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#417 : Il était une fois un crime

Résumé : L'équipe enquête sur la mort d'une jeune femme retrouvée dans une tenue faisant référence au Petit Chaperon Rouge, en plein Central Park. Lanie identifie rapidement des traces de griffes, ce qui convainc Castle et Ryan que le coupable ne peut être que le « Grand Méchant Loup ». Quelques heures plus tard, l'affaire se complique quand une nouvelle victime, cette fois habillée comme Blanche-Neige, une pomme à la main, est découverte dans le même secteur. Les recherches mènent l'équipe à des retraits bancaires d'une somme précise et identique, ce qui cache forcément un lien entre les deux victimes...
Parallèlement, Martha se lance dans l'écriture d'un one woman show, ce qui a le don d'exaspérer Castle.


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Titre VO
Once Upon A Crime

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Il était une fois un crime

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Réalisation : Jeff Bleckner
Scénario : Kate Sargeant

Distribution principale : 

Distribution secondaire: 

  • Sarah Jane Morris (Leslie Morgan)
  • Taylor Kinney (Darren Morgan)
  • Jason Thompson (Noah Curtis)
  • Meghan Markle (Charlotte Boyd)
  • June Squibb (Jamie Isaacson)


417 Once Upon A Crime

[A woman in a red hooded cloak wanders through the woods, panting. An animal howls. A twig snaps and the woman gasps and looks behind her. The trees continue rusting and she runs off. She trips over a root and screams as something rushes up to her and slices into her skin.]


MARTHA: She screamed as the pain ripped through her...

[Castle walks around the corner in his robe, with a coffee mug in his hand.]

MARTHA: And in between each labored breath, she thought, "There is no way in hell I am having this baby on a subway train in the Bronx."

[Martha exhales and scurries over to the laptop that her biographer is holding.]

MARTHA: Did you get all that?

MARCUS: So, you actually gave birth to your son on the metro?

CASTLE: No. She didn't. She also didn't run a marathon the week before she had me or beat up a mugger while nine months pregnant.

MARTHA: It's called "dramatic license", darling.

CASTLE: Actually, it's called "wild exaggeration". Dramatic license applied to writing.

MARTHA: And that's what I'm doing. This is Marcus, this fabulous young playwright I told you about, who's helping me put together my one-woman show.

MARCUS: Mr. Castle, I'm a huge fan. Just being in this office is a dream come true.

CASTLE: For me, too. For me, too. Only in my dreams, I'm...usually by myself.

MARTHA: We just felt that this room had the best creative juju.

CASTLE: Oh, it does. It does. Yeah, I wrote twenty bestsellers in here.

MARTHA: Right, right.

CASTLE: I'd like to write another one. Now.

MARTHA: Oh, can't it wait, dear? We're just putting the final touches on act one-- you know, where I overcame the challenges of being a single, working mother.

CASTLE (chuckles): You know you're writing a work of fiction, right?

[Marcus's brow furrows and Castle answers his ringing cell.]

CASTLE (on cell) : Castle.


CASTLE: First Alexis is interning for Lanie - 

[A uniform lifts the police line for Castle and Beckett.]

CASTLE: Thank you - Now my mother is taking over my office. I feel like my whole life is being invaded.

BECKETT: You'll get used to it. I did.

CASTLE: It is not the same thing.

[Beckett shoots Castle a look.]

CASTLE: Okay, it's similar, just much less invasive.

[They approach the crime scene.]

BECKETT: Hey, Lanie. So, what do we got here?

LANIE: That's a good question. I can tell you this much-- based on body temp and lividity, our victim died between ten and midnight.

[The body has deep scratches on her face and arms.]

CASTLE: Claw marks? She was attacked by an animal?

LANIE: Well, she was running from something. She's got dirt on her feet.

BECKETT: What animal in Central Park could maul a person to death?

LANIE: I'm not even sure that's what happened. These lacerations look shallow, nonlethal, but I won't know exactly what killed her until I get her back to the morgue.

BECKETT: Do you have an I.D.?

LANIE: No wallet or purse, so we don't know who she is.


[Beckett and Lanie look at Castle. Castle steps aside with Beckett.]

CASTLE: Isn't it obvious? I mean, am I the only one seeing this?


CASTLE: Red cloak, in the woods, animal attack. She's Little Red Riding Hood.

BECKETT: Great, Castle. I'll call in an APB for the Big Bad Wolf.

CASTLE: Do you have a better theory?

[Beckett chews on her lip. She keeps walking.]

BECKETT: Hey, Ryan?

[Ryan walks over.]

BECKETT: Do you think you could call dispatch, see if there are any reports of a violent animal running around the park?

RYAN: Like a wolf? A Big Bad one?

BECKETT: Really?

RYAN: That is exactly how I pictured her. It's freaky. My older sister used to read me that story.

BECKETT: Okay, when you're done reliving your childhood memories, do you also think that you could canvass the area for witnesses and anyone that might know her name? And I bet you it's not gonna be Little Red Riding Hood.

RYAN: On it.

CASTLE (V.O.) : "All the better to eat you with. No sooner had the Wolf said these words..."

[Castle reads the Little Red Riding Hood story on his phone as they enter the precinct.]

CASTLE: "...when he leaped up and gobbled down poor Little Red Riding Hood." Well, the good news is the Wolf can talk. So, if we can find him, we might be able to get a confession.

BECKETT: Yeah, except in the original story, the Wolf doesn't kill Little Red Riding Hood. The Huntsman cuts her out of the Wolf's stomach, and then she kills the Wolf.

CASTLE: Someone's a Brothers Grimm fan.

BECKETT: Oh, yeah. They didn't sugarcoat it. They understood that fairytales are pretty much horror stories.

[Esposito follows them to Beckett's desk with a file.]

CASTLE: Exactly, which is why we all need them to grapple with the unknown, which is why they tap into our primal fears, like being alone in the woods or getting eaten by monsters.

ESPOSITO: They're not horror stories. They're life lessons. If you do the right thing, you get to live happily ever after.

BECKETT: But only in fairytales.

ESPOSITO: Speaking of fairytales, turns out that our victim really was Red Riding Hood.

BECKETT: Are you drinking Castle's Kool-Aid now?

[Castle shoots Beckett a look.]

ESPOSITO: No, I mean that she was actually wearing a Red Riding Hood costume. It said so right on the label.

BECKETT: Oh, okay. So then why was she wearing it in the middle of the woods at night?

[Castle raises his hand.]

