Robert Lopez: Yeah. Yeah, that's him.

Castle: That's Jesse Friedman. He's one of the victims.

In the interrogation room.

Beckett: And he's a member of the movement.

Castle: That doesn't make any sense. Why would he attack his own people?

Castle stares at the murder board, imagining flashbacks of the bombing.

Beckett: Okay. Thank you…. So, unis searched Jesse Freidman's place and they found research of how to build the same device that was used in Boylan Plaza.

Castle: So Jesse blew up his own protest? Why would he do that?

Beckett: Maybe to get sympathy for his movement, publicity…

Castle: And since he placed the bomb between two dumpsters…

Beckett: He didn't think that anyone would get hurt. Then Bobby stole the backpack.

Castle: If Jesse was worried about someone getting hurt, why would he set off the bomb?

Esposito: I don't think he did. There was no remote found on or near the body, which means someone else detonated it.

Ryan: Probably somebody he knew. Thirty seconds before the blast, Jesse got a call on his cell from a burner phone. Then, two seconds before the bomb went off, he tried to call that same phone back.

Beckett: So then, maybe Jesse had a partner, and that's who triggered the bomb.

Castle: You said that remote had a range of about a hundred feet, right?

Esposito: Mm-hmm.

Castle: So whoever the partner was, he must have been here somewhere, close to the bomb blast, hidden among the crowd. We need to take another look at the sequence of events, piece together the witness statements. The answer is in the story. So let's start at the beginning.

In the street.

Crowd: Takeover Wall Street! Takeover Wall Street! Takeover Wall Street! Takeover Wall Street!

Castle: Leann and her cameraman are setting up for their live broadcast.

Leann West: Make sure you get the crowd in the background, Mark.

Mark: Another shot of you and the chanting masses. I'm so over this protest. Yeah, next time we'll do a piece on Brazilian runway models, I promise.

The view shifts to the blue backpack between the dumpsters nearby.

Mark: Gonna hold you to that. All right. Let's roll this puppy.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Leann West: Roger that.

Leann removes her earpiece and prepares for the camera. The view switches to Bobby, then Haynes.

Castle: At the same time, Bobby's prowling the plaza. He sees Andrew Haynes haranguing the protestors.

Andrew Haynes: Quit the pity party. Pull yourself up by the bootstraps. Hey, nimrod. Here. Educate yourself.

Haynes hands someone a flier.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Andrew Haynes: Hey, why don't you give this a read? Hey, garanimal pants.

Near the bullpen.

Castle: He's easy pickings.

Near the street.

Andrew Haynes: Here, educ…

Bobby bumps into Haynes.

Castle: So Bobby relieves him of his phone.

Bobby takes the phone out of Haynes's pocket and both of them move on.

Andrew Haynes: Educate yourself, would you?
Castle: Then Bobby goes looking for his next business opportunity. He spots the blue backpack unattended, calling out to him. So he grabs it, blissfully unaware of what's inside.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Jesse Friedman: Hey! Hey, that's mine!

Near the bullpen.

Castle: But Jesse sees him and he flips out.

Jesse tries to grab the backpack, but Bobby takes off.

Jesse Friedman: Give me that. That's mine! Give that back! Hey!

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Castle: Bobby ducks out of sight. Jesse panics. The bomb is on the move. What's he gonna do? People are in danger. He grabs a man in a black hoodie, thinking it's the thief.

Freidman grabs Haynes.

Andrew Haynes: What's your problem? You don't like what I have to say?

Jesse Friedman: Sorry.

Andrew Haynes: Huh? Can't face the truth?

Castle: But it's Andrew Haynes.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Castle: But by now, Bobby's decided taking the backpack wasn't such a good idea.

Crowd: Take over Wall Street! Take over Wall Street!

Castle: So he ditches it and keeps moving.

Bobby leaves the backpack at the lamppost.

Nadia: Could you imagine the look on Mom's face?

Bobby bumps into Nadia, spilling her coffee.

Near the bullpen.

Castle: Bam.

In the street.

Nadia: Damn it!

Castle: They bump into each other, drawing the attention of the street drummer who's now by the coffee truck.

Friedman runs through the crowd and finds the backpack at the lamppost. He hurriedly dials his phone, it rings and picks up.

Phone Voice: The subscriber you're trying to reach is not available…

The bomb explodes right in front of Friedman.

Near the bullpen.

Castle: He's too late.

Esposito: Well, that's a nice story, bro, but it still doesn't tell us who Jesse's partner is.

Beckett: Well, it's gotta be whoever Jesse was one the phone with in the minutes before the bomb went off.

Castle: How long was that first incoming call?

Ryan checks his file.

Ryan: Uh, eight seconds.

Castle: So that was probably the "all systems go" call.

Ryan: Then after the backpack was stolen, Jesse tried to make an "all systems not go" call, but he didn't get through in time.