CASTLE: On her way to Grandmother's House?

ESPOSITO: Mm, I doubt it. Her grandmother lives in Tallahassee.

BECKETT: Oh, great. So you got an I.D.?

ESPOSITO: Yeah. Her prints popped in the DMV database. Her name's Amy Morgan. Her sister Leslie's on her way in.

[Esposito hands Beckett the file and Beckett looks at the victim's photo.]


LESLIE MORGAN: I don't understand. Are you saying Amy was attacked by some kind of animal?

BECKETT: Do either of you have any idea why she was in the park?

LESLIE MORGAN: Amy never went there. She didn't have time. She was too busy.


CASTLE: Doing what?

DARREN MORGAN: Sh--she was an attorney for Sampson-Briggs in litigation. They worked her, like, a hundred hours a week.

BECKETT: Did she have a boyfriend, any one that she would've been with last night?

LESLIE MORGAN (shakes her head): Amy's single. She lives alone. Um... she's very driven. Was. She was.

BECKETT: Do either of you know why she would be wearing this?

[Beckett shows them a photo of the Red Riding Hood.]

DARREN MORGAN: What is it, a cape?

CASTLE: It's a Red Riding Hood cloak.

DARREN MORGAN: She was wearing that?

BECKETT: Mm-hmm.

LESLIE MORGAN: I know Amy's closet. This was not hers. I mean, even her sweatpants were Prada.

BECKETT: Well, maybe she was going to a party. Did she mention any parties?

LESLIE MORGAN: I'm telling you, she would never wear a thing like this.

BECKETT: Leslie, did your sister ever tell you about anything unusual going on at work or in her personal life?

LESLIE MORGAN : I don't know. I hadn't heard from her all week.

BECKETT: And was that out of the ordinary?

LESLIE MORGAN : Yes. We usually talked every day, and when she didn't call, I just assumed she was busy with a case or something, but...maybe there was something else going on.


BECKETT (on phone): Okay, bye. (hangs up) Hey.

[Castle comes over with two coffee mugs and hands one to Beckett.]

BECKETT: Thank you. So, that was Ryan.

[Beckett sips her coffee.]

BECKETT: He just left animal control and there was only one recent report of an animal loose in the park-- a beagle named Fred.

CASTLE: Well, either Fred is one vicious beagle or this mystery had just deepened. How does a high-powered lawyer end up dead in a Red Riding Hood costume?

[Castle looks at the murder board.]

CASTLE: Amy worked long hours under high pressure, right? What if she had a secret way of letting off steam that even her sister didn’t know about?

BECKETT: Like what?

CASTLE: There’s this whole adult role-playing subculture obsessed with fairytales.

[Beckett raises her eyebrows.]

CASTLE: No--not that kind of adult role play. Although, there’s that one, too.

BECKETT: And you know this how?

CASTLE: Did a little research. (chuckle) Bo Peep.

[Beckett makes a face.]

CASTLE: Anyway, these people get dressed in the outfits, they play the characters, they even reenact the stories. Maybe that’s what Amy was doing when everything went horribly and tragically wrong.

BECKETT: Castle, that is a surprisingly reasonable and grounded theory.

CASTLE: Yeah. Frankly, I’m a little disappointed in myself.

[Esposito enters.]

ESPOSITO: We all are, bro. So, I was going over Amy’s financials for any unusual activity. Four days ago, she took out $50,605 from her savings, all in cash.

CASTLE: $50,605? That’s an odd amount for a withdrawal, especially in cash.

ESPOSITO: Yeah, not only that, but the 50k, it’s not in her apartment, and I can’t tie it to any recent purchases.

BECKETT: Contact her bank. See if they know why she made that withdrawal.

ESPOSITO: As you wish.

[Beckett’s cell beeps.]

BECKETT: Oh, Lanie’s got news for us.


LANIE: Oh, I’ve got news, all right, but I’m not sure you’re gonna like it. I found hairs like this one in a wound on the victim’s arm. It didn’t come from her, so I ran DNA.

BECKETT: Did we get a match?

LANIE: The hair isn’t human. It’s wolf hair.

CASTLE: Ooooh--

LANIE: Simmer down, Castle. I’m not done with the story.

CASTLE: Sorry. What’s the rest of it?

LANIE: Well, from the depth and length of the gashes, it looks like the marks were made by only one claw.

CASTLE: A one-legged wolf?

LANIE: I don’t think it’s a wolf at all.

CASTLE: But the hair and the claw?

BECKETT: The killer wanted us to think it was a wolf to throw us off.

LANIE: Which would explain why there are no bite marks on the body. The gashes were inflicted by a human killer using a wolf claw.

CASTLE: So then what’s the real cause of death?

LANIE: Well, I found two fresh needle marks, both on the victim’s back, so she didn’t put them there herself.

BECKETT: So she was drugged? Is there any signs of sexual assault?

LANIE: No, but tox results turned up ketamine and oxycodone. I’m thinking our guy sedated her with the ketamine then dressed her in the costume, but the dose didn’t quite knocker her out.

BECKETT: So she tried to run away from her killer…

LANIE: And when he caught her, he dosed her with oxy, and it was lights out.


BECKETT: The drugs, the claw? This is murder, planned and premeditated. I mean, the killer staged the crime scene to evoke images of Little Red Riding Hood.

CASTLE: Yeah, but why would he do that?

BECKETT: Well, I’m less concerned about why. What I’m wondering is who.

[Velasquez hands Beckett a note. She reads it with a furrowed brow.]

CASTLE: So the killer must have lured Amy into the park.

[Beckett folds up the note without alluding to it.]

BECKETT: Which means he’s someone that she knew and trusted.

CASTLE: Yeah, like Red Riding Hood trusted her cute little Granny.

BECKETT: Yeah. Ryan, what did Amy’s coworkers tell you?

RYAN: Uh, that, uh, she definitely wasn’t herself lately. Said she’d been acting agitated since she missed a mandatory one o’clock staff meeting last Friday. Said it was for personal reasons.

BECKETT: That’s the same time that Amy stopped calling her sister. Ryan, can you look into her emails and phone calls? I want to know what was going on with her.

RYAN: Yep.

[Esposito hangs up his phone and turns around.]

ESPOSITO: Yo, Beckett. There’s something you need to see.


CASTLE: Right over there.

[Castle and Beckett approach a second crime scene where a dead woman is sitting propped up against a tree dressed as Snow White, an apple in her hand.]

BECKETT: Is that what I think it is in her hand?

CASTLE: A poisoned apple.

[“White as snow. Red as blood. Black as ebony” is written on the victim’s chest.]

BECKETT: She’s Snow White.

CASTLE: It looks like we’ve got a fairytale killer on our hands.



ESPOSITO: Yo, Beckett.

BECKETT: Excuse me.

ESPOSITO: Her medicalert bracelet got us an I.D. She’s Kristina Curtis, 25. Lives on the Upper East Side.

BECKETT: Does she have next of kin?

RYAN: Yeah, her husband. His name’s Noah Curtis.

BECKETT: Okay, I need you guys to take point on the interview. Find out what he knows about this, and let’s see if Kristina was connected to the other victim.

RYAN: You know, if our killer’s dressing his victims in these costumes, I bet we can I.D. the manufacturer and find out where he got ‘em.

BECKETT: That’s a good idea. You run with it.

[Beckett turns back to the body.]

CASTLE: Ah, here it is. “White as snow, red as blood, black as ebony.” This guy is quoting directly from Grimm’s original Snow White.

BECKETT: So our victims aren’t reenacting the fairytales, the killer is.

LANIE: Only this woman didn’t die from a poisoned apple. She has the same injection marks as Amy Morgan.

BECKETT: Do you have time of death?

LANIE: Between 5:00 and 7:00 AM this morning.

CASTLE: So he kills Red Riding Hood, and then six hours later, he strikes again? That’s a pretty quick turnaround.

BECKETT: It’s all the markings of a serial killer.

CASTLE: Yeah, but technically, you have to murder three times to be a serial killer.

BECKETT: Yeah, well, let’s make sure he never gets there.


ESPOSITO: When did you last see your wife, Mr. Curtis?

NOAH CURTIS: Just before 5:00 AM when she—she left for her jog. She—she gave me a kiss goodbye. That was the last time I saw her. I—I--I can’t…I can’t believe she’s gone.

RYAN: Mr. Curtis, this run she took, who else knew she was going?

NOAH CURTIS: Other joggers in the park, I guess. She—she went every morning, even in the snow. She—she never missed a day.

ESPOSITO: She have problems with any of the other joggers?

NOAH CURTIS: No, not that she told me.

RYAN: Did she ever mention being followed or watched?

NOAH CURTIS: You saying someone was stalking her?

RYAN: Under the circumstances, this doesn’t look like a random attack. What did you wife do for a living?

NOAH CURTIS: She owned an art gallery on Fifth Avenue. It was family owned. She took it over from her dad.

ESPOSITO: Did you ever see this woman before?

[Esposito shows him a photo of the first victim.]

ESPOSITO: Or heard the name Amy Morgan?

NOAH CURTIS: No, I don’t think so. Why? Who is she?

ESPOSITO: She’s another victim, Mr. Curtis. Could she be an acquaintance of Kristina’s?

[Noah looks at the photo again.]

NOAH CURTIS: I don’t recognize her. I’m sorry.

RYAN: Did you notice anything unusual about Kristina lately, her—her state of mind, maybe something she said or did?

NOAH CURTIS: There was something strange last week. We were supposed to have lunch on Friday, but she didn’t show. She called later to say she went to the art gallery for a last-minute emergency.

RYAN: Last Friday? Was your lunch at 1:00 PM?

NOAH CURTIS: Yeah. Yeah, it was. W—why?


RYAN: Kristina lied to her husband about why she missed their lunch. She wasn’t at the art gallery last Friday. They don’t know where she was.

BECKETT: Okay, so both of our victims were unaccounted for at exactly the same time shortly before they got killed. So where did they go?

[Ryan’s cell rings.]

RYAN: Yeah, still working on it. Excuse me. 


RYAN (answers cell) : Yeah, Ryan here.

[Ryan walks away.]

CASTLE: Maybe they knew each other.

BECKETT: No, their family said they didn’t know each other. They had completely different careers, and they lived in different parts of town. It seems like their lives never really intersected. 

CASTLE: Mm, until they both died at the hands of the same killer.

BECKETT: So, why these two women and why fairytales? Did the killer have some kind of a random obsession or was there a deeper meaning behind all of it?

CASTLE: Well, I think he’s trying to tell a story with these bodies. I just don’t know what it is yet.

[Esposito enters.]

ESPOSITO: Maybe it’s about money. Turns out Kristina raided her trust account. Guess how much she took out?

[Esposito holds up a financial report.]

ESPOSITO: $50,605.

CASTLE: So, both victims go AWOL on Friday and both pull out the exact same amount of cash. That’s not a coincidence. 

BECKETT: That is a connection. Can you get a hold of Kristina’s family, see if they know why she might have needed that money?

ESPOSITO: Yeah, I’ll reach out to the husband.

BECKETT: Thanks.

[Esposito leaves.]

BECKETT: Ryan, what’d you find out?

RYAN: I think I might have found the pathway to our killer.

[Ryan clicks off his cell.]

RYAN: Those Snow White and Red Riding Hood outfits – they were made by the same manufacturer.

BECKETT: Do you know where they were sold?

RYAN: I’m still waiting for a list of stores that carry the costumes, both online and brick and mortar. We should have some answers by the morning.


MARTHA: This just doesn’t feel right, Marcus. Move that chair over there.

[Castle enters to find his living room being completely re-arranged.]

MARTHA: Oh, Richard. Your timing is perfect. We could use your help.

CASTLE: Moving my furniture where I don’t want it to go?

MARTHA: It’s just temporary. We’re having a staged reading of my one-woman show, here, tomorrow night.

CASTLE: Ah, it’s too bad you don’t have an acting studio to do this kind of thing in. Oh, wait. You do.

MARTHA: The little black box theater’s not right for this, dear. It needs something much more intimate.

MARCUS: It’ll be very avant-garde.

MARTHA: Exactly. Now, I think this chair should be here, Marcus. I want to create a…

[Castle takes Alexis’s arm and pulls her aside.]

CASTLE: Sweetie, couldn’t you have done something to discourage this?

ALEXIS: I tried, Dad, but she made me stage manager. Look, it’s not as bad as you think. Just twenty or thirty people…


ALEXIS: And we’ll out everything back. This play means a lot to Gram, and it’s actually really good.

[Alexis hands Castle the bound script.]

ALEXIS: Now I understand things about her I never did before.

[Castle reads the show title “How to Do it All Without Even Crying”]

ALEXIS: About you, too.

CASTLE: About me?

[Castle quickly flips open the script.]