Beckett: Do any of the witnesses remember who Jesse was hanging out with?

Esposito: Not yet, but we're still reconstructing his movements based on statements from his friends…

Castle: Whoa. A Beethoven t-shirt.

Castle points out the t-shirt that Friedman is wearing.

Castle: Call-and-response. I know who Jesse's partner is.

Bobby paces the crowd looking for someone to pickpocket.

Crowd: Takeover Wall Street! Takeover Wall Street!

Castle: Bobby remembered hearing a Beethoven ringtone coming from nearby…

Near the bullpen.

Castle: Just before he stole the backpack.

West Side Wally's Beethoven hallucination.

Castle: And West Side Wally said Beethoven showed up, conducting his Fifth Symphony.

A man walks up in a period outfit and conducts Beethoven's Fifth Symphony for a moment, then bows to Wally.

Beethoven: We're good to go.

Near the bullpen.

Castle: That was actually Jesse Friedman…

In the street, Jesse dials his cell.

Castle: With his Beethoven t-shirt and ringtone, making his "All systems go" call.

Jesse Friedman: We're good to go.

Castle: We know that he was talking to someone within a hundred feet and that call lasted eight seconds. Long enough for a call-and-response… A call and response to the one person who could broadcast the explosion live on television and bring the publicity that the movement needed.

Jesse Friedman: We're good to go.

Leann West: Roger that.

Leann removes her earpiece and prepares for the camera.

Mark: Live in three…

Leann pulls the detonator out of her pocket surreptitiously holds it at her side. The cameraman counts down on his fingers.

Leann West: I'm here at Boylan Plaza on day thirty-six of the takeover protest.

Leann presses the detonator.

Near the bullpen.

Castle: Leann West was on the other end of that phone.

In the interrogation room.

Crowd: Takeover Wall Street! Takeover Wall Street!

Leann West: Roger that.

Leann removes her earpiece in the video.

Leann West: No, I wasn't. I wasn't on the phone with anyone. I was talking to my cameraman. I already told the FBI the whole story.

Castle: Yeah, except you left out a few details.

Beckett: Like the fact that you knew Jesse Friedman. The two of you went to Hudson University.

Leann West: Yeah, so did a lot of people.

Castle: We're guessing the two of you reunited at the protest. You went out for drinks and you hatched a plan.

Beckett: He wanted media attention for the movement. You wanted to get promoted to the anchor desk.

Castle: So you set up your cameras at the perfect vantage point.

Beckett: You waited until you went live and you detonated that bomb.

Leann West: What? That is insane. This is ridiculous, and I will not listen to another word of it. We're done here.

Leann moves to get up, but Beckett slaps an evidence bag cell phone on the table.

Beckett: Do you recognize that? That's the burner cell that you used to call Jesse.

Castle: Found it in a storm drain about two blocks from Boylan Plaza. You know what else we found in there?

Castle pulls out another evidence bag with the detonator and Leann's expression changes to horror.

Castle: The remote you used to detonate the bomb.

Beckett: Small enough to hide in the palm of your hand. It's got your fingerprints all over it, Leann.

Leann West: How did you find that?

Castle: By tracking your movements after the explosion using your phone's GPS.

Leann West: No one was supposed to get hurt. It was just gonna make a lot of noise, and people would start respecting me as a reporter, but everything just went wrong.

Beckett: Why didn't you come forward once you realized what you had done?

Leann West: I thought about it, but what good would that do? I kept quiet for Jesse.

Castle glares at Leann.

Leann West: I wanted to protect his memory.

Castle: Well, that's what your friend Jesse would call sinning by silence.

Castle glares at Beckett.

Castle: It's not smart. It's not brave. It's just cowardly.

Castle broods and Beckett is confused by his harsh insults.

The troops gather for a debrief.

Gates: The FBI has taken Leann West into custody. This woman, whose blind ambition led to the death of five people, will get what she deserves. I, um… I want to thank each of you for what you did to make this happen. You, um… All put in one-hundred and ten percent, made me proud. So let's, uh… Get outta here, head on home, and catch up on some much-needed rest.

The troops disperse, a few shake Castle's hand. Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Esposito gather at her desk.

Beckett: You know what? I'm still kind of wired. Do you guys want to go out for a drink?

Ryan: Oh, I'm sorry. You know, it feels like a month since I've seen Jenny. I should really get home.

Esposito: Me, too. I'm tanked. I'll holler at you.

Ryan and Esposito take off.

Beckett: So I guess it's just us.

Castle: Yeah.

Beckett: You know, now that the case is done… What did you want to talk about?

Beckett waits expectantly.

Castle: Nothing. Nothing important anyway. I'm gonna head home. Night.

Beckett is confused by his distance.

Beckett: Good night.

Beckett ponders Castle's attitude change as he walks to the elevator. He steps in and glares at her as the doors close.

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