MARTHA: No, no, no, no. This—this space need to be bigger. An actor needs space.

CASTLE (reading): “Richard always had a dark imagination. He was destined either to become a serial killer or a mystery writer.” Mother, really?

MARTHA: Oh, it’s just a slight exaggeration.

CASTLE: And according to this, you’re responsible for launching my writing career by…you slept with my first publisher?

MARCUS: Mr. Castle, I’m sure your talent would’ve gotten you there eventually.

CASTLE: May talent did get me there. I didn’t get published because of her.

MARTHA: Technically, I slept with him after your book was out. This is just to be more salacious.

CASTLE: Wasn’t he practically my age?

MARTHA: Honey, you know I’ve always loved younger men. They have so much energy, enough to keep up with me…most of the time.

CASTLE: I’m gonna…erase that image from my mind with a bottle of Scotch.

[Castle pours himself a glass.]

MARTHA: Oh, darling, I invited Beckett to the reading tomorrow night, so you two might want to make a date of it.

[Castle pours some more Scotch into the glass.]

[Beckett and Castle exit the elevator together.]

BECKETT: What was I supposed to do, say no?


BECKETT: Why are you so against your mom’s play?

CASTLE: Because she’s rewriting history – my history. Trust me, I lived through it. She’s making it sound like it’s her own personal fairytale.

BECKETT: Oh, so you don’t like it when someone writes their own version of your life? Interesting.

CASTLE: Okay, are you referring to the Nikki Heat books? Because this is completely different.

BECKETT: How is it different?

CASTLE: Well, for one thing, I’m not claiming that what I write is actually true.

BECKETT: Well, I don’t think she is either. Come on, Castle, you said so yourself, everyone needs a fairytale. What’s the harm in letting your mom have one of her own?

CASTLE: Okay, let’s—let’s change the subject to something less likely to give me an ulcer. How about that mysterious $50,605?

BECKETT: Okay. Um, well, we talked to pretty much everyone close to Amy and Kristina, and no one seems to know why they pulled out that money.

CASTLE: What about where they were at 1:00 PM on Friday?

[They walk to Beckett’s desk.]

BECKETT: Nothing popped on Amy’s e-mail or phone calls, and the techs are still going through Kristina’s computer.


RYAN: Hey, guys. I think we might have caught a break. We tracked down that website that sold the costumes. The Red Riding Hood cloak and the Snow White dress worn by our victims were shipped out eight days ago.

BECKETT: To whom? Do you have a name?

RYAN: Yeah, Jamie Isaacson. Lives at 11th Street and 7th Avenue. And he didn’t just order two costumes. There was a third in the shipment as well, for Sleeping Beauty. 

[Ryan hands Beckett the order form.]

CASTLE: Sleeping Beauty? He’s gonna kill again.

BECKETT: Not if we get to him first.

[The entry team flanks the door and Esposito knocks on the door.]

ESPOSITO: Jamie Isaacson, NYPD. Open up.

[They pause a moment, but don’t hear an answer.]

ESPOSITO: Kick it.

RYAN: Yeah.

[Ryan kicks in the door and the team enters the apartment.]

UNIFORM: Go, go, go, go!

[The apartment is full of dolls.]

EPOSITO: Room clear.

UNIFORM: Room clear.

ESPOSITO: All these freaky dolls—just how I pictured this guy’s lair.

RYAN: Ever since Chucky, I haven’t been able to look at a doll.

UNIFORM: Detectives!

[They hear a scraping clattering sound and approach. An old woman with a walker turns the corner.]

JAMIE ISAACSON: Did you have to knock down my door?

ESPOSITO: Ma’am, we announced ourselves.

JAMIE ISAACSON: I was coming. I don’t move as fast as I used to.

RYAN: Ma’am, do you know a Jamie Isaacson?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Of course I know a Jamie Isaacson. I’m Jamie Isaacson.


[They sit and interview the old woman. She offers Ryan a bowl of candy.]

JAMIE ISAACSON: Candy? It’s very good.

RYAN: No, thanks. Mrs. Isaacson, does anyone else live here?

JAMIE ISAACSON: No, dearie, nobody else lives here, just me and my friends.

[Ryan is creeped out by all the dolls.]

ESPOSITO: Do you have any family who checks on you, health care workers? 

RYAN: Other more, um, human friends?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Well, mostly, it’s just us. Why?

ESPOSITO: Did you receive a package in the mail last week, Mrs. Isaacson?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Oh, I receive packages all the time. Molly and Abigail are new arrivals.

[Jamie indicates the two dolls in the couch next to her.]

JAMIE ISAACSON: Aren’t they gorgeous?

ESPOSITO: Yes, they are. What about a delivery of fairytale costumes?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Fairytale costumes?

RYAN: According to our records, you ordered three from a website last week.

JAMIE ISAACSON: Well, that’s just ridiculous. What would I do with fairytale costumes?

RYAN (mutters): Can’t imagine.

ESPOSITO: So, you didn’t order any costumes from the internet?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Do I look like someone who has a habit of wasting money? I—I’m on a fixed income.

ESPOSITO: Well, I happened to notice that you don’t have a doorman for this building. So where are your packages left?

JAMIE ISAACSON: By the mailbox in the lobby.

RYAN: Mrs. Isaacson, did you notice any, uh, unusual charges on your credit card? Anyone have access to it?

JAMIE ISAACSON: Well, not unless they’re digging for gold.

[Jamie pulls a credit card out of her bra.]

JAMIE ISAACSON: Can’t be too safe these days.



BECKETT (hangs up): So UPS confirms that a package of costumes was dropped off at Mrs. Isaacson’s lobby, but nobody signed for it…per buyer’s instructions. 

RYAN: There’s some more bad news. No security cameras inside the lobby or outside, and from what we could tell, the building’s not terribly secure.

BECKETT: Our killer probably knew that. That’s why he used it as a delivery drop.

RYAN: Well, if he knew the old lady’s credit card number, maybe he knew her.

CASTLE: Could be. Could be he just found her credit card statements in the trash. It’s old school, but it’s effective.

BECKETT: You guys, for all we know, he’s targeting Sleeping Beauty as we speak.

[Esposito enters.]

ESPOSITO: Yo. I got something. That missing hour of Kristina’s at lunch time last Friday? Tech found a map search on her tablet that day at 12:50 PM – Walking directions to Glassman’s Café on the Upper West Side.

BECKETT: Okay, great. You guys go to the café. See if you can figure out who she was meeting with.


[Ryan and Esposito leave. Beckett picks up the phone on her desk.]

BECKETT: In the meantime, I’m gonna get ahold of uniforms and ask them to double foot patrols in parks.

CASTLE: Only he’s not gonna strike at a park this time. In the Grimm stories, Red Riding Hood and Snow White were found in the woods, but Sleeping Beauty…

BECKETT: Was found in her bedroom.

CASTLE: Right.

[Beckett hangs up the phone.]

BECKETT: Great. So that narrows it down to several million apartments, and that is just in Manhattan.

CASTLE: It doesn’t make sense.

BECKETT: What doesn’t make any sense?

CASTLE: His motive. All serial killers are expressing some psychological impulse. Somewhere deep down, there’s a twisted logic to their insanity.

BECKETT: Okay. Keep going.

CASTLE: In the original Grimm’s tales, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, they all end up near death, but were saved at the last minute. 

BECKETT: It’s like he’s trying to take away our victims’ happy endings.

CASTLE: Right. Not only that, but he could’ve ordered any costume, but he picked these. He took great care in the details – the wolf’s claw, the apple. He chose these characters for a reason. He chose these women for a reason. I just…haven’t figured it out yet.

BECKETT: Well, whatever it is, it has to be connected to the cash that they withdrew. 

CASTLE: Maybe he’s choosing women with healthy bank accounts.


CASTLE: Sorry?

BECKETT: Kristina and Amy both withdrew the same amount of money. Maybe our Sleeping Beauty did as well. 

CASTLE: The IRS requires banks to report any transactions over $10,000, so they would a record of it.

BECKETT: Exactly.

[Ryan and Esposito show the second victim’s photo to a waitress.]

JESSIE: Yeah, she was here. It was last Friday, during the lunch rush, right after I spilled ketchup on my new jeans. They were 70% off – amazing sale.

ESPOSITO: Was she by herself?

JESSIE: No, it was a party of three.

RYAN: Three? Do you remember who else she was with?

JESSIE: Two other women. I’ve never been questioned by cops before. You mind if I tweet about this?

RYAN: Uh, yeah, yes, we—we do mind.

ESPOSITO: This one of the women?

[Esposito shows her a photo of the first victim.]

JESSIE: Yeah. Are they criminals or something? ‘Cause I was getting more of an Upper East Side vibe.

ESPOSITO: No, but this third woman may be in danger, so we need to identify her as soon as possible. Do you remember if she maybe paid with a credit card, maybe you caught her name?

JESSIE: Nope. They paid cash.

RYAN: Was anyone else with them, a—a man?


ESPOSITO: Did you notice anyone watching them? 

JESSIE: Some of the other customers, but only because they were arguing.

RYAN: About what?

JESSIE: I don’t know. I kind of tried to eavesdrop, but every time I went over there, they gave me the death stare. Whatever they were talking about, they didn’t want me to hear.

[Beckett types a search into her computer.]

BECKETT: Okay, so the IRS search reveals ten different cash transactions between fifty and sixty thousand dollars for that day. Two belong to our Red Riding Hood and Snow White. That leaves us eight. Five of them were made by males, leaving… three women: Jessica Harper, Charlotte Boyd, and Dana Wilson.

[Beckett pulls up their photos.]

CASTLE: Well, Harper and Wilson are in their 50s. They don’t fit the profile.

BECKETT: Which leaves us…Charlotte Boyd.

[Beckett pulls up just Charlotte’s profile. Her phone rings.]

BECKETT (answers phone): Beckett.

[Castle picks up his cell phone.]


RYAN: Hey, we were able to confirm that Kristina was here with Amy Morgan and a third woman last Friday. We think she might be out killer’s third target. We didn’t get an I.D., but we did get a pretty good description.

BECKETT: Let me guess, in her 20s, brown hair, brown eyes, exotic looking.

RYAN: Yeah. How’d you know?

CASTLE: Charlotte isn’t answering.

BECKETT: Her name’s Charlotte Boyd. Ryan, I’m gonna text you her address. Just meet us over there.

[Beckett hangs up.]

[Castle and Beckett reach the door. It’s slightly ajar and the lock is broken. Beckett enters, gun ready and checks the apartment. Castle finds a woman lying on a bed with her back to the door, dressed in a fairytale dress with a bow tied in the back. Castle rushes to check on Charlotte.]

CASTLE: Beckett!

[Beckett enters.]

BECKETT: Castle?

[Castle checks Charlotte’s pulse.]

CASTLE: Call an ambulance. She’s still alive.

[Beckett grabs her cell phone.]

[CSU sweeps the scene. Charlotte is gone.]

BECKETT (on cell): Okay. Yeah. Just keep me posted on her status. Thanks. (hangs up) So that was the E.R. Charlotte is stable, but still unconscious.

CASTLE: Ketamine and oxycodone?

BECKETT: Yeah, and with that treatment, her heart could’ve stopped. The doctor said we got there just in time.

CASTLE: Just like in the fairytale.

BECKETT: So, what, you’re Prince Charming now?

CASTLE: Well, if the show fits… Nah, I’m just glad we had a happy ending.

BECKETT: Well, it won’t be a happy ending until evil is vanquished and locked in the dungeon.

CASTLE: We’re closing in on him.

BECKETT: Yeah, but he’s still a step ahead. I’m hoping that he left some kind of evidence behind.

[Esposito enters.]

ESPOSITO: Yo. We’ve done a full sweep. No sign of the $50,605. 

BECKETT: A luxury condo and that much money—what does this girl do for a living?

ESPOSITO: She worked for a real estate firm as a high-end broker. If you didn’t have ten mil to plunk down on an apartment, she wasn’t your girl.

CASTLE: Okay, so we got three women, all in their 20s, all successful, all have a secret meeting last Friday and then pull the exact same amount of cash out of the bank. 

ESPOSITO: Maybe they were going in on something, pooling their money.

CASTLE: I think we can safely rule out lotto tickets. 

BECKETT: No, there’s gotta be something that we’re missing. There’s something that links the three of them together.

[Ryan enters.]

RYAN: Hey, guys. Look at this.

[Ryan shows them a photo.]

RYAN: I found it at the bottom of one of Charlotte’s drawers. We got our connection.

[Castle takes the photo. It’s the three victims with a guy, all dressed in fairytale costumes for a party.]

BECKETT: Amy, Charlotte, and Kristina—our three victims. 

CASTLE: All dressed as fairytale characters.

BECKETT: Yeah, dressed as the same characters that our killer dressed them as.

CASTLE: Check out the date. 

BECKETT: “05/06/05” That’s seven years ago.

CASTLE: Yeah, it’s also the amount of money they withdrew.

ESPOSITO: Yeah, 50,605 bucks.

RYAN: Yeah, and, uh, check out the back.

[Castle flips over the photo.]

CASTLE: “Who’s the guiltiest of them all? If you pay, you’ll live to see another day.” 

BECKETT: They were being blackmailed?

CASTLE: Okay, so something happened on that date that connects them all. 

BECKETT: Something that led to their murders. 

ESPOSITO: So, who’s the guy taking the photo?

BECKETT: Maybe he can tell us what happened.


RYAN: CSU only found one set of prints on the photo – Charlotte’s – but they were able to determine that it was developed within the last two weeks.

CASTLE: How can they do that?

RYAN: Well, it’s machine processed, like, you know, from a drug store? And there’s a control code auto printed on the back. 

[Ryan shows them the barcode.]

BECKETT: Can we use the code to figure out where it was processed?

RYAN: Yeah, already on it. Hopefully, that’ll get us who ordered the prints.

BECKETT: This photo was taken seven years ago. Why is it surfacing now?

[Esposito arrives.]

ESPOSITO: Yo. You were right about the date. Something did happen that night. There’s even a police report. 

BECKETT: I don’t suppose the report I.D.s out Prince Charming?

ESPOSITO: Sure does. His name’s Own Thomas. But he can’t be our suspect. He’s dead. He was killed seven years ago—May 6, 2005.

CASTLE: 5/06/05 

BECKETT: The night that the photo was taken.

ESPOSITO: It’s also the same night that Owen attended an underground rave, fairytale themed. He was last seen alive at 10:45. 

CASTLE: But this picture was taken at 11:23. 

BECKETT: How did he die?

ESPOSITO: Internal bleeding complicated with high doses of ketamine and oxycodone.

BECKETT: That explains our killer’s M.O. 

CASTLE: Okay, so he’s high on club drugs, but what caused the internal bleeding?

ESPOSITO: A car. His body was found on the side of the road. M.E. wrote it up as a hit and run. There were no witnesses, so the trail went cold, they never solved the case.

CASTLE (snaps fingers): It’s I Know What You Did Last Summer. “Who’s the guiltiest of them all?” The killer thinks that one of these women is responsible for his death.

ESPOSITO: Maybe they are. This photo proves that they were the last ones to see him alive, yet none of them gave statements to the cops. 

CASTLE: But why are the murders happening now, seven years later?

BECKETT: Well, maybe after all these years, someone found this photo. Esposito, can you look into Owen’s family and friends? Someone might be trying to get payback for his death.

ESPOSITO: You got it.

[Beckett’s cell rings.]

BECKETT (answers cell): Beckett. (listens) Yeah. We’ll be right there. (hangs up) Sleeping Beauty just woke up.

[Beckett knocks on the hospital door as she and Castle enter.]

BECKETT: Charlotte? I’m Detective Beckett. This is Mr. Castle. Do you feel well enough to answer a few questions?


BECKETT: What can you tell us about the attack?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: I was at my computer, just listening to music, and… the next thing you know, I’m being pushed to the floor.

CASTLE: Did you see who did it?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: No. They’re saying—they’re saying I was drugged. Why would someone do this to me?

BECKETT: Charlotte, I think you know why. All three of you received a copy of this photo.

[Beckett hands Charlotte the fairytale themed party photo.]

BECKETT: Amy and Kristina weren’t as lucky as you. They didn’t make it.

CHARLOTTE BOYD (crying): Oh, my God. But we did what he asked. We paid him.

CASTLE: What does he have on you? What happened to Owen that night?

[Charlotte stares down at the photo.]

BECKETT: Charlotte?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: It was just some stupid…fairytale rave. Um, we were just looking to dance and…have fun. And Owen had scored some “Special K.” That hit us pretty hard, but Kristina had some of her mom’s oxy and said it would even us out. Somehow we ended up in Amy’s car, and that’s where this picture was taken. 

[Charlotte hands the photo back.]

BECKETT: How did Owen und up on the side of the road?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: He was having some seriously bad hallucinations, just…screaming and—and grabbing us. So we pulled the car over, and we made him get out. We just figured he’s walk back to the rave. But it was all over the news the next morning that… that there had been a hit and run and that he’d been killed.

BECKETT: And why didn’t you come forward?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: Oh, we were just kids then. We were scared out of our minds. You…you have to understand, we had a lot to lose. We came from good families, we’d been accepted into college, we… we made a pact, and we said, we—we wouldn’t tell anyone what happened that night…and that we’d never see each other again. Look, I’m not excusing how we handled it. We were…stupid, but… we didn’t do anything.

CASTLE: Well, someone thinks you did. 

BECKETT: What did you do with the money?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: The note said to put it in a dumpster at Bleecker and Thompson. We didn’t want some scandal messing up our lives, so we did it. We paid. So why did he come after us?

[Beckett draws on a map.]

BECKETT: Okay, the corner of Bleecker and Thompson—there are no security cameras at the drop site, and so far, no witnesses.

CASTLE: He covered his bases.

BECKETT: I know. It’s really starting to piss me off.

CASTLE: Yeah, and you get cute when you get angry.

[Beckett looks at Castle.]

CASTLE: But not when you get angry at me.

[Esposito enters.]

ESPOSITO: Yo. So I took a look at Owen’s family. I think I found someone with motive. Turns out he has an older brother, and apparently, they were close.

BECKETT: Any connection to our victims?

ESPOSITO: Oh, yeah. See for yourself.

[Esposito shows them a photo of the older brother.]

BECKETT: Wait. That’s Leslie’s husband Darren.

CASTLE: So, Owen’s brother is married to our first victim’s sister? 

ESPOSITO: What are the odd, right?

CASTLE: Maybe Darren somehow found out that his wife’s sister was responsible for his brother Owen’s death.

BECKETT: Well, maybe the families just knew each other socially. It doesn’t mean that Darren’s our killer.

RYAN: Oh, no, that doesn’t, but this might. CSU tracked down where the photo was processed. It’s from a roll of film, and the guy who dropped it off had three copies made.

BECKETT: And does the guy’s description match Darren’s?

RYAN: Even better. They had security cameras.

[Ryan hands Beckett a photo of the security footage.]

BECKETT: It’s him.


LESLIE MORGAN: I got here as fast as I could. So is there any news? Did you find out who did this to my sister?

ESPOSITO: Uh, first let me ask, what was Amy’s relationship with your husband’s brother, Owen?

LESLIE MORGAN: They were high school friends. We all were. What does this have to do with Amy? Owen died years ago.

[Esposito pulls out the fairytale rave photo.]

ESPOSITO: You ever see this before?


[Leslie picks up the photo.]

LESLIE MORGAN: That’s Amy, and that’s Owen. These two I don’t know.

RYAN: It’s from the night that he was killed.


ESPOSITO: Your husband Darren had it printed up two weeks ago. Do you have any idea how he got it?

LESLIE MORGAN: Last month, we were cleaning out my dad’s attic and found a camera with a roll of film inside. Darren thought it’d be fun to see what was on it. Y—you don’t think he had anything to do with Amy…do you?


DARREN MORGAN: I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I didn’t blackmail anybody. 

BECKETT: All right, so then you don’t recognize this photo?

[Beckett places the fairytale rave photo on the table.]

DARREN MORGAN: Absolutely not.

BECKETT: And then this isn’t you, is it, Darren?

[Beckett places the security footage from the camera store on the table. Darren’s mouth drops.]

CASTLE: I can only imagine how you must have felt. After all these years, realizing your own sister-in-law might be involved in your brother’s death.

BECKETT: We found the cash in your storage locker in Queens—$151,815.

CASTLE: Which, by wild coincidence, is exactly $50,605 times three.

[Darren takes a deep breath.]

DARREN MORGAN: Owen was high. He was messed up. They knew that, and what did they do? They left him there. They left him, and he died like road kill.

BECKETT: You could’ve gone to the police.

DARREN MORGAN: Because they did such a bang-up job the first time around? I just wanted them to pay something for what they did. I was even gonna use the money to set up a scholarship fund in Owen’s name.

BECKETT (laughs): Really, a scholarship fund? And what’s your spin on murder?

CASTLE: The money wasn’t enough. You wanted revenge. You wanted them to die like your brother, dressed in fairytale costumes…

[Castle shows Darren the crime scene photos.]

CASTLE: O.D.ing on the same drugs he did.

DARREN MORGAN: What? No. I don’t know who killed them, but it wasn’t me.

BECKETT: That’s gonna be tough to believe, Darren. You had motive, you blamed them for Owen’s death, and you just admitted to blackmailing them.

DARREN MORGAN: I want a lawyer.

BECKETT: Of course you do.


BECKETT: Darren doesn’t need a lawyer. He needs a miracle. His wife told Ryan that he wasn’t at the house when the murders were committed.

CASTLE: So, that’s it, then.

BECKETT: Yeah, for this case. We did everything but tie a bow on it for the D.A.

RYAN (background): Right this way, Ms. Morgan.

[Ryan escorts Leslie Morgan through the precinct. She slows to a stop when she sees uniforms escorting Darren in cuffs. She rushes at him.]

LESLIE MORGAN: Is it true, Darren? Is it true? Look me in the eyes and tell me it’s 

[Leslie shoves Darren.]

DARREN MORGAN: No, babe. I didn’t hurt anyone.

LESLIE MORGAN: You blackmailed my sister! You lied to me. You--

DARREN MORGAN: No, l—listen. I’m telling you the truth, okay? I didn’t kill anyone. I just wanted them to pay.

LESLIE MORGAN: Who would do it, then? You had the picture.

DARREN MORGAN: No, no! Babe, I swear—

LESLIE MORGAN: Oh, my God. It was you!

DARREN MORGAN: I swear. I swear. Babe—

LESLIE MORGAN: You know what? You need to get away from me…


LESLIE MORGAN: Right now. You need to just…

DARREN MORGAN: Listen! Les--


[Leslie walks away and the uniforms continue escorting Darren to holding.]

CASTLE: Murder does more damage to the living than to the dead.

BECKETT: Yeah, all because of a terrible secret.

CASTLE: Well, secrets are like time bombs.

BECKETT: Yeah, eventually, they…explode. 

[Both of them look disturbed by that statement, thinking about the secrets they’re keeping from each other.]

BECKETT: You know, Castle, I’m not saying that I condone what Darren did, but I do understand it.

CASTLE: Yeah. No, I understand wanting revenge. The way he went about it doesn’t add up, though.

BECKETT: What do you mean?

CASTLE: Well, blackmail is revenge from a distance. Murder is up close and personal. It doesn’t make sense he would do both.

BECKETT: Don’t underestimate him. I mean, the only reason that he copped to the blackmail was to avoid murder charges. And like any psychopath, he’s a great actor. Oh, speaking of…

CASTLE: Psychopaths or actors?

BECKETT: I—I was thinking about your mom.

CASTLE: Oh, so a little of both.

BECKETT: I think we can make the play.

CASTLE: Really? So you want to venture into the dark, scary woods?

BECKETT: Don’t worry, Castle. I got a gun. I’ll protect you from the Big Bad Wolf.

CASTLE You’d use your gun on my mother? I’m touched. Thank you.

[Beckett and Castle enter as people are mingling. A server offers him champagne.]

CASTLE: Oh, thank you.

BECKETT: Oh, wow, Castle. This is quite the soirée.

CASTLE: Yeah, it’s a family trait. We tend to go big. 

[Castle hands Beckett a glass and they toast.]

CASTLE: Cheers.

BECKETT: Cheers.

[Alexis pokes her head around a column and motions to Castle.]

CASTLE: Would you excuse me a moment?


[Castle hands his glass to Beckett.]



ALEXIS: Hey, you came.

MARTHA: Oh, it means so much to me, Darling.

[Martha hugs Castle, wearing a maid outfit.]

ALEXIS: She was worried you wouldn’t make it. 

CASTLE: Break a leg, Mother.

ALEXIS: We have a schedule to keep. Curtain in two minutes.

[Alexis exits.]

MARTHA (sigh): I can’t get this bow straight.

CASTLE: Allow me, allow me.

MARTHA (sigh): Oh, maybe I should have Alexis do it. I mean, how many bows have you tied in your lifetime?

CASTLE: I only tie my shoes every day. If you remember, you taught me.

MARTHA: Yeah, yeah, true.

[Castle fixes Martha’s apron bow.]

CASTLE: The bow. The bow was tied incorrectly.

MARTHA: Well, I told you, we should’ve had Alexis do it.

CASTLE: Not your bow. The other bow. The one on her costume. We arrested the wrong man.


CHARLOTTE BOYD: What? I don’t understand. So you’re saying Darren didn’t do it?

BECKETT: Well, he’s guilty of blackmail, but that’s as far as it goes.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: So, what it if the killer’s still out there? What if he comes after me?

BECKETT: He won’t. We have officers outside 24/7. We’ll find him, Charlotte. We just, um, we need a bit of your help.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: Of course. Whatever I can do.

BECKETT: Well, we think that the key to finding the real killer is through understanding exactly what happened the night of Owen’s death. Can you answer a few questions?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: Y—yeah. I mean, I guess so, though I’m pretty sure I told you everything I know.

BECKETT: Well, last time we spoke, you said that everyone was in Amy’s car?


BECKETT: And who was driving?


CASTLE: Well, we did a little checking. The day after Owen died, Amy brought her car to a body shop. She had a broken grille and a dented bumper. 

BECKETT: Any idea how she got those dents? 

CASTLE: Charlotte, what really happened that night? Did Owen try to get back into the car? Maybe Amy panicked, accidentally hitting him as she drove away?

BECKETT: Charlotte?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: I begged Amy to go back. Kristina and I both did. We begged her, but she just kept driving. She didn’t mean to hurt him. It was just an accident. That’s the truth. That’s what really happened.

CASTLE: Is it?

[Castle pulls out the crime scene photos.]

CASTLE: Take a look at how the bows are tied on the victim’s costumes.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: What about them?

CASTLE: Well, the killer tied these bows after the victims were drugged. See how they look, how the loops are pleasingly horizontal? Now… look at the bow on your Sleeping Beauty outfit.

[Castle puts down a third photo.]

CASTLE: See how the loops are vertical? It’s a little weird. I mean, if the killer tied all three bows, why would yours be different? 

BECKETT: It’s because you tied all three bows. This one is different because you tied it on yourself behind your back.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: No. I was attacked. I am a victim.

CASTLE: Yet, your doctor said you received half the dose of oxy that the other girls got-- a nonlethal dose. 

BECKETT: How soon after we pulled up outside of your building did you give yourself that shot?

CHARLOTTE BOYD: This is crazy. Why would I fake an attack on myself?

CASTLE: So no one would suspect you of silencing the only two witnesses to your crime.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: What are you talking about?

CASTLE: At the time, Kristina and Amy were willing to bury your secret, but then…this photo showed up.

[Castle pulls out the fairytale rave photo.]

BECKETT: I mean, how long could you expect them to keep the secret, especially since you were at fault? 

CASTLE: All you could think about was the scandal, jail, how it would ruin your life – all because Kristina and Amy knew the truth.

BECKETT: Charlotte, you were behind the wheel in Amy’s car. It was you that hit and killed Owen.

CHARLOTTE BOYD: No, Amy was driving. I told you.

BECKETT: Then why did you pay for the car repairs? We have the receipt.

[Charlotte looks at them gets defensive.]

CHARLOTTE BOYD: You don’t know what happened that night. You can’t prove that I hit Owen, and you can’t prove that I killed Amy or Kristina.

BECKETT: Yes, I can. Your firm handled the reverse mortgage of an old woman named Jamie Isaacson. She paid closing costs with her credit card. That’s the same credit card that you used to pay for all three costumes. Charlotte Boyd, you are under arrest for the murders of Amy Morgan…

[The door opens and a uniform enters.]

BECKETT: …Kristina Curtis, and the wrongful death of Owen Thomas.

[Beckett motions for the uniform to take Charlotte into custody.]

CHARLOTTE BOYD: The bows? Seriously?

[The team exits a conference room.]

CASTLE: She’s actually the perfect fairytale villain. Like the Big Bad Wolf, she disguised herself as an innocent, but like Snow White’s evil stepmother, she was willing to do anything, even kill, to protect her image. 

RYAN: After all these years, maybe Owen’s family can have some closure about his death.

ESPOSITO: Yeah, but at what cost? Two women are dead, Darren’s still being charged with blackmail, and I’m sure his marriage is over.

BECKETT: Well, and that’s why we need fairytales in the face of too much reality, to remind us that happy endings are still possible.

[Castle’s cell beeps]

RYAN: All right. See you tomorrow.

CASTLE: Later. 


CASTLE: Speaking of fairytales, my mother is ready to give her encore performance. 

BECKETT: Time to go back into the woods?

CASTLE: Still got your gun?

[Beckett chuckles.]

[Martha performs her one-woman show to Beckett, Castle, Alexis, and Marcus the script writer.]

MARTHA: It was the opportunity of a lifetime, the chance to originate the role of the Wicked Witch on Broadway. But it would mean being away from home six nights a week, two matinees. Huh. What was I to do?

[Castle whispers to Beckett.]

CASTLE: Realize that none of it ever happened?

MARTHA: Francis Bacon once wrote, “He that hath children hath given hostages to fortune.” Well, if I was a hostage, then my son Richard was my captor..

[Beckett smiles.]

MARTHA: …my enslaver.

CASTLE: Hey, I’m right here.

MARTHA: I turned down the role, turned my back on fortune. 

[Castle does a *facepalm*]

MARTHA: And…it was the best career move I ever made, for an even greater role came my way…a part – perhaps the greatest role that I have ever played – that…of mother.

[Beckett turns to Castle.]

BECKETT: That’s sweet.

CASTLE: You’re right. That is sweet.


CASTLE (whisper): Sorry.

MARTHA: Now if Richard had only been able to embrace the role of son with the same level of commitment.

[Beckett tries to contain her amusement.]

CASTLE: And into the woods we go.

[Beckett chuckles and takes Castle’s hand.]


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mamynicky, 30.06.2022 à 12:02

'Jour les 'tits loups ! Monk vous attend avec un nouveau sondage. Venez nous parler de vos phobies sur le forum.

quimper, 30.06.2022 à 18:12

Sherlock vient de publier une nouvelle Interview de Baker de Street. Notre invitée de juin : bloom74. Bonne lecture

Aloha81, Avant-hier à 14:45

Aloha ! Nouvelle PDM et le nouveau calendrier est arrivé sur le quartier Magnum P.I. !

ShanInXYZ, Avant-hier à 18:21

Nouveau mois sur le quartier Doctor Who : Calendrier, PDM spéciale Matt Smith, Survivor, etc... Passez voir le Docteur

sanct08, Hier à 12:18

Hello, une nouvelle animation vient de débuter sur X-Files et on cherche des candidats pour une anim sur Le Caméléon :=)

